The 10 Best Cities to Visit in Germany For Young Adults

Germany is the 7th most visited country in the world. It offers attractions for tourists of all ages. But the best cities to visit in Germany for young adults are often overlooked.

The country offers some of the most unique urban experiences and an excellent public transport system ensures most can be visited even without renting a car.

Table of Contents

1. Munich

The Bavarian city of Munich offers a cultural experience like no other. From its incredible Allianz Arena which hosts the successful Bayern Munich football team to incredible Christmas markets, there are plenty of activities to consider here both for solo travelers as well as for groups of tourists.

Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival takes place in Munich. It also hosts world-class museums as well as recognized restaurants serving tasty German food. Adventurous visitors can also enjoy lively activities. While far from oceans, Munich allows you to practice your surfing skills. The Englischer Garten is where unique river surfing activities are held throughout the year. Even if you haven’t tried river surfing before, you can still book a short experience to see how long you can stand on the board without any help.

When you’re out of attractions to visit or out of ideas for certain activities, you can just venture into Marienplatz. The city center square is where street performers gather every day regardless of the weather. Beer tasting events aren’t hard to find here either.

2. Berlin

Known as the political and cultural capital of Germany, Berlin has a charm of its own for young adults. Activities and attractions within the city range from unique street arts to independent shops. Berlin offers a one-stop tourist destination of a world-class level. Movie fans can take part in the growing Berlin Festival. VIP tickets are available for those who like to get up close to their favorite movie actors.

But Berlin also plays a role in the fall of old Europe with its political restrictions. The Brandenburg Gate is the symbolic place visited by millions of tourists from around the world. This is the place where young adults ended the historic division between East and West Germany.

3. Potsdam

Not all young adults love high-speed racing. A bohemian atmosphere can be found in Potsdam, the capital of the Brandenburg county. Quirky gardens, large parks, and unique castles can be visited within the city limits. The Sanssouci Palace is one of the best-known city attractions. It features unique architecture dominated by Corinthian columns and circular rooms which also house splendid indoor gardens.

4. Nürburg

Not everybody would consider Nürburg a top German destination. But automotive fans know the small town hosts one of Europe’s automotive jewels, the Nürburgring race track. Built-in 1984, the race track is one of the Grand Prix Formula 1 hosts and you can book your spot with a rented car to unleash the inner need for speed. Day tickets and weekend tickets are available online.

5. Bremen

Located in Northwest Germany on the Weser River, Bremen is often overlooked by tourists. But young adults on a budget can enjoy multiple activities in this city. Those who love medieval architecture can stroll around the Schnoor area of the city which features unique buildings now hosting a wide range of independent shops, pubs, and restaurants. Beer lovers can also enjoy some world-renowned drinks here. Brecks brewery dates back to 1873 and it is easily accessible by foot from the city center.

6. Hamburg

Young adults can venture St. Pauli, a unique Hamburg neighborhood known for its vivid nightlife. But after a night of partying, tourists might need to relax and the city’s parks are the best place to unwind. Spreading over 47 hectares, these parks are some of the biggest in Europe. They’re also some of the oldest parks that can be visited today as they date to 1821. Tourists also find Hamburg’s Botanical Garden with their numerous greenhouses within the main part of the city.

7. Dresden

Located in the Eastern part of Germany, Dresden is the place to be for music fans. It hosts the Dixieland Festival, Europe’s largest jazz festival. This festival is normally held in May, but those visiting the city in November can also take part in Jezztage, a smaller jazz festival. When the festivals are over, you can also visit the Royal Palace to admire unique architecture. It managed to survive WWII and it now attracts tourists from around the world.

8. Kiel

Kiel is a German city located in the northern part of the country mostly known for its sailing history. Adults visiting during the summer can also take part in the largest sailing festival for a unique photo opportunity. But sports fans know the city for its world-class handball team. It’s here that tourists can see a game of handball (a sport invented in Germany) which combines unique elements of basketball, football, and netball.

9. Cologne

With diverse architecture dating back to Roman times, Cologne has a charm of its own. Young adults can start their journey with the best smelling house in Germany, the 4711 Cologne House. This is the flagship store of 4711 Cologne, the first eau de toilette made in Europe, dating back to 1792.

After this immersive fragrance experience, visitors can go up in the air at the Cologne Cable Car. Opened to the public in 1957, this unique transportation method links the Cologne Zoo with the botanical garden. Attractions are found at each end of the line.

10. Frankfurt

If you’re traveling to Germany by airplane, chances are you’re going to land in Frankfurt. Also known as the most international city in the European country, it offers a few interesting attractions for young adults, who might not be very attracted to museums. For example, you can shop in Zeil, an area compared to Fifth Avenue if you love international brands. For nights out, it’s worth trying out apfelwein, a famous local apple cider which goes great with local sausages or fries.