The 11 Cities with the Most Beautiful Women

It’s true what they say about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. With so many beautiful women throughout the world, it can seem impossible to narrow down which cities have the most beautiful women. 

To be fair, you can find beautiful women just about anywhere you go – but the list below includes the top 11 cities where genetics, fashion, and culture are perfectly blended into some of the most beautiful women in the world. 

Table of Contents

1. Montreal, Canada

The city is filled with beautiful women from all parts of the world, thanks to its prime location and thriving economy. 

Montreal has plenty of universities, which means there is an influx of young women in the area – many of which have traveled from other countries. 

The fashion scene is booming, so you’ll also find many models flocking to the area and promoting beautiful styles that compliment a woman’s features. The women here are usually dressed to the nine and understand the importance of self-care, including hair, nails, and skin. 

Confidence is key, and Montreal women exude confidence – giving them a glow that can’t be beaten. Plus, most women will be able to speak two languages if not more, which only adds to their charm. 

The entire city is oozing with beauty, from its historic landmarks to its scenic parks and downtown streets. Grab a drink at one of the many bars in the area and take in the views with some of gorgeous women that surround you. 

2. Milan, Italy

As the fashion capital of the world, it is no surprise that Milan is overflowing with beautiful women. This fashion-forward city doesn’t play around – with everyone dressing their absolute best every day of the year. Combine this with the honest sophistication that many Europeans portray, and the city has nailed both beauty and brains. 

Most women will be wearing makeup and stilettos regardless of the occasion – which compliments their already shapely figures and accentuates their features. 

The entire city is filled with beauty but to truly see some of the most exquisite women in the area you will want to pay a visit to the Quadrilatero d’Oro, also known as the “streets of dreams”. This fashion hub is where you’ll find the highest quality stores and houses – which attract some of the finest Milan women. 

Let’s not forget that some of the most beautiful, international models like Vittoria Ceretti, Carla Bruni, and Sophia Loren are from Milan. 

3. Moscow, Russia

Home to some of the wealthiest people in the world, Russia’s capital city has no shortage of beautiful women. Russia is home to people of diverse ethnicities, many of which are drawn to the capital city at some point in their life – making Moscow the best place to admire the ethnic diversity of the country. 

In Russia, it is a tradition that women should look their best even when just visiting the market, so women are experienced with hair, makeup, and stylish clothing. The streets of Moscow are lined with hair and nail salons that are packed with women getting the latest look and maintaining their lush appeal. 

With Moscow’s abundance of historic landmarks and stunning architecture, many educated women of Russia are attracted to the city. Russia was one of the first countries to welcome higher education for women, and has many educational programs that revolve around women to this day. 

Head over to the Red Square for a cup of coffee, and admire the views of the diverse, well-dressed, and intelligent women that walk the streets. 

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Standards of beauty are set extremely high for Argentinian women, and although their sun-kissed skin and lean physique are stunning in itself, women are often pressured to enhance their features. Known for its extensive use of plastic surgery, you will find both natural and artificial beauty in Buenos Aires. 

Although located in South America, Buenos Aires has a strong European influence so dressing up on a daily basis is the norm. Argentinian women are also very social, making it easy to strike up a conversation and enjoy an evening out. 

You’ll often find women spending many hours at the gym to maintain their hourglass shape and one look down Florida Street confirms that. Florida Street is conveniently located along the beach and lined with cafes, the perfect focal point for beautiful women. 

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Take a stroll down the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street and take in the views of the beautiful women all around you. The most common physical traits in Danish women include blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin – and they are beautiful.

The women here know their worth, and you can see it in how they walk, talk, and present themselves. However, cliques are quite common in the area, so although you’ll be surrounded by beautiful, empowered women the chances of you speaking with one are slim. This only adds to the appeal as the hard-to-get vibes make the women appear as a bit of a mystery. 

The fashion scene in Copenhagen is unique compared to other countries, so prepare to see women dressed in eccentric clothing, usually layered for the season. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Strøget, the pedestrian shopping street, and enjoy a few craft beers as you admire all of what Copenhagen has to offer. 

6. Miami, Florida

With so many beaches that call Miami home, it is no wonder that some of the world’s most beautiful women can be found along its shores. 

One thing is for sure: Miami women are glowing with tanned skin from days on the beach, well-earned gym bodies, and a wardrobe of vibrant clothing to highlight it all. Although you won’t find many women walking around in heels, it doesn’t mean Miami women aren’t dressed to impress.  

During the day most ladies will wear cover-up dresses over bikinis for a relaxing day on the beach, but once the night scene comes alive, you’ll see beautiful women in stunning dresses making their way into bars, nightclubs, and expensive vehicles everywhere you look. 

Did I mention that most women in Miami speak more than one language? 

7. Tel Aviv, Israel

The second largest city in Israel is known as “the city that never sleeps”, and its thriving nightlife is all the more reason to get out and mingle with beautiful women. 

Women in Tel Aviv are often blunt and get straight to the point – so if a woman likes or dislikes you, you’ll know. Their self-confidence is attractive enough on its own, but what’s even more impressive is their ability to look good in just about anything. 

You’ll see women dressed in high-end clothing, but it’s also common to see women dressed in laid-back attire at bars, restaurants, and clubs. But don’t let that fool you: women in Tel Aviv are extremely well-groomed and pride themselves on their natural beauty. 

Israelis are also very open about their culture and will often invite new friends to dinner with their family to share their customs. 

Get ready to stay up late, as most clubs don’t open their doors until after midnight. Spend the night into the early morning with some of the most beautiful women in the world. 

8. Stockholm, Sweden

Peppered with colleges, universities, and nightclubs, there’s a beautiful woman around every corner in Stockholm. 

Naturally, Swedish women are taller than most with an average height of 5 feet, 6 inches – which means you can expect to see many long, beautiful legs. Scientific studies also show that Swedish women have a high sex drive, glowing skin, and confident attitudes. 

The city promotes a well-balanced diet with restaurants and markets focused on fish high in healthy fats, vegetables rich in fiber, and classic boiled potatoes. With record low rates for obesity and the many gyms in the city, it’s clear that the people living in Stockholm are in great shape. 

Thanks to genetics alone you’ll find yourself walking through the streets of Stockholm surrounded by high cheekbones, blonde hair, and light-colored eyes. On top of their natural good looks and curvy bodies, women here know how to dress with style, as Stockholm is one of the leading fashion cities in Sweden. 

Make your way over to Stureplan, Stockholm’s party central, where you’ll find beautiful women out and about at any hour, day or night. 

9. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is not a flashy city, and you’ll find women with a modest class of beauty, centered around a natural look. Most European women you meet in Spain will have dark colored hair, brown eyes, and an olive skin complexion (but this does not mean blondes are nonexistent!). 

Although women in Madrid don’t have a tendency to dress up, they look just as beautiful in their casual yet fashionable attire. Most women will appear very clean cut, without an exuberant amount of makeup, and wearing a well put together outfit. 

From a young age, Spanish women are taught their value, the importance of education, independence, and freedom – so don’t be surprised when you see these lovely women walking around with their chins up, ready to take on the world. 

Politics may be a touchy subject to discuss when speaking with a woman in Madrid, but don’t feel too intimidated as the women here are also quite welcoming. The people of Madrid are very social, so the best way to truly see what the city has to offer is by spending the day at one of the shopping districts or an evening at one of the nightclubs. 

10. Caracas, Venezuela

Home to frequent winners of worldwide beauty pageants, it’s safe to say that Caracas houses some of the most beautiful women around. Beauty pageant judges look at physical appearance, intelligence, compassion, and confidence, and it’s clear that the women of Caracas have all four attributes. 

Venezuela is also one of the most inexpensive places for quality plastic surgery, so it is not uncommon for women to have surgery as early as their 15th birthday. While there is a good chance that the shapely woman walking down the street has had a surgery or two of some kind, there’s so much more to her than that. 

Many areas of Venezuela fall victim to poverty, and Caracas is no exception. However, the ability of the women in the city to work with what life gives them with a smile on their face is beautiful in itself. 

The women of Caracas are truly beautiful inside and out – with a raw understanding of how to make the best out of life. 

11. Bangkok, Thailand

With four nightlife districts to choose from, you are guaranteed to see your fair share of beautiful women in Bangkok – and that’s not even including the Go Go’s. 

Women in Thailand usually have a petite frame and an extremely feminine look with their long, dark-colored hair and silky-smooth skin. You can thank a balanced diet filled with nutrients that leans more towards fruits and vegetables than red meat for their amazing skin and overall physique. They are taught from a very young age to be calm, well mannered, and humble. 

Most women in the city will be wearing vibrant dresses, sparkling jewelry, and high heels to highlight their features. 

What better place to see these natural beauties than Thailand’s capital city, where the streets come alive day or night? Plus, everything in Bangkok is extremely inexpensive, so you’ll feel like a king (or queen) as you walk the streets and admire the city’s beautiful women.