The 10 Best Cheapest Places to Stay in Amsterdam

When traveling on a budget, the best cheapest places to stay in Amsterdam are worth the research. If you’ve never been to Amsterdam, you might not know how busy it gets throughout the year. This is why it’s important to make reservations for your accommodation as soon as possible.

But one of the particularities of the Dutch city is that it offers memorable places to stay even when you don’t have hundreds to spend on hotels. You can book both hotels and hostels on a budget, but you need to consider your location and proximity to popular spots around the city when choosing one of the following places to stay.

Table of Contents

10. Hotel Not Hotel

Address: Piri Reïsplein 34, 1057 KH Amsterdam

You wouldn’t guess Hotel Not Hotel is a budget place to stay. But that’s its biggest secret. Unlike other hotels in the city, this one is made by professionals from Eindhoven’s Design Academy and this can be seen in how it looks. Set in a unique building with visible brick walls, it combines elements of modern and classic architecture. It eve uses bookcases as doors, which makes it a bit more unique than its low accommodation price would have you believe.

9. Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy

Address: Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Zeeburg, 1019 BN Amsterdam

Some places to stay bare the history of their buildings and surroundings. This is certainly the case of Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy. If you like historic places, it might be where you need to stay in Amsterdam. Its differentiating factor is it combines its multi-purpose history as an embassy, a juvenile detention center, and even a refugee center into a modern hotel. Rooms here are cheap through the year but you do get a view of the cities famous canals from certain areas of the hotel.

8. De Bedstee Hotel

Address: J.W. Brouwersstraat 25, Oud Zuid, 1071 LH

If you’re tight on visiting a budget, you can save on your accommodation by staying in the De Bedstee Hotel. Instead of booking an entire room, you only book a Bedstee or a bed in a shared room. All amenities such as bathrooms and living spaces are shared, but staying in Amsterdam doesn’t get any cheaper. If you don’t want to spend too much eating out, you can also book your place at the cheap breakfast before heading out to the nearby Vondelpark Park.

7. Volkshotel

Address: Wibautstraat 150, 1091 GR, Amsterdam

When you need a hotel that also offers various activities on a budget, Volkshotel in Amsterdam East is the place to be. It has hundreds of rooms in a building that you host a newspaper but it now looks modern and welcoming.

It even books its private Amsterdam canal tours, which you can’t miss if you’re in the city. Otherwise, its staff can also help you relax after a long day visiting the city with unique yoga classes.

If you think this is it, you might be in for a surprise. You can also book a relaxing massage for yourself or for couples. You can even get a haircut on the premises, which ensures you’ll always look sharp in your Amsterdam trip photos.

6. Jaz Amsterdam

Address: De Passage 90, 1101 AX Amsterdam

As its name suggests, the hotel is music-themed. Situated in the proximity of large music venues, it can be just the place to rest if you’re in town for a concert or music festival. The rooms here are modern and the windows are tall so that tourists can admire the best Amsterdam has to offer.

5. ClinkNoord

Address: Badhuiskade 3, 1031 KV Amsterdam

This simple yet modern hotel is a perfect cheap place to stay if you’re traveling solo in Amsterdam. It has large communal areas which may help you meet people from all around the world. It even features unique vivid colors around the stairs and on its walls so that you feel like you are in a happy place. If you love socializing, you can even break the ice by discussing the hotel’s unique stained glass decor.

4. CitizenM

Address: Prinses Irenestraat 30 1077 WX, Amsterdam

Situated in the proximity of the main train station, CitizenM hotel calls its customers ‘citizens’. In this fantasy world, you can enjoy one of the most modern experiences of the city on a budget. Most interaction is electronic and guests are even surprised by the small but futuristic showers the rooms are equipped with.

3. Student Hotel

Address: Wibautstraat 129, Oost, 1091 GL Amsterdam

As its name suggests, the hotel is ideal for students. With private bathrooms, free WiFi, and a gym, students can stay active or relax while in Amsterdam. There’s even a common co-working space where students can catch up on their work. Single, queen, and deluxe studio rooms are available at Student Hotel for low rates throughout the year.

2. Ecomama

Address: Valkenburgerstraat 124, Amsterdam

When you’re in Amsterdam, you might not be thinking about minimalism. But this is the main concept of Ecomama. The hotel encourages you to speak with other guests, offering only basic amenities such as a bed and a shower. If you’re a fan of repurposing objects, you’re in the right place here as well. Only the Ecomama hotel uses wine openers as coat hangers.

1. Cocoma

Address: Westeinde 18, 1017 ZP, Amsterdam

The sister hotel of Ecomama, Cocoma hotel makes you feel like your back at your mom’s house. It offers a cozy atmosphere with room designs inspired by various Netherlands regions. Depending on your budget, you can book a 2-bed room, a family room, a 4-bed room, and even a bed in a shared 6-bed room.

While mostly great for socializing, Cocoma is also a place where you can relax right in the heart of Amsterdam. The hotel even made a garden-inspired living room to help you breathe after a long day visiting the city’s main attractions such as the Westergas area with its busy bars and restaurants.