The 30 Best Cities in Germany for Expats

Germany is one of the most exciting places for foreigners to live today. It has so much to offer – great food, fun nightlife, rich history and culture, fascinating architecture, scenic beauty…the list goes on! But behind all of the wonderful things that Germany has to offer are some not-so-wonderful challenges – everything from the … Read more

The 30 Best Cities in Germany for International Students

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The 30 Richest and Wealthiest Cities in Germany

Germany is a beautiful country with many treasures and things to see. This country’s rich history and culture are present in its architecture and in the way the people live their lives. Germany is a progressive country with beautiful landmarks, greenery, and castles and has a population of over 80 million people. Covering 137,847 square … Read more

The 15 Best Places to Visit in Germany During the Winter

Germany is a magical country to visit any time of year with its grand castles, medieval towns, and towering mountains – but there’s something about a coat of snow that makes it seem that much more like a fairytale.  The country transforms into the definition of holiday spirit during the Advent season with charming Christmas … Read more

The 18 Best Mountainous Towns and Cities to Visit in Germany

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The 30 Best Medieval Towns and Cities in Germany

Much of Germany was established during the Middle Ages as trade became common, and newfound freedom allowed for Germans to create towns around already established fortresses.  The Renaissance sparked a flame in the hearts of many artists – and much of the medieval towns and cities that live on today are an example of their … Read more

The 16 Best Cities to Visit in Germany According to Lonely Planet

Whether you’re headed to Germany for the first time or the 100th, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of things to see and do. It’s a country that truly has it all – from half-timbered houses and fairytale-like castles to gorgeous river towns and beautiful nature scenes.  From north to south, Germany boasts an array of … Read more