The 30 Best Lakes for Swimming in the United States

When it comes to swimming lakes, the United States has got you covered with thousands of options to choose from. 

To put things into perspective, Wisconsin alone has over 15,000 lakes – which still doesn’t even come close to the number of lakes that are found in states like Minnesota

To be fair, not every one of these lakes is ideal for swimming, but it’s still safe to say that options for your summer vacation are almost endless. 

With that being said, it would be an insane task to try narrowing down the best swimming lakes in the country, but the good news is that we’ve got you covered with the list below. 

Switch into your bathing suit, grab a towel, pack a picnic, and get ready to have the summer of a lifetime! 

Table of Contents

1. Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe

Known for being the largest alpine lake in the country, Lake Tahoe stretches out over 120,000 acres across the borders of Nevada and California. 

With so many humble lake towns and thriving waterfront cities, there are plenty of places around Lake Tahoe to bunker down for a weekend on the water. 

Everything about this lake is overwhelmingly picturesque from its crystal clear, turquoise waters with large rocks scattered beneath the surface to the towering pine forests with snow-covered mountain peak backdrop. Because of this, the lake has become one of the most popular tourist destinations on the west coast – which can make the shores feel pretty crowded. 

That doesn’t mean you won’t have a wonderful time sunbathing on its beaches, paddleboarding to your heart’s content, and going for a relaxing swim. 

The vibrant, translucent waters have the lake’s extreme depth to thank for its features, so although swimming is one of the most popular activities, it should be done with caution. 

One of the most popular places along the lake to hang out is Emerald Bay State Park, where the water is the perfect depth for swimming, and hiking trails are in abundance. The best hiking trails are located around the southern portion of the lake and make for a great way to work up a sweat before going for a cool dip in the water. 

When it comes to beaches, the best place to lay out your towel is on Kings Beach, with its many amenities, consistent sunlight, and nearby attractions. 

If you prefer to explore the water a different way, there are a variety of cruises that tour the beautiful lake and its many unique features like waterfalls, castles, islands, and more. 

2. Newfound Lake, NH

Newfound Lake

Considered to be the cleanest and the deepest lake in New Hampshire, Newfound Lake is a fan favorite for swimming in the northeastern region. 

You’ll have a blast swimming amongst its 4,000+ acres of waterfront and sunbathing along over 20 miles of shoreline with breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. 

When you need a break from swimming, there are plenty of nearby attractions to enjoy including small waterfront towns to explore, nature preserves to venture through, and lighthouses to check out. 

You can’t go wrong with dinner at the Cottage, located at the southern edge of the lake, with its live Irish music and classic Irish pub food. 

If you like to end a meal with a sweet treat, head over to The Mill Fudge Factory where you can enjoy a savory sandwich before tasting one of their award-winning ice cream flavors. 

3. Lake Texoma, OK

Lake Texoma

Located along the southern edge of Oklahoma, Lake Texoma is known for being one of the largest lakes in the state and offers a large variety of outdoor recreation. 

The lake makes up 89,000 acres and even stretches into Texas, making it a great destination to swim in two states on the same day. 

Interestingly enough, Texoma was created by a dam that was built in the early 1900s that destroyed everything in its path, including the town of Woodville, which now sits at the bottom of the lake.

Once you fall in love with the area, consider reserving a campsite or cabin right inside the park and enjoy the luxury of an early morning swim the next day.

There are more than enough marinas to choose from where you can rent a boat if you want to get out to the heart of the lake before jumping in. 

At the edge of the Alberta Creek Resort and Marina is the Alberta Creek Resort Floating Café, where you can enjoy a tasty meal while floating atop a deck right on the lake. 

If you enjoy fishing, you’ll love the stellar striped bass fishing opportunities that await you. There are plenty of guided fishing tours for newbies to take a crack at it. 

Adventure seekers won’t be able to resist the chance to experience the feeling of flying through the air thanks to the water jetpack rentals at Water Wings. 

4. Lake Chelan, WA

Lake Chelan

Nestled on the eastern side of the Washington Mountains, Lake Chelan offers some amazing swimming opportunities with picturesque views in every direction. 

The beauty of this lake is its extensive shoreline stretching out over 100 miles, with sections that can only be accessed by hiking, that all provide beautifully remote scenery to enjoy. 

Much of the area surrounding the lake is thick forest, but there are a few lively towns that make their living off of this popular lake and are great places to explore during your downtime. 

When you aren’t swimming in the pristine waters, consider taking a wine tour at one of the many wineries that border the lake, like the popular Chelan Ridge Winery. If wine isn’t your scene, you’ll be happy to know that the area is also home to a variety of breweries with their own unique brews. 

On the northern edge of the lake is the small town of Stehekin, which can only be accessed by foot or by boat, making it a special experience from start to finish. 

The Lady of Lake boat service offers rides to the town throughout the day while also visiting some of the lake’s other beautiful features. 

5. Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Lake of the Ozarks

Located amongst the Ozark mountain range, the Lake of the Ozarks is the hottest summer vacation destination in all of Missouri. The man-made lake stretches out in every direction with over 1,000 miles of shoreline, so there are plenty of places to lay out your towel and go for a swim. 

If you’re hoping to get out to the heart of the lake, head over to the Dirty Duck Boat Rental company where you’ll be able to choose between a large variety of options from paddleboards to houseboats. You’ll also notice many people out on the water on their kayaks, jet skis, and water skis. 

People with their own personal watercraft can use any one of the boat ramps peppered along the shoreline and take advantage of the stellar fishing opportunities. 

One of the best places to enjoy the lake is the Lake of the Ozarks State Park, which houses two wide-stretching sandy beaches and a variety of amenities – not to mention the many hiking trails located within the park and the wonderful views of the lake that come along with them. 

6. Green Lake, NY

Green Lake

Considering the fact that Green Lake is located just a couple of hours outside of New York City, it is a marvel of crystal clear waters that become more and more turquoise as it reaches the shoreline. 

The lake was formed by snowmelt from glaciers thousands of years ago and is surrounded by a dense forest that gives off fairytale vibes. 

Everything about the area is picture-perfect, with sections of green water that give the lake its name and shapely trees that give the lake additional character. 

Because of the lack of oxygen in the lake, it doesn’t boast a large variety of marine life – so you don’t have to worry about sharing the water with any kind of creatures – and fishing will also be limited. 

You won’t be able to bring your own watercraft onto the lake, but there are rentals available, so all is not lost for people hoping to get out on the water. 

Within the Green Lakes State Park is a spacious beach where you can spend time bathing in the sun between leisurely swims in the calm water. There’s also a golf course where you can play while taking in the lake views, a fine selection of hiking trails to stretch your legs, and plenty of campsites to keep the good times rolling. 

7. Rainy Lake, MN

Rainy Lake

Located right on the border of Canada, Minnesota’s Rainy Lake is a great destination for swimming and other outdoor activities with views that are hard to beat. 

Rainy Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Voyageurs National Park, and that’s saying something, because the park is home to over 30 lakes, a variety of waterfalls, and a fine selection of islands. 

The picturesque lake looks over at Canada’s magical forest and is a great place to spot wildlife in the early morning and the late afternoon. 

You can spend hours swimming along the 930 miles of shoreline – and that doesn’t even include the shores of the thousands of small islands located amongst its waters. 

While in the park, consider hopping on one of the many scenic hiking trails, including ones with areas where you can jump right in the water on a hot day. 

You’ll notice many fishing boats out and about on the lake, as it’s considered to have some of the best fishing in the state – and there are boat rentals available if you want to join in on the fun. 

8. Lake Santeetlah, NC

Nestled amongst the mountains of North Carolina, Lake Santeetlah is one of the most beautiful lakes in the country and is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike when it comes to swimming. 

Much of the shoreline is located within the Nantahala National Forest which is just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Head over to the Santeetlah Marina to rent a pontoon boat, kayak, canoe, or ski boat and explore the waters to your heart’s content. 

Fishing is one of the best things to do thanks to the large selection of fish that reside in the lake, and campsites are scattered around the shoreline for people who want to spend the night by the water. 

You’ll find docks peppered along the 76 miles of shoreline where you can get a running start and cannonball into the pristine waters for a relaxing swim. 

There are over 200 miles of hiking trails to explore, so feel free to stretch your legs with a scenic walk along the water and around the surrounding mountains. 

9. Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake

Known for being one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country, Flathead Lake has people from around the globe coming to Montana to explore its many wonders. 

Keep in mind that although the shoreline stretches over 180 miles, the southern section of the lake is part of a tribal reservation so special permits are needed to explore this area. 

The lake is a hotspot for outdoor recreation including hiking, swimming, boating, kayaking, sailing, camping, and so much more. 

There is even a 2,000+ acre state park, Wildhorse Island, located at the heart of the lake and can only be accessed by boat. 

Although you can’t camp at the park, it is a favorite for daily activities including swimming and enjoying a scenic picnic along the shore. 

On the eastern edge of the park, vendors line the streets come summertime offering a variety of local produce like apples, plums, and other fresh seasonal fruit. 

10. Lake Ouachita, AS

Lake Ouachita

Aside from being the largest lake in Arkansas, Lake Ouachita is considered to be one of the most picturesque places to go for a swim and spend time in the great outdoors. 

Located within the Ouachita National Forest, the lake spans over 40,000 acres and boasts pristine waters, surrounded by dense greenery. 

You’ll find locals and tourists alike enjoying the lake’s many pleasures, including swimming, kayaking, water skiing, scuba diving, fishing, boating, and more. 

An interesting fact about this man-made lake is that it was filled before the removal of all the trees – so you’ll come across treetops poking out of the water in various locations. 

It may come as a surprise that scuba diving occurs in a lake setting, but Ouachita is actually home to a rare species of jellyfish, sponges, and shrimp that make the views more than interesting. 

Fishermen will enjoy the lake’s amazing fishing opportunities including fish like bream, catfish, and largemouth bass that migrate to the quiet coves. 

Spend the weekend on the lake by staying at one of the many campsites or renting one of the cabins, all of which offer options right along the waterfront.

Another bonus is the fact that the pristine lake is just a short drive from the state’s popular Hot Spring National Park, so you can cool off with a swim after a day of exploring. 

11. Lake Superior

Lake Superior

As one of the country’s great lakes, Lake Superior is a marvel of waterfront that stretches across three states and provides some of the best swimming spots.  

Lake Superior is the longest-stretching lake in the country, and because of this, the waters remain pretty cold throughout the year. 

With this in mind, swimming isn’t the most popular – but those who are willing to face the temperature are instantly rewarded with pristine, crystal clear waters. Besides, there is no better feeling than going for a dip in the cool water after a long day of hiking or exploring the area in the summer heat. 

The area around the lake is known as the “Circle Tour”, as there’s just so much to do and so many attractions to see along its edges. 

One of the most popular attractions, the Shipwreck Museum (in Michigan), gives visitors some perspective as to how unforgiving the waters have been to ships throughout the years. 

Speaking of Michigan, the Tahquamenon Falls State Park is a great place to work up a sweat with plenty of hikes leading to a variety of waterfalls. 

12. Lake Havasu, AZ

Lake Havasu

Formed by the development of a dam along the Colorado River, Lake Havasu is one of the few swimming lakes in Arizona and just so happens to be one of the best in the country. 

Although the lake is on the border of California, most waterfront excursions begin in Arizona from Lake Havasu City – where activities are in abundance. In fact, the city has so much to offer, that it has since been nicknamed “Arizona’s Playground”. 

You’ll probably end up spending most of your time in Lake Havasu State Park thanks to its many beaches, boat launches, and hiking trails. 

If swimming just isn’t enough to give you a feel for the water, head to one of the nearby shops to inquire about their kayak, canoe, or boat rentals. 

One of the most popular beaches along the lake is London Bridge Beach because of its sunny location, warm waters, and stellar views of the historic London Bridge

For a more remote experience, make your way over to the Cattail Cove State Park, which offers sandy beaches along the water with fewer crowds and more palm trees. 

After a long day filled with waterfront activities, stop by Mudshark Brewery to unwind and enjoy some of the tastiest local beers in the area. 

13. Lake Champlain, VT

Lake Champlain

Legend has it that a dinosaur still lives deep within the depths of Vermont’s Lake Champlain because it’s home to the oldest fossil reef across the globe – but if one thing is for sure, is that it’s one of the hottest destinations on the northeastern coast. 

The lake played a major role in a variety of wars, including the World Wars, and remnants of the military presence can still be admired around its limits with forts and battlefields peppered throughout. 

With nearly 600 miles of shoreline, you can’t go wrong with stripping down into your bathing suit to go for a relaxing swim or laying out on one of the beaches. 

There are plenty of hiking trails, but a fan favorite is the Island Line Trail – which begins in Burlington and walks right alongside the lake for views like no other. 

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to keep an eye out for different kinds of birds, as the lake is home to over 300 different species. 

14. Echo Lake, ME

Echo Lake

Located within the iconic Acadia National Park in Maine, Echo Lake is one of the most popular places to go for a swim. Surrounded by lush greenery, the beach here feels like a hidden oasis – with amazing natural views in every direction that’ll make you feel relaxed from start to finish. 

The warm waters are a great alternative from the park’s Sand Beach, which is located along the ocean, and can see some pretty chilly temperatures. The beach is actually located at the base of Beech Mountain – and there are a few hiking trails that also begin here for those who want to get out and explore. 

Another great thing about this lake is that not many people are aware it even exists – so if you arrive early, you may even have some time all to yourself. 

15. Priest Lake, ID

Priest Lake

Priest Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Idaho throughout the entire year, but as the warm weather approaches, the lake begins to attract a marvel of boats, fishermen, and swimmers. 

Located at the base of the Selkirk Mountains, the lake is spread out across 23,000 acres and is considered to be the state’s “Crown Jewel” for its beautiful, remote wilderness. 

The lake is fed by a handful of streams that cascade their way down from the high mountain peaks and add to the crystal clearness of the water, leaving everyone in awe. 

If you don’t have a watercraft of your own, you can rent kayaks, canoes, or boats from one of the local shops and really get out and explore the area. 

Want to make your day trip into a weekend? Consider staying at a resort, such as Hills Resort or Elkins Resort, where you can wake up each morning to unparalleled views of the water. 

Feel free to hike to your heart’s content with more trails than you’ll know what to do with, including one that leads to the even more remote Upper Priest Lake. 

16. Lake Hamilton, AS

Lake Hamilton

Known for being one of the most popular locations for outdoor recreation in the state of Arkansas, Lake Hamilton stretches out for nearly 20 miles worth of fun. 

The state is considered to be a prime destination for swimming lakes so you can only imagine how beautiful Lake Hamilton is if it makes the top of the list. 

The lake is located right on the outskirts of the Hot Springs National Park, so you can spend some time exploring before heading here to relax beachside. 

Like most popular lakes, watercraft rentals are easy to come by and are highly recommended to see the extent of the area’s beauty while basking in the sun. 

The Garvan Woodland Gardens is located right along the water’s edge and provides a scenic stroll through a botanical garden that you won’t find anywhere else in the area. 

After a long day, head over to Bubba Brew’s on Lake Hamilton for a night filled with tasty bar food, classic beers, live music, and waterfront views. 

17. Lake Keowee, SC

Lake Keowee

If you find yourself spending time in South Carolina, you won’t want to miss the chance to go for a swim in the picturesque Lake Keowee. This lake has been winning the hearts of its visitors for years with its pristine waters, thick forests, and towering mountains that make it just picture perfect. 

Many say that this 18,000-acre lake resembles a holiday tree with its wide-stretching length that branches off to many small channels along the way. 

The lake is one of the wider bodies of water in the area making it the perfect place to hop on a jet ski or go for a boat ride with plenty of space to play around. 

Two features that have claimed the title of best spots along the lake to go for a swim and dock your boat include The Jumping Rock and Waterfall Cove

The Jumping Rock rises 30 feet providing a perfect place to watch swimmers down below and for the adventurous to enjoy an exhilarating jump in, whereas the Waterfall Cove is a quiet oasis where you’ll find boaters docked by the waterfall enjoying the sights and the sounds that it brings. 

18. Rangeley Lake, ME

Rangeley Lake

The northeastern region is filled with swimming lakes but one of the best you’ll find, Rangeley Lake, is located in Maine and offers outdoor recreation all year round. 

Much of the excitement occurs in Rangeley Lake State Park, which is spread out amongst 900 acres and filled with a plentiful amount of options to spend the day in the great outdoors. You’ll find a large beach along the southern edge of the lake where swimming is extremely popular on hot summer days. 

Nearby is a boat launch so you can get out on the water with ease and take in the beautiful scenery of the surrounding forest and mountains overhead. 

There’s also a small town park with access to the water if you’re looking for a quick dip or a place to rent a kayak. 

19. Table Rock Lake, MS

Table Rock Lake

When it comes to summertime lake vacation destinations, Table Rock Lake sits high up on the list with an abundance of water-based activities that are fun for the whole family. 

For starters, the lake offers over 800 miles of shoreline, so you’re guaranteed to find a spot to lay out your towel and go for a refreshing swim. 

There are so many waterfront resorts in the area that offer their own private beaches for swimming, but there are also public beaches like Moonshine Beach that draw people in from all over. 

20. Shasta Lake, CA

Shasta Lake

Hidden away in northern California, Shasta Lake is the largest reservoir in the state and offers nearly 400 miles of shoreline for visitors to enjoy. 

The lake is a popular destination throughout the year offering a variety of seasonal activities, but there’s nothing quite like swimming in the crystal clear waters come summertime. 

As a bonus, the lake offers unparalleled views of the iconic Mt. Shasta which manages to follow you regardless of where you swim or boat across the waters. 

The calm waters are perfect for relaxing watercraft experiences like paddleboarding where first-timers can master the art while admiring the picturesque setting that surrounds them. 

Many ancient mining towns lay at the bottom of the lake but one ruin, Bully Hill, remains along its edges and allows visitors to explore the remnants while taking in the views of the lake. 

Not to mention the nearby golf course, an abundance of hiking trails, award-winning fishing, and frequent wildlife sightings that can be found here. 

21. Whitefish Lake, MT

Whitefish Lake

Once an ancient glacier, Whitefish Lake is made completely of snowmelt and is considered to be one of the best swimming destinations in the state of Montana

Three different locations provide easy access to the lake, which include City Beach, Whitefish Lake State Park, and Les Mason Park.  

City Beach is a great place to bring the whole family, with shallow waters for young kids to swim safely and frequent lifeguards monitoring the area. Plus, the views of the mountains are hard to beat, and the calm waters make it the perfect place to take your kayak out for some relaxing time on the water. 

A more remote way to enjoy the area is by heading to Whitefish Lake State Park where you can spend time on a wild beach and explore the unspoiled section of the wilderness. 

If you really want to have a place to yourself, travel up north to Les Mason Park, but make sure to be careful when swimming because the water gets deep quickly. 

22. Lake Jocassee, SC

Lake Jocassee

Surprisingly, Lake Jocassee manages to remain an unspoiled lake surrounded by natural wilderness, even with its continued growth of popularity in the South Carolina area. 

Spend your days along its sandy shore and cool off with a dip in the crystal clear waters or head out to explore the waters on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. 

Jocassee is a popular destination for lake scuba diving thanks to its great visibility and abundance of resident fish. 

With that in mind, fishing is a common pastime in the area, and you can admire plenty of fishermen doing their thing throughout the day. 

When you need a break from the water, head out on one of the many hiking trails, including the Oconee Bells Nature Trail, for the best chance at spotting wildlife and native flora. 

Just keep in mind that the only way to access this pristine lake is by venturing through Devils Fork State Park, so you should pack picnic lunches if you plan to stay for the day. 

23. Deep Creek Lake, MD

Deep Creek Lake

Known for being the largest man-made, inland lake in the country, Deep Creek Lake has residents of Maryland and tourists from all over flocking to its shores for a relaxing summer vacation. 

The state park in which Deep Creek is located stretches out over 1,800 acres around the lake – which is more than double its size at a whopping 3,900 acres. 

Since the lake is so large, it’s easy to find a space to set up for the day with quick access to the water to cool off in the summertime heat. 

If you aren’t in the mood to get wet, you can still explore the lake’s endless waters by hopping on a rental boat or paddling out on a kayak 

To learn more about the wildlife that inhabits the area, head over to the Deep Creek Lake Discovery Center, where you can check out fossils and animal tracks found nearby. 

24. Crater Lake, OR

Crater Lake

With an entire national park created because of its dramatic geological features unlike any other in the country, Crater Lake is easily one of the coolest places to go for a swim (literally and figuratively!). The lake can get pretty cold, since it’s completely fed by rain and snowmelt, but it makes for an extremely refreshing way to combat the summer heat. 

The foundation for this marvel of a lake was created by a massive volcanic eruption thousands of years ago that caused the area’s tallest peak to sink while bringing the earth around it down with it. 

Hence, a crater was created that would eventually become the deepest lake in the United States as the glaciers around it continued to melt into the gaping hole. This is also why you’ll see an island at the lake’s center; in reality, it’s the peak of what once was a towering mountain. 

When it comes to finding a picturesque place to go for a swim, you won’t find anything more beautiful than the scenery that waits for you here with Oregon’s famous mountain range following you everywhere you turn. 

25. Lake Martin, AL

Lake Martin

Offering up over 800 miles of secluded shoreline, Lake Martin is quickly becoming one of the best swimming spots in Alabama let alone the country. 

There’s no better feeling than renting a boat from one of the local shops and heading out on the water to one of the many small islands to set up camp for the day. 

From there you can enjoy the solitude of having a small beach all to yourself with easy access to swimming and a picturesque place for a picnic. 

There’s even an island on the lake called Goat Island which holds to its name, with wild but friendly goats that roam free across its land. 

26. Shavers Lake, WV

Shavers Lake

Located within the Snowshoe Mountain Resort, the only way to reach West Virginia’s Shavers Lake is by taking the aerial lift up the mountainside. 

This only adds to the excitement of exploring the pristine lake and allows visitors to admire the wide-sweeping mountain range along the way. 

This isn’t your typical mountain lake, however. The resort goes above and beyond to make sure you’re having the time of your life by creating a playground atop the water. Massive floating devices are used to create trampolines and rock climbing walls that people of all ages can enjoy. 

However, if you were really just hoping to relax, there’s a separate part of the lake that offers a quiet beach that is simply perfect for sunbathing and peaceful swims. 

27. Lake George, NY

Lake George

Nestled at the entrance of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George is one of the most popular vacation spots in Upstate New York thanks to its beautiful scenery and abundance of touristy attractions. 

The main strip is located right along the lake, so you’ll have quick access to a slew of restaurants, bars, cafes, gift shops, and more. 

The lake stretches over 30 miles, and offers some remote places to take a dip the further north you go along its shore.  However, many people opt to spend their time along the southern edges, where the tourist town is in full swing with plenty of beaches to choose from. There’s even a dog beach for visitors looking to bring their furry friends along for the ride. 

If you prefer not to share the water with a bunch of animals, you can always go to the popular Million Dollar Beach located right within the village. 

For a really personalized experience, reserve a campsite on one of the lake’s many islands and enjoy the luxury of having your own private space to hang out and swim. 

28. Lake McConaughy, NE

Lake McConaughy

Nicknamed “Big Mac”, Lake McConaughy is Nebraska’s largest manmade lake and boasts a dam larger than any like it in the entire country. 

Spread out across more than 30,000 acres, there are plenty of places to go for a swim – including a variety of beaches sporting white sand and crystal clear waters. 

The clear water paired with the massive fish residing inside it makes for a great time, especially if you’re into scuba diving or fishing. 

Resorts and marinas located around the river offer a fine selection of quick bites for when you’ve finally worked up an appetite. 

29. Lake Powell

Lake Powell

Branching out across Arizona and Utah, Lake Powell is an extremely popular tourist destination. Who doesn’t want to see a wide-sweeping reservoir in the middle of the desert? 

It’s an amazing experience to go for a swim in the clear, turquoise waters while being surrounded by the towering, orange canyons that make up the surrounding area. 

Many people opt to rent houseboats for relaxing days out on the water or jet skis to spend the day exploring the many vein-like branches that lead to picturesque coves. 

Plus, the proximity to the famous Horshoe Bend geological feature in Dead Horse State Park makes for a fun day of exploration finished up with a soak in the lukewarm water. 

30. Grand Lake, CO

Grand Lake

Nestled along the western entrance to the popular Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Grand Lake is a sight to be seen – and offers some of the best swimming in the country. 

You’ll have a hard time finding a more scenic place to lay out your towel than the beaches here, with the breathtaking Rocky Mountains watching over you and the thick alpine forests so close by. 

When you aren’t cooling off with a swim in the crystal clear lake, you can explore the many hiking trails that begin right in the area. 

At the end of the day, head into town where you can walk the boardwalk along the lake and hop between an extensive selection of storefronts including restaurants, bars, and boutique shops.