15 Best Day Trips From Mississippi

The best day trips from Mississippi are those in neighboring states such as Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Depending on your Mississippi departure point, you can reach many of the following destinations within a short 2-hour drive.

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15. Sicily Island, Louisiana

Image: Wikimedia / Billy Hathorn

A short drive out of state to Sicily Island is a good way to spend a day out in the sun when going from Mississippi. This village has been known for its significance in the Jewish history of the United States.

It used to host a few farms through an agricultural colony. Today, most of those farms are gone but it can be an interesting day trip to find out more about one’s Jewish roots.

14. Little Rock, Arkansas

Image: Unsplash

A day trip to Little Rock in Arkansas is ideal for those who want to check out one of the city’s multiple museums. This trip can be ideal for families and it requires driving a couple of hours to Little Rock and a couple of hours back. Still, there should be enough time to visit one of the excellent local museums.

Arkansas Arts Center is found here. This is the largest museum of art in Arkansas and certainly larger than many museums in Mississippi. At the same time, the museum is a performing arts center so it might be worth checking to see if any plays are scheduled here, especially if you love day trips with kids.

The Little Rock Museum of Discovery is another great alternative to spend a few hours out in exploration. It’s a practical hands-on museum which means your children can easily play with different science experiments here. This museum isn’t too large so this means there are a few hours left in the day for you to check out one of the excellent local restaurants.

Alternatively, you can try visiting Old State House. This was the old Arkansas state capitol which makes it a building with a political and historic significance. Turned into a museum, it can be the closest experience to a White House visit when coming from Mississippi.

13. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Image: Unsplash

The hot springs in Hot Springs are worth a visit if you’d like to relax for a full day. If you depart early in the morning, you can enjoy at least 8 hours at a local resort or a spa. This ideal spay day trip is made for those who can drive to Arkansas.

Hot Springs is believed to hold multiple miraculous healing power glasses of water which were subject to plenty of legends. Today, you can book full-day access to one of the springs around the spa town or at one of its multiple hotels if you’d like to sit back and relax for a few hours.

A famous horseracing park is also found in the city which might also be a good stop if there’s a horse racing event on the day’s visit.

12. The Mississippi River

Image: Flickr / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

The Mississippi River sits on the Western edge of the Mississippi state. It can offer multiple 1-day trip opportunities from riverboat cruises to fishing trips.

One of the most interesting areas to cruise down the river is within Louisiana. You can use Baton Rouge as a general destination point as you can find a few boats around this area that specialize in short cruises. These types of day trips are ideal for families, especially those living in the South-Western part of the Mississippi state.

11. Jackson, Tennessee

Image: PxHere

Jackson is another Tennessee city that can be visited within a day. It offers one of the best small towns for live music. With the current situation, live events might be limited. However, there are plenty of good outdoor sights to consider here.

The Cypress Grove Nature Park is found within city limits. This park with trails, long wooden bridges, and carefully crafted pathways is ideal for kids and families. It stands out as one of the main areas for nature lovers to visit within the city.

Families can even see diverse wildlife here. Owls are a particular attraction and they might even be worth the day trip for the little ones as they can be seen from a short distance at the park.

10. Jonesboro, Arkansas

Image: Wikimedia / Fotolitherland

Jonesboro is another great destination for an outdoor day trip from Mississippi. Located in nearby Arkansas, the city offers a relaxed atmosphere with its population of just 67.000. Most importantly, the city offers great parks if you love urban nature elements and design concepts such as cycling lanes.

The Craighead Forest Park is ideal as a day trip destination. It features a fishing lake that tends to attract fishermen from the city. But many people come here for the hiking and cycling trails.

Designated picnic areas also make the place a bit more interesting than other urban parks. It’s the ideal daily trip for those who appreciate public parks. It has won multiple awards for its design and planning in Arkansas.

9. Alexandria, Louisiana

Image: Pexels

Alexandria is another great day trip to consider for those who might want to learn more about the history of the South. This area was known for its large farms and their role in US history is considerable. Kent Plantation House can be visited within city limits here.

For those who might also want to take a deeper look into Alexandria’s history, the Alexandria Museum of Art can also be a good stop. It mainly features exhibits of local importance. But the museum is only part of 3 large museum conglomerates which can take more than a day to visit.

For those who want to make the most out of the great Louisiana weather, an adventure at the local Alexandria Zoological Park can also be worth considering for a limited time in the city.

8. Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Image: Unsplash

A lot can be learned in a single day while visiting Tuscaloosa in Alabama. After a couple of hours of driving, visitors from Mississippi find this city with its growing university. Once here, visitors can head over to the Alabama Museum of Natural History.

This museum is open from Monday to Saturday but it closes at 4.30 PM. After closing time, as a visitor, you can head over to the Moundville Archeological Park. Dedicated to native Americans, this used to be the biggest heritage site in the country.

7. Mobile, Alabama

Image: Unsplash

Mobile is a great destination for those interested in the military and US history. A short drive away from Mississippi, this city is the home of the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park. The ship was used during WII and you can now visit it at the military park. Tanks and even old spy planes can also be seen here.

Fort Conde can also be visited in Mobile. This is not the original fort but a redesigned fort of a smaller scale. Fort Conde was built in 1702 by the French. Its purpose was to help protect French colonies of the era.

Since then, the fort has been remodeled and made smaller to make room for the new emerging Mobile city. Those traveling with children can see some of the most important weapons of 1702 the French used while stationed at the fort.

6. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The LSU Museum of Art is rated as the most important Baton Rouge attraction. Located on the Mississippi River, the LSU Museum of Art is one of the best attractions for those who want a day trip that impresses fine art tastes. It can take a full day to visit this museum.

Alternatively, a visit to the local zoo can be a bit more interactive. The Baton Rouge Zoo is now the home of thousands of animals. People come here from all over the state as well as from neighboring states such as Mississippi to view different animal species.

Monkeys and snakes are particularly popular at this zoo. Made for those who appreciate vast open zoos with plenty of space for their guests, this is the location where most locals with kids who want a day out typically go.

5. Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Image: PxHere

Pine Bluff is one of the Southern cities that eventually was seen as a pathway for the rest of the country. People come here to learn more about the railroad history of the United States. It took years to build, but the main train line going through Pine Bluff connected the city to the rest of the country.

Before train links, the entire area of Pine Bluff was too remote and almost impossible to get to from the rest of the country. Small railroad museums are worth visiting here as a result.

4. Lafayette, Alabama

Image: Pexels

Vermilionville is the main attraction in Lafayette. This living museum is one of the best in Alabama and you can even check out local actors dressed up in traditional costumes to learn more about the history of Alabama.

Ideally, those traveling to this museum also make time during the 1-day visit to stop at the nearby Acadian Village to learn more about the Cajun bayou community.

3. Birmingham, Alabama

Image: Unsplash

For a romantic day trip, Birmingham in Alabama can be a close-by destination. This place offers great shopping opportunities and a few cinemas to watch a movie. But the best place for couples to watch a real play here is right at the Birmingham Theatre. While it looks impressive, the theatre also has an impressive history. It was initially built by Paramount Studios. The movie-making company built this theatre so that locals have a place to see real plays and the company’s movies.

Couples traveling during the weekend can also make the most of the Birmingham farmer’s market. It takes place on weekends and it can be one of the most inspiring shopping for healthy food experiences. Farmers come here from all over the state and the area of the city to sell their fresh produces. You can buy legumes and other types of homemade foods here to last for a week.

2. New Orleans, Tennessee

New Orleans can be a place to visit when it comes to good food and live music. A day trip from Mississippi is truly possible and much-appreciated here. New Orleans is the type of city that offers something for everybody.

Most tourists head over to the French Quarter. It’s here that traditional pubs and restaurants co-exist with live music bands. But tourists can also get a full swamp discovery experience here. Swamp boat rides are rather popular in New Orleans and the high-speed boats can be booked by groups of up to 6 people. Alligators are frequently spotted on these tours.

1. Memphis, Tennessee

Image: Unsplash

There are too many world-class attractions to choose from while only visiting Memphis for a single day. But there are a few good reasons why so many people decide to visit it over other cities. The first reason is good music.

Memphis is considered the international home of blues music, which means there are many great artists and venues to explore here. Some of the most popular blues locations in Memphis are found on Beale Street so starting the visit here is a must.

There are other great venues to consider here for other types of music fans as well. For example, the Memphis Rock ‘n Soul Museum is a good place to explore the history of music diversity here.

For a truer side of Memphis, it’s also worth looking at its harsh past. Part of this difficult past can be traced to the slavery days before the Civil War. Multiple small museums and venues are showing just how difficult those times were. The Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum is such a place.

It’s here that visitors can even see various secret underground tunnels. Slaves used to dig these tunnels as means of escape. Such passages are found under the main house of the museum. The city of Memphis is certainly worth coming back for. Good music, great food, and a rich history are worth at least 1 day trips from neighboring states.