15 Best Lakes to Live on in Arkansas

Hands down, Arkansas has some of the most beautiful lakes in the country, and many have affordable real estate. Whether you want to purchase a house or condo or rent one, most of these lakefront properties have a plethora of amenities, like motorized sports, marinas, top-notch golf courses, fishing expeditions, restaurants, and more.

Many of the lakes are ideal for swimming, some come with lovely hiking trails, and many lakefront properties even let you dock your houseboat. Here are the 15 best lakes to live on in Arkansas.

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1. Lake Hurricane

Image: Hurricane Lake Estates


Hurricane Lake is another beautiful place to live and visit with lots to do nearby.

Living in this area gives you access to golf courses, marinas, and campers. To utilize the lake, you’ll need a permit, but your jet skis, motorboat, or houseboat are all welcome here.

This private lake in Benton County has three miles of shoreline and an average depth of 16 feet. Largemouth Bass and Channel Catfish are two of the most popular fish caught in this lake.

At Hurricane Lake Estates Clubhouse in Benton, you can participate in the annual hurricane hunting. Hurricane Lake is Arkansas’ most sought-after waterfront property, and there are several active properties with prices averaging $337,0000.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is the closest major airport at 22 miles away, although Saline County Regional Airport is only six miles away.

2. Lake Hamilton

One of the hottest markets for lake homes and lake properties in Arkansas is Lake Hamilton. On any given day, there are more than 300 lake properties for sale on Lake Hamilton.

The average list price of Lake Hamilton houses is $422,000, with many beautiful homes available at higher and lower costs. This lake is mid-sized with a 200-mile shoreline.

The lake is preserved by Entergy Arkansas Inc, who developed it as a reservoir for electricity generated via the Ouachita River’s Carpenter Dam. The firm maintains rigorous standards for the lake and serves to make it a rare (and clean) treasure in modern times.

For tourists, there are plenty of attractions to be enjoyed here. The Garvan Woodland Gardens, a huge 210-acre lakeside botanical garden with miles of excellent walking trails and waterside access, is just one of the many.

Fishing, boating, golfing, and camping are also popular activities for residents here, Lake Hamilton offers a space for you whether you’re at home on the water, setting up your favorite tee time, or simply enjoying the peace of the woods.

3. Lake Table Rock

Another great market for lake houses in Arkansas is around Table Rock Lake. At Table Rock Lake, there are around 500 lake homes for sale and 950 lots and property listings, and the average price of property at Table Rock Lake is $383,000.

With 750 miles of shoreline, this lake is one of Arkansas’ largest. Springfield-Branson National Airport, the nearest major airport is conveniently only 62 miles away.

Despite being located deep in the Ozarks, this large lake is quite easy to access. Several state highways, as well as Interstate 65, mean that you’ll be well connected if you choose to visit or live near Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock Lake is the result of a dam erected along the White River by the state of Arkansas in 1959 in an effort to manage flooding and create a functional reservoir. Tourism and luxury construction have made the towns and lakes extremely wealthy since then.

Along and around the gorgeous coastlines, you’ll find boating, fishing, scuba diving, swimming, camping, which are just a few of the many activities that residents enjoy in this area.

Festivals, fireworks, and tournaments bring the Table Rock Community together so rest assured there is something for everyone to enjoy here year-round.

Table Rock Lake’s beauty and majesty will inspire you whether you’re on vacation or looking to buy a house and settle here.

4. Lake Greeson

Real estate near Lake Greeson is in Arkansas’ top ten for lake homes and lake lots. Located in Pike County and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers, this mountain lake became available for residential life in 1950.

The lake is large and stays filled year-round, covering 7260 acres and 134 miles of shoreline. The average depth is 39 ft.

Although you need a permit and there are some dock restrictions, jet skis and other motorized boats can operate at Lake Greeson. Houseboats are welcome as well if you’d like to live with the water no further than your doorstep.

This is a popular fishing spot for anglers, with the most commonly caught species being Bass, Catfish, and Crappie. Martin White Greeson, born on November 7, 1866, was the primary developer of Lake Greeson and its namesake and created it to prevent flooding from the Little Missouri River.

The nearest major airport is South Arkansas Regional Airport, 110 miles away, but the smaller Memorial Field Airport is only 45 miles away. The nearest medical facility is Howard Memorial Hospital.

5. Ouachita Lake

Lake Ouachita real estate is another of Arkansas’ top 10 markets for lake houses and lake properties. The average list price of Lake Ouachita homes for sale is $129,000 thousand dollars, with many beautiful homes available at higher and lower costs. Condos are also available in this lovely area if you aren’t looking to commit to a full house just yet.

The United States Army Corps of Engineers completed the lake, also known as Blakely Mountain Dam Reservoir, in 1944. The lake is open to the public all year and covers 66,324 acres and 690 kilometers of shoreline. The average lake depth is 108 feet with a maximum depth of 200 feet.

It is not necessary to obtain a permit to use the lake, and you are free to use your Jet Skis and other powered watercraft, and you can even moor your houseboat here.

The nearest hospital is St Joseph’s Mercy Clinic, and the closest major airport is Memphis International, which is about 246 miles away. Goodwin Field, the South Arkansas Regional Airport, is only 37 miles away.

6. Norfork Lake

Norfork is a beautiful lake that ranks high for cleanliness, making it ideal for summer swimming. Above all, the residents love their lakefront homes which vary significantly in price range from the high $200,000s to nearly 2 million – the lush greenery and serenity make it worth every penny.

On average, there are 30 lake residences and 70 lake lots and parcels for sale here. Lake Norfork, sometimes referred to as North Fork Lake, is a mid-sized Arkansas lake with 550 miles of shoreline.

Norfork Lake is a beautiful, transparent lake that is regularly recognized as one of North America’s top ten most clear lakes. The lake’s purity and the area’s moderate climate provide for excellent diving.

Lake Norfork, located in north-central Arkansas, is possibly Arkansas’ most famous lake, and for a good reason. The lake has a surface area of nearly 22,000 acres and 550 km of shoreline, meaning there is plenty of space for a variety of fun activities. Boating, skiing, fishing, swimming, and diving are all popular recreational hobbies for residents here.

If you don’t want to live directly on the water, the US Army Engineer Corps has developed 19 parks along the lake that are open for public use.

Mountain Home, a nearby city, is well-known for its antique stores and arts and crafts fairs. There are also various fish to catch if you’re an angler, and you’ll be happy to know that the neighboring White River has some of the best trout fishing in the world.

Although Mountain Home’s real estate prices are higher than in other parts of the state, the area around Lake Norfolk well makes up for it. The population is an eclectic mix of young and old, thanks to tourism and seasonal families visiting the area.

7. Beaver Lake

If you’re looking to buy a lake property, Beaver Lake is another great area to keep in mind. The huge 28,370-acre lake spans Benton and Carroll Counties and is located high in the gorgeous Ozark Mountains along the White River. The town of Rogers is also adjacent to Beaver Lake, with an abundance of schools and a homely and friendly atmosphere.

Beaver Lake is a year-round sports-fishing paradise that attracts tourists and provides thoughtful amenities, simple accessibility, and breathtaking scenery. Beaver Lake has some of the most diverse and thrilling fishing available in the state according to both expert and novice anglers.

In November, sport fishing increases, and fishers cast lines in the hopes of catching the coveted striped and hybrid striped bass. Beaver Lake, with its 487 miles of shoreline, was carefully constructed to meet the requirements and interests of visitors.

Surrounded by resorts, cabins, and campsites, the lake welcomes people looking for an unforgettable lake experience. The Army Corps of Engineers went above and beyond when building the Beaver Dam in 1966, offering amenities including power, fire rings, showers, and paved access to twelve on-site parks.

Golf season in Arkansas lasts all year due to the state’s warm temperatures, and Beaver Lake sits near six beautiful courses. The popular Natural State Golf Trail is a network of thirteen systems located throughout the state and is accessible from the Beaver Lake area.

8. Lake Fayetteville

Four hundred and fifty-eight acres of land and 194 acres of water make up the beautiful Lake Fayetteville. This lake is a fisherman’s paradise and provides a plethora of recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. A 5.5-mile nature walk and a 4.3-mile multi-use route both encircle the lake, offering serene views of its water.

Fayetteville, located in the northwest corner of the state, is a significant city with a population of 79,000. It is another region in Arkansas that, like Bentonville, is ideal for anyone looking to rent a home. The median monthly rent in this area is $712 making it one of Arkansas’ cheapest rental markets.

With such a low figure, it should come as no surprise that 60% of the population lives in rented housing. Although this is a low-income area, the people living here are well-educated, with 22% having a master’s degree or higher.

And for those interested, Fayetteville was also the first home of Hillary and former President Bill Clinton.

9. Bella Vista Lake

Bella Vista Lake, also known as Grass Lake, was developed by the Cannon Development Corporation around 1968. This corporation bought the land around the swampy lake and transformed it into the 203-acre area it is today by 1972.

To the east and south, the lake borders residences, condos, and businesses, and Lake Bella Vista is the third largest lake in Cannon Township.

This lake boasts a massive park, a covered pavilion, three picnic tables, a play structure for kids, as well as a nearly two-mile fitness path. On the lake, you can enjoy fishing and kayaking.

10. Bull Shoals

When it comes to lake lots and homes, Bull Shoals has the state’s third-largest market with average home prices of $270,000. If you’re looking for lake properties for sale, go no further than Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas.

Bull Shoals Lake is an untouched paradise where the magnificence of the Ozarks is exposed for all to enjoy and since 1951. The lake’s integrity and functionality are constantly maintained, allowing you to get the most out of your Bull Shoals Lake experience all year.

Bull Shoals Lake is a massive 45,500-acre body of water with 1,000 miles of undeveloped shoreline. The lake’s edge bends and turns into hundreds of coves and inlets, making it an angler’s dream.

While other lakes grow quiet as winter approaches, the waters of Bull Shoals come alive – winter fishing begins in November. Walleye, bream, crappie, bass, and catfish are plentiful and make night fishing a popular hobby on Bull Shoals Lake. In the chilly waters that run downstream from the lake’s eponymous dam, trout fishing is also excellent.

Bull Shoals Lake’s designer had lake visitors in mind, and this area continues to push the boundaries in terms of recreation and lodging. Sixty thousand acres of land have been set aside for public use, resulting in 20 parks with camping and picnic areas.

This lake is surrounded not only by beautiful outdoor accommodations but also by some of the best golf courses in the state. It’s even possible to reside on a Bull Shoals Lake golf course so that you can have easy access from your home.

All year round, lake-view properties provide stunning picturesque views of Ozark Mountains’ natural beauty and magnificence. The region’s magnificent geography is appreciated by many, and Bull Shoals residents honor its unique location by caring for and enjoying its surroundings.

Bull Shoals Lake also hosts a yearly art show featuring local work in various mediums, dominated by larger-than-life landscapes and natural photographs.

11. Cherokee Village – Seven Lakes

There are seven beautiful lakes within the Cherokee Village city limits, all of which are owned and maintained by the district. They range from 19 acres of surface area (Lake Aztec) to 264 acres (Lake Thunderbird).

Cherokee Village is a 15,000-acre retirement community in Northeast Arkansas, nestled in the Ozark Mountains’ foothills. If you choose to live in or visit this area, you’ll be enamored with its incredible natural beauty.

An 18-hole golf course, swimming pools, entertainment centers, campgrounds, and an RV park are all available to use here. Members of the community center will also benefit from the numerous activities organized not just by Cherokee Village but also by the nearby towns of Hardy, Ash Flatt, and Highland.

These year-round activities include a Farmer’s Market on the banks of the neighboring Spring River, where locals and visitors can go to purchase fresh, local food. The housing market in Cherokee Village is also quite stable, and the median price has dropped somewhat from 70,000 thousand to 68,000 thousand in the last six months, making buying a home here highly reasonable.

There are also many mansions in the area, and despite being a bit run down, they simply require some tender loving care to restore them to their former glory. The price of homes, when paired with the facilities, makes Cherokee Village and the Seven Lakes area an ideal place for individuals searching for a low-cost retirement or a second home.

12. Greers Ferry

Greers Ferry’s property market is relatively stable, with a median list price of $150,000 and an average listing time frame of four to five months. Nearby Fairfield Bay is substantially less expensive, with an average price of $85,000 and a 6-month average list time.

Greers Ferry lies near the state’s center but is still on the outskirts of the Ozark Mountains. Its location boasts both incredible access to nature and the booming city of Little Rock so that residents can enjoy the best of both natural living and urban life.

The Little Red River flows nearby and is well-known for its excellent fishing. Greers Ferry Lake is 40,000 acres in size and the Army Corps of Engineers owns the whole shoreline. But never fear, you can still own a home here.

Because the Corps owns the entire lake, the water is well cared for and among the cleanest in the world. The waterfront towns of Greers Ferry, Fairfield Bay, and Edgemont will enchant you with their small-town charm and provide many activities to participate in year-round.

13. Lake Catherine

Lake Catherine real estate is another of Arkansas’ top ten markets for lake houses and properties.

On Lake Catherine, there are regularly around twenty lake homes for sale, as well as 40 lots and land listings. The average price of property for sale in Lake Catherine is $337,000.

This lake has eleven miles of shoreline and only about 2000 acres, making it one of Arkansas numerous tiny but beautiful lakes.

Located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, this lake was created by the Arkansas Power and Light Company in 1924 and was the state’s first sizeable hydroelectric station.

Lake Catherine State Park, which has 17 completely equipped rental cabins and 70 campsites, is the most popular tourist destination on the lake. There are also hiking paths, playgrounds, swimming sections, boat rentals and launches, and a marina.

Fishing is another of the lake’s popular activities, and anglers will be happy to hear that Largemouth bass and Walleye are among the lake’s many species.

Jet skis and other motorized boats are permitted on the lake, although dock permits are required. You are also welcome to dock your houseboats on this lovely lake so that you can enjoy direct access to its beautiful waters.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, the nearest major airport, is approximately fifty-five miles away.

14. Diamante Country Club Lake Desoto

The Diamante Country Club real estate market is one of Arkansas’ top twenty for lake property.

Both public and private sectors own parts of this lake, which has an average depth of 30 feet, a deepest point of 70ft, and three miles of shoreline.

Some of the shoreline is part of a national forest, so motorized boats but not jet skis are permitted. Those with motorboats must adhere to a 30-mph speed limit and no-wake zones within 100 feet of the shoreline.

If you have a houseboat, you are permitted to dock it at the marina.

Bass, crappie, catfish, and walleye are all popular fish in the lake, making this a hotspot for anglers, and at the marinas, you can rent top-rated boats and fishing supplies if you don’t have your own

Nine, 18-hole golf courses, miniature golf, disk golf, and a dog park are available for use here at the Lakes of Hot Springs Village, and the lake’s sandy beach, picnic shelters, and grills at DeSoto are well-known summer hang-out spots. A playground, swimming pool, diving pool, and children’s pool all make the DeSoto Games Area a great place to spend time with the family.

The lake is maintained by the Hot Springs Village Public Works Department, which decreases the water level every 5 years to create better access for cleanup.

The nearest major airport, Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport, is approximately 53 miles away.

15. Lake Balboa

Lake Balboa
Image: Google / Stacy Murray

Lake Balboa real estate is another top twenty for lake homes and lake lots in the state. It’s one of the 11 lakes in Hot Springs 26,000-acre village.

This 944-acre lake was built in 1972 and is owned by both the public and private sectors. To utilize the lake, you must first obtain a permit, but jet skis, motorized boats, and houseboats are all permitted.

Bass, crappie, catfish, and walleye are some of the most popular fish to catch in Lake Balboa, and of the eleven lakes in the Hot Springs Village group, Lake Balboa is the largest meaning you have plenty of space to cast your line.

If golf is your thing, you can enjoy your pastime at Lake Balboa’s well-renowned golf course. Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is 55 miles distant, and the smaller Cantrell Field at Conway Municipal Airport is only 69 miles away. Saline Memorial Hospital is the closest medical facility.