13 Best Travel Movies on Netflix India

There’s no better feeling than that of exploring new places and traveling the world – but when life (and the COVID-19 pandemic) limits your adventures, experiencing it second-hand on television is the next best thing. 

When it comes to enjoying travel films that help us feel alive or teach us something new, Netflix has got you covered – and Netflix India’s selection of movies only seems to be getting better. 

You’ll be amazed by the selection of movies and tv shows alike – whether they be documentaries or fictional stories, all are sure to give insight into the world around you. 

Check out this list of the thirteen best travel movies on Netflix India right now to see what I mean – and be prepared to feel the need to plan a road trip in the near future. 

Table of Contents

1. Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace

Nestled in the outskirts of London lies the Hampton Court and its exciting history sparked the creation of the Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace film. 

Hampton Court was not always the popular tourist attraction that you see today, but rather the location where King Henry VIII spent his royal days before his death in 1547.

The documentary keeps watchers on the edge of their seats as it shifts between the reign of Henry VIII and the reconstruction of the palace into a baroque style after his death. 

This drastic change in architecture alone makes the palace one of the most interesting places in the country, but the king’s intriguing lifestyle is what really makes this film top-notch. It is important to note that this was just one of the many palaces that King Henry VIII owned but it was easily his favorite, so it became the prime location for luxurious balls and banquets. 

But if there is one thing that everyone can remember about Henry’s time as king was that he had a bad habit of hopping from one wife to the next. The film takes you through the tragic story of how these women spent their days in such an enormous prison-like environment and into the mind of the pleasure-seeking King Henry VIII. 

There is so much to be learned throughout the journey of the film, and present-day clips are added along the way to show how portions of the palace remain in pristine condition. 

Overall, this film is a whirlwind of education and excitement that gives viewers some insight into how life was in England for the royal court during this time period. 

2. Maidentrip

At first glance, you would never think that the heart-racing film known as Maidentrip would be considered a documentary, but it is! 

The film takes you through the adventures of dutch schoolgirl Laura Dekker out at sea – and it’ll have you biting your nails from start to finish. You’ll learn about Laura’s fierce determination as she sets sail with the goal in mind to become the youngest person in the world to travel around the world by sailboat. 

The beauty of this feat is that she has done this solely to achieve something for herself rather than in hopes to land her name in a book of world records. 

As you follow her along her journey across the sea, you’ll get to watch her grow as a woman through a series of grueling obstacles that she has to face along the way. 

You won’t be able to stop yourself from rooting for her throughout her adventures, especially when the very first scene of the film is the Dutch government trying to deny her the right to the expedition. 

However, there’s more to this film than her endless days out on the water. You’ll also get to see the breathtaking places she visits along the way, like the Galapagos Islands and the Panama Canal

The film strategically intertwines action scenes along her expedition with flashbacks to her childhood that explain how she grew up to become the motivated soul of the present. 

This movie will draw you in from the very first scene – so be prepared to have your eyes glued to the screen from start to finish. 

3. Marco Polo

Known for being one of Netflix’s most expensive movies to film, it’s no wonder that Marco Polo offers some of the most breathtaking cinematography in comparison to its predecessors. 

For those unfamiliar with Marco Polo, he was a merchant who traveled along the Silk Road in Asia during the early 13th century – and the mini-series portrays just that. Considering Marco Polo’s interesting life and historical significance, it comes as a surprise that it took this long for a film to be created about his life – but this historical fiction mini-series has come to save the day. 

The film is broken down into a mini-series so that its creators can provide viewers with the most detailed possible perspective of his life, which is one of the many reasons that people have fallen in love with its display. 

In addition to its keen eye for historical relevance, the mini-series takes it a step further with much of the film production taking place in destinations that easily portray the adventures of Marco Polo himself. 

As interesting as the storyline might be, you’ll find yourself drawn to the backdrop as the miniseries takes you through the ancient areas of countries like Malaysia, Slovakia, and Hungary

You will learn about his triumphs and the struggles he faced along the way. Some say that the vibrant landscapes depicted are better than the actual plot itself – but regardless, it is considered to be an engaging mini-series that most people end up finishing in one day. 

4. The Bucket List

Grab your tissue box and get ready to embark on an adventure filled with laughs, tears, newfound friendships, and exciting travel destinations when you watch The Bucket List. 

The film was inspired by an article that filmmaker Tejas Deoskar had seen a few years prior, about an individual who decided to spend his last days exploring the world rather than laying in a hospital bed. Hence, The Bucket List was created – and viewers instantly fell in love with its powerful message. 

You’re first introduced to the two main characters in a hospital, where they share a room and are both suffering from a terminally ill disease. Although complete strangers, the two get to talking – and it turns out that one of them has a bucket list of things to do before he dies, while the other has the money to make it happen. 

It doesn’t take long before they flee from the hospital and set out on an adventure, where they learn about each other and the great big world around them. 

You’ll travel with them around the globe to breathtaking places like the Egyptian Pyramids, the French Riviera, the Himalayas, the city of Hong Kong, and so much more. 

Not to mention that the lead roles are played by widely loved actors, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson – so aside from the beautiful scenery, you’ll get to enjoy some award-winning acting. 

As much happiness as comes with their exciting adventure, the ending of this movie is a tearjerker – so just be prepared for the inevitable. 

5. Virunga

Hidden away in the depths of the Virunga National Park lies a congo of endangered gorillas, and the film, Virunga, is a portrayal of their daily struggles. Prepare yourself for the unpleasant truth about what narrowed down these majestic creatures as you discover events that have taken place through this gutwrenching documentary.

Keep in mind that the filmmakers ventured to Virunga while these tragic events were taken place, so all of the disturbing footage you see along the way is, unfortunately, very real. 

The documentary focuses on the four individuals who put the well-being of the last remaining mountain gorillas before themselves and take you along their journey to fight for the animals’ freedom. One minute you will be enjoying the diverse environment of the congo with its many ecosystems, and the next you’ll be on the edge of your seat as the heroes face ruthless villains. 

It is important to note that this film should not be watched in the presence of children, as every gruesome detail captured during the hidden filmmaking is portrayed in the film. This includes the bodies of both animals and humans alike that were murdered by said villains, the unfiltered profanity used during the events, and the persistent sound of gunfire that has a way of ringing in your ears for days to come. 

As brutal as this film may be to watch, it is an extremely powerful portrayal of the events that took place in the national park and serves as a reminder of the impact people can have on the world. 

6. Expedition Happiness

Expedition Happiness is the ultimate travel film, as it portrays a style of living that is becoming more and more popular in recent years. The documentary is about two young people from Germany who set off on an adventure to explore the great outdoors and film their experiences along the way.

The couple quickly became an inspiration for other young travelers when they used their creative skills to convert a school bus into a mobile home to explore the world along with their dog.

As you watch the documentary, you’ll learn the steps needed to create a moving house and the struggles faced along the way with that kind of living. 

They leave the confines of their home in Berlin and take a risk by heading to North Carolina, where their adventure begins almost immediately. 

You will join them as they travel throughout Canada, the contiguous United States, Alaska, and down into Mexico, while taking in the beautiful natural wonders along the way. 

Fall in love with endless nature scenes filled with wildlife like moose, flowing waterfalls, rolling meadows, towering mountains, and much more. 

Like all adventures, you’ll get some insight into the obstacles they face along their travels including numerous vehicle breakdowns, unnerving roads, medical problems with their dog, and issues crossing borders. Things get even more intense when they head down into Mexico and find themselves unknowingly getting involved with a dangerous group of people. 

This is one of those films that will have you ready to leave the comfort of your everyday life and hit the road to explore all the world has to offer – and it also shows you that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. 

Even with all of the struggles they face, the couple maintains the image of happiness that comes with their new type of life and urges others to chase their dreams. 

7. Untamed Romania

Unlike many of the other travel-based documentaries you’ll find on Netflix India, Untamed Romania focuses entirely on the natural environment and ecosystems of the country with very little human involvement. The documentary uses a stunning collection of video clips that were filmed in the Romanian wilderness over the course of a year to portray the drastic differences of the country’s changing seasons.

It is here that you get to experience the raw beauty of an untamed world as the narrator emphasizes the importance of keeping this natural wonderland this way. 

In some ways, this eye-catching film is a lot like the shows you’d find on National Geographic or Animal Planet – but its approach and cinematic style make it stand out amongst the crowd.

Mark Strong does a wonderful job narrating throughout the film in a way that captures the viewers’ attention and it holds it throughout the entire process. 

You will travel through Romania’s dense forests and its towering mountain range as you witness native wildlife like brown bears, ermines, wolves, fallow deer, and so much more live their lives to the fullest. Seeing these animals in their natural setting is beautiful – even if it means experiencing what happens when a predator has a successful hunting session. 

The bottom line is that you’ll find yourself brainstorming ways to keep this beautiful place completely free of outside influence but the end of this powerful documentary.   

8. Pedal the World

The “wow” factor is very much alive in this thrilling documentary that takes you on the adventures of a young German man and his bike as he travels around the world. 

One day Felix Starck woke up in his small German city with an urge to explore all the world has to offer – and what better way to do that than by enjoying his favorite pastime?

The young man dedicated much time to prepare for this tremendous feat before hitting the road and bicycling all the way across Europe to the beautiful country of Turkey.

But it didn’t stop there. Felix hopped on an airplane to the southeastern region of Asia before traveling over to New Zealand and then the United States. 

This motivated young man managed to bike nearly 12,000 miles traveling across 22 different countries, making stops along the way to bask in the regions’ beauty. Viewers can’t help but smile as they follow his path and see all the wonderful places, people, and cultures he gets to experience along the way. 

But traveling around the world with nothing more than your bike and a handful of necessities can get a bit bumpy – and it is up to Felix to work through the struggles. Throughout the year of cycling, he faces issues related to weather, varying city regulations, and of course problems with the bike itself. 

You will meet friends along the journey, both new and old, and by the end of this grand adventure, you will get to enjoy the satisfying feeling of his accomplished endeavor. 

9. Into the Inferno

It doesn’t take long before you are fully engaged with this intense documentary as its opening scene dives right into the bubbling magma that has taken over a large portion of the GalapagosVanuatu Archipelago

The filmmakers do a wonderful job giving watchers a view of this oozing lava from all angles to understand its reach and admire its raw beauty. 

Throughout the film, you’ll meet a handful of experienced volcanologists – but the main focus is undoubtedly on volcano expert, Clive Oppenheimer. It definitely helps that the director of the film, Werner Herzog, is also completely obsessed with volcanoes and their nature – so the documentary is just about as passionate as it gets. 

These volcano-crazed scientists getting too close for comfort to the bubbling lava will keep you on edge through the entire film.  There’s much to learn in this exciting film, from the interesting science behind a volcano’s eruption to the dangers that come with getting too close to its activity. You’ll also meet the tribes who live around its edges and base their religion on the powerful elements that make the volcano what it is. 

The best part about this documentary is the way it provides important information to its audience while also making its viewers feel something for everyone that is involved along the way. 

10. Paddleton

Although the storyline of Paddleton is completely fiction, the places they visit on their road trip are very real, and have been motivating viewers to hit the road since its original release in 2019.

The film is about two men with a friendship dynamic that most people don’t understand and probably never will – but this doesn’t stop them from being true to themselves throughout their journey. The two are so close that they even live in the same duplex – but their lives are drastically impacted when they discover that one of them has an incurable type of cancer and a ticking clock left on his final days on Earth. 

After leaving the doctor’s office (together I might add, of course) they decide they want to make the best of the time they have left by heading out on a road trip across the country – a decision that is in part influenced by a needed prescription that can only be found halfway across the country, in a touristy town that has a strange resemblance to an old European city. 

At the end of the day, this film is meant to be more of a comedy than a drama, so you’ll find yourself laughing quite often – but the lingering seriousness of Mike’s cancer will also pull at your heartstrings along the way. 

You’ll enjoy the many scenic places they explore on their travels, but even more than that, you’ll love the message the film gives about the importance of friendship. 

11. India’s Frontier Railways

India’s Frontier Railways might not be considered a film, but the mini-series only released three, 1-hour long episodes, so it’s safe to say that it’s equivalent when it comes to airtime. 

Regardless of how you view it, this documentary is not something you’d want to miss, as it tells the heartwarming story of how the trains of India have helped reunite families across the country. 

It’s amazing to see the different styles of living people endure in areas where owning a vehicle isn’t even a thought and traveling from one location to another is a grueling battle. 

However, you can’t help but smile as the travelers remain hopeful through their endeavors regardless of the struggles they face along the way. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of watching their hard work pay off when they get reunited with their families after long periods of time.

The message the gives off is nothing short of powerful, and you’ll build a connection with the travelers along the journey – but you’ll also witness some beautiful places along the way.

Stare in awe as you ride on trains that take you through vibrant parts of the world like Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal as you learn about their lifestyle, culture, and environment. 

12. Chasing Ice

There’s no denying that climate change is a relevant issue in today’s world, and the filmmakers of the Chasing Ice documentary made it their mission to show viewers just how serious it is. Get ready to travel to some of the coldest places on earth as determined scientists take you to some dangerous places to expose the detrimental impact that climate change has on the world. 

This is the kind of film that’ll definitely have you worrying about the future of the world – but it’s also so important to understand what is really going on out there. 

Watch as chunks of ice the size of Manhattan crumble from Greenland’s glaciers into the ocean as scientists explain how their ultimate melting will change parts of the world’s geology. 

To be fair, this documentary is considered controversial, as many believe that climate change simply does not exist – but you can decide for yourself after watching some of the impactful clips scientists have risked their lives to gather. 

It’s hard to deny the idea when you can witness the extremes of how glaciers have changed over the course of only six months through the careful work of scientists who spend their days in the Arctic recording just that. 

Aside from the stress that comes with the future, you’ll find yourself worrying about the scientists throughout the film as they go to drastic measures to show their audience just how intense climate change is becoming. 

13. Zindagi NA Milegi Dobara

Zindagi NA Milegi Dobara is one of those coming-of-age films that makes its audience fall in love right off the bat and just so happens to include a once-in-a-lifetime traveling adventure. 

The film begins with the main character, Kabir, proposing to his girlfriend – and you can’t help but swoon over the grand gesture and upcoming engagement. 

However, the proposal is just a small piece in a much larger puzzle, as Kabir prepares to have one last hoorah with a bachelor party that his friends will keep talking about for years. 

For his bachelor party, he decides he wants to go on a road trip across Spain, and hence the adventure begins; he and his friends set out on a trip that ends up being even better than they expected. The film takes you to some of the country’s most beautiful places and lets you experience some of the exciting activities that can be found throughout the area. 

Aside from the scenery, the friends meet natives of Spain that give insight into some of the cultural aspects of the country as well as the typical style of life compared to other places. 

You can’t help but give kudos to the film crew for creating such an iconic movie that manages to balance romance with comedy while also portraying a much deeper message along the way.