20 Best Day Trips From Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is one of the main destination cities in Colombia. You can spend days and even weeks here as a tourist without passing by the same attraction twice.

However, the region around Bogota is also rich in attractions. You can plan a day trip from Colombia’s capital city to one of the following destinations.

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20. Tibacuy

Tibacuy is known as the coffee capital of the region. If you love coffee, this might be the perfect day trip for you. But a black energy-giving drink isn’t the only reason to head over to Tibacuy for a day.

There’s the rich heritage here from the Muisca people who were living in this region before the colonial conquest as well.

19. Villavicencio

This small municipality is often overlooked by those traveling to Bogota. But it has plenty to offer to a lot of types of tourists. Those traveling for local food can find it particularly interesting.

The small town is known for making a distinct rice bread, which is typically served with different types of meat, also very popular in Villavicencio.

18. Facatativá

The small municipality of Facatativá is located just 18 miles out of Bogota. This can be a small-town escape for the day for all of those interested in a historic settlement. Both Spanish and Amerindian descendants live here.

The main attraction of the city is its relaxed atmosphere town square which is also home to one of the oldest railway stations and one of the oldest cathedrals in the region.

17. Madrid

Madrid is a city in Colombia close to Bogota. It doesn’t get its name after Spain’s capital, but rather after its founder, Pedro Fernandez Madrid. This small city has a population of just over 80.000.

One of the distinct attractions for those traveling from Bogota is the rich rose growing heritage of the city. Roses are grown here on a large scale and most of them are exported to North America.

16. Cascada la Chorrera

Cascada la Chorrera is one of the tallest waterfalls you can see in Colombia. The best part is you can visit it within a day. Hiking is a popular activity around this natural attraction and you might be tempted to stay a bit longer to view its natural habitat up-close. Guided tours are available at this waterfall.

Those planning to stay overnight are mainly tied to the designated tent camping area at the bottom of the waterfall. All the best photo spots of this waterfall are safe to navigate around. Rails are used to protect tourists from getting up high and close to the falling water.

15. Monseratte

Monseratte is a high mountain peak just at the outskirts of Bogota. Sitting high at 10.000 feet, this place is ideal for a top view of the city. It takes hours or even half a day to climb but the views are worth it.

For those who’re not particularly into hiking, this attraction can also be visited by using a cable car, with the conditions that the weather is good during the planned visit.

14. Zipaquira and Nemocon

Right below Zipaquira town, you can find a unique salt cavern hundreds of feet below ground level. This is the ideal place to see an underground church which tends to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

A day is needed to see these caverns of salt and to visit the historic city center of Zipaquira.

13. El Jardin Encantado

Some of the best day trips from Bogota are those planned out in nature. This is certainly the case of El Jardin Encantado, a unique outdoor place with plenty of walking trails and a feeling of a unique park. Living plant sculptures tend to be the most attractive here and they are the main areas where tourists and locals prefer to stop and take photos at. The place can be ideal for families as well.

12. Villa De Leyva

The small town of Villa de Leyva is located North of Bogota. It has a historic role through its role in the country’s independence. But most travelers head to Villa De Leyva for its impressive architecture.

Great condition colonial buildings make its city center one of the most attractive, even when compared to Colombia’s largest cities.

11. Funza

Funza was one of the main cities of the locals before the Spanish invasion. It was considered the capital of the Muisca Confederation.

Today, this small city is one of the main attractions for those interested in history, particularly to the early establishments of the pre-Spanish era.

10. Chia

Chia is a suburb of Bogota. But this town used to be fully independent. Apart from its attractive way of life which can be seen as a great escape from the busy Bogota capital city, Chia is also a town for culinary lovers. This is the place to visit if you love good food and restaurants such as Andres Carne de Res make this small town an international travel destination.

9. Museo y Café Guatavita

Located in Guatavita, this unique coffee shop is located in an old venue, similar to a stadium. This venue was used for all types of sports and cultural events and it’s now the home of one of the most rustic coffee shops in Colombia.

8. Zipaquirá

Zipaquira is a town known for its salt mine. But you can also consider visiting this city for its cultural heritage. Pre-Colombian artifacts are found here at the Archeological Museum. All of those interested in how locals used to live before the colonials arrived are going to end up at this museum at one moment.

7. Fusagasugá

Founded by Spanish priests hundreds of years ago, Fusagasugá is one of the fastest-growing cities of Colombia. Back in 1987, it had a population of just over 60.000. Today, its population has doubled and it represents one of the best places to visit if you like large boulevards, tall palm trees, historic city centers, and a local economy that supports great restaurants and a vivid sports scene.

The city also plays an important role in the Catholic communities of the country. Pilgrims come here every year from all over Colombia.

6. Archaeological Museum of Pasca

The native Muisca proved a bit hard to document by archeologists as many of their artifacts were stolen. Some of the most important pre-Colombian Muisca findings can be seen today at the Archeological Museum of Pasca. There aren’t many municipality-owned museums in Colombia, but this museum is considered one of the best.

All types of wild animals from the pre-Colombian era can be seen here. But the most important exhibition is the one with Muisca mummies as this tends to be a spectacular area of the museum.

5. Natural Sumapaz National Park

Lakes, rare shrubs, paths, and undisturbed wildlife can be seen at this natural park located just outside Bogota. It offers some of the most impressive views and hiking at an altitude of miles makes it also a place that is hard to reach.

All nature lovers should seek a local guide to go through the park. Part of the journey to its peak can be covered by vehicles. But tourists also need to walk for a few hours to get to the highest points of this park. One of the best parts about it is that it’s currently under a conservation project. Tourists aren’t allowed to camp here so that the natural habitat can be properly preserved.

A good way to see the Natural Sumapaz National Park is to rent a bike and to join a mountain bike tour. These tours are frequently operated from Bogota. However, you will need to gather at least 6 other friends to go on a guided cycling tour with most tour operators. However, those traveling in groups or families can consider this unique way of seeing the park without the hassle of having to walk for tens of miles in a short time. Bikes are offered by the organizers of these tours.

4. Shivana Spa

Shivana Spa is located just outside Bogota, on its Eastern side. This is one of the most relaxing spas in the country. Located in multiple eco-friendly buildings, this spa is among the most interesting additions to your holiday if you like massages and incredible views.

In the evening, people come here to relax in the garden of the spa that overlooks Bogota. While there are many spas around this large city, not many offer the views and the incredible attention to detail as the nature-inspired Shivana Spa.

3. Club De Golf La Cima

Located in Santa Ana, Club De Golf La Cima is one of the ideal places for experienced golf players from around the world. The landscape is very diverse here and abrupt areas of the course make it ideal even for the most experienced players around the country.

This golf course is overlooking the nearby mountains located outside Santa Ana. It also offers some of the best services and buildings that are inspired by both modern and local architectural influences.

Since it’s located outside Santa Ana, you will need to hire a taxi to get there. Alternatively, you might rent a car from Bogota and drive there. It usually takes 50 minutes to get to the golf course from Bogota city center.

However, this golf course is known to be very technical. It might not be the ideal place for those new to the sport. Since the golf course is rarely flat, it’s mainly recommended for the experienced player. If you still want to play golf as a beginner, you can head over to the Florida Golf Club. This course is located on the Western side of Bogota and it mainly features flat grounds, ideal for slow-paced golf.

2. Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza

If you love nature you need to head over to the Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza. This natural park is one of the most important in the country for its landscape, history, and wildlife.

The landscape is very diverse here and you can find great cycling and hiking paths depending on where you want to stay in the park. You can visit multiple smaller mountain peaks simply by hiking for a full day.

This natural park is also the place where many Colombian histories and archeology students are seen around summertime. They come here to learn more about the Muisca people who are believed to have inhabited this land a long time ago. It is believed some of the oldest forms of shelter here have been used by the Muisca over 10.000 years ago.

Those who love rare animals might also consider a visit to the park. It is one of the few places in the world where Spectacled bears can be seen out in nature. Also referred to as the Andean bear, the Spectacled bear is one of the few remaining short-faced bears.

As a natural park, the place is also popular with wildlife photographers. Drones aren’t permitted in the park but plenty of wildlife photographers from around the world make their way to Parque Nacional Natural Chingaza in pursuits of that perfect next wildlife shot.

1. Tequendama Falls

One of the most intriguing attractions in Colombia is the Tequendama Falls. These falls have been formed thousands of years ago and they are still spectacular today. The waterfall is a known attraction point for almost all of those who visit Bogota.

Located around an hours’ drive away from the city, the Tequendama Falls impress with their height of over 400 feet. There are multiple viewing points you can consider to properly admire the waterfall. There is also a small museum of the region nearby.

But the intriguing part about the waterfall is that it tends to put off tourists with its bad smell. A part of the sewage from Bogota ends up in a river and then directly in the waterfall. However, tourists who aren’t known for having a sensitive sense of smell can see one of the tallest waterfalls of South America here.