15 Best Travel Shows on Netflix Australia

Netflix Australia is the streaming service that just keeps on giving. While you can easily find a plethora of binge-worthy shows to watch with a press of a button, there are some that stand out more than others.

Surprisingly enough, Netflix still hasn’t created a travel section to help viewers narrow down their show search when they’re in the mood for something that will motivate them to explore the world.

This list of 15 best travel shows on Netflix Australia will make it easy for you to binge-watch travel content to your heart’s content, whether it be via food inspiration, fantasy style, or anything in between.

The choice is yours! Scroll down for more.

1. Jack Whitehall

Since the series premiered in 2017, Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father has been a nonstop hit that provides its viewers with beautiful views, family drama, and good old-fashioned humor. 

The British comedy follows stand-up comedian Jack and his rather serious father, Michael, on a long-lasting trip across various countries where the two get to experience new things together. 

What gives this show life, aside from the amazing places you get to see, is the complicated relationship between father and son who were never close when Jack was growing up. Part of this was because his father was already nearing the age of fifty by the time Jack was born – and this drastic age difference adds to the amusement throughout the series. 

As the two travel across the continents, it becomes a constant battle about where they’ll be staying, what they’ll be doing, and especially what types of food they’ll be eating. Michael, being much older, is very set in his ways and has no interest in trying new things whereas Jack wants to try as many new things as possible.

These contrasting viewpoints make for some pretty hysterical scenes, but you will find that other scenes will pull on your heartstrings as the two build a better relationship in the process.

You’ll get to travel with them as they explore breathtaking places throughout Australia, the United States, Europe, and Asia while also fully immersing themselves in the areas’ cultures. 

2. Street Food

Based on this series’ not-so-subtle name, you can already guess the premise of Street Food – but the show actually has so much more to offer along its journeys. The series takes you to all parts of the world, many of which struggle from some type of poverty, and lets you explore some of the amazing food opportunities that await you there. 

This show is bound to get your stomach rumbling and your mouth watering as you watch street food vendors from around the globe do what they do best.

After you get to watch the cooking process, the series spends time focusing on the finished product, which is almost always displayed in a breathtaking fashion. 

What makes this series stand out in comparison to the many other traveling food shows is the time it dedicates to teach the audience about the local people and their traditions. You’ll not only admire the work of the chef but you’ll learn about the chef him/herself and the story of how they got to where they are today and the dedication it took to master their craft. 

Many of the stories you’ll hear are saddening, but being able to see how the chefs turned their life around is an amazing experience and adds to the beauty of the meals they create. 

3. Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Another food-based Netflix favorite is Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner. This show gained its popularity through its blend of celebrity guest appearances, exciting travel destinations, and delicious food. 

Known primarily for the iconic Ugly Deliciousness series, David Chang takes a different approach with this series as he covers a large variety of bases in every episode.

You’ll spend time admiring the food of the local people, exploring beautiful places around the world, and learning more about popular celebrities through the use of small talk. 

Chang wanted to win over his audience right away – and what better way to do it than to invite famous comedian, Seth Rogan, as his first guest appearance while exploring Canada.

Every place tv host Chang visits is a new adventure – and he makes sure to try a local dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just like the title of the series suggests.

Just keep in mind that although the series’ name gives you the idea that its main premise is on food, casual conversation with celebrities definitely takes up most of the screen time. 

You’ll still get to see beautiful places from around the world and some tasty meals along the way, but at the end of the day, this is more of a hangout show than anything else. 

4. Conan Without Borders

Speaking of celebrities traveling the world, it doesn’t get much better than Conan Without Borders where this famous comedian takes you on an adventure filled with laughs, local culture, unique destinations, and so much more. 

For those of you who are familiar with Conan, you know that he has a way of making fun of things without coming off as rude – and that talent is relevant to the series. 

He visits parts of the world like Korea, Haiti, Italy, and Mexico while making jokes that are more focused on his lack of understanding than an attempt to insult the culture of a foreign place. 

This clever technique makes his show unlike any other travel show on Netflix – and guarantees that you’ll always have a good time when watching.

Plus, what makes the show even better, is that Conan dedicates screentime to more serious matters – like the struggles people are facing in third world countries – to teach the audience about major issues. You’ll meet a plethora of new people with every episode as Conan speaks with the locals to learn more about the area, culture, food, and more. 

Be prepared to laugh your head off and possibly shed a few tears as you travel the world with Conan and see places through his eyes. 

5. Dark Tourist

Although controversial, there’s no denying that the Dark Tourist series will take you to places you’ve never been before and introduce you to a world you may not have known existed. 

Tv host David Farrier deserves some credit for the bravery it took to travel to such dangerous parts of the world, but many viewers felt like he was attempting to copy the works of Louis Theroux. If you’re familiar with Louis Theroux and enjoy his work, you’ll definitely get a kick out of Farrier’s similar style – but may feel that Theroux was slighted in some way. 

Regardless, the series will keep you on the edge of your seat as Farrier winds up in some pretty dangerous situations in rough areas all around the globe.

As you explore places never shown on television before, you’ll learn some harsh truths about the major struggles that other countries are facing and just how extreme they can get. 

For example, one episode takes you deep into India where a known sex trafficking operation is taking place. Here, Farrier speaks with both the traffickers and the civilians to get a sense of what is going on. 

This is definitely not a show for the lighthearted and can be pretty devastating to watch at times as you learn about some of the unfortunate events that are taking place in the world – but it’s also a good way to stay informed about the world around you. 

6. Somebody Feed Phil

Known for his contributions to the creation of Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal is a simple man trying to widen his horizons by trying cuisine from around the world – and he’s taking you along for the ride. 

Phil is a pretty funny guy, and it shows in the series as he travels to new countries and tries dishes he never would have thought existed.

Phil grew up as a Jewish New Yorker and emphasizes how, because of this, he didn’t get to try many styles of food growing up – which is why he’s so eager to try as many new things as possible now that he’s older. 

This is what adds to his appeal as he is a more relatable food series host than most because he isn’t a master chef or food expert. He is simply an average guy trying new things in new places and telling you how he feels about them. 

So be prepared to find yourself loving every second of his series as you get to experience the world through his eyes and his tastebuds on an endless adventure that only keeps getting better. 

7. Restaurants on the Edge

Keeping with the theme of travel shows that’s main focus revolves around food, Restaurants on the Edge lands a spot as one of the best because of its interesting style and light-hearted approach. 

Unlike other restaurant renovation shows, there aren’t any aggressive interactions or stress-filled encounters but it is instead filled with understanding conversations and uplifting moments. 

Although you won’t be watching a drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat, you will get to be a part of something wonderful as you travel to beautiful new destinations. 

Three hosts take on different roles based on their expertise to help transform restaurants into thriving businesses, with Dennis Prescott as the chef, Nick Liberato as the restaurant guru, and Karin Bohn as the interior designer. 

Although the series is focused on restaurants, there’s an abundance of beautiful clips taken by drones as they circle around towering mountains, flowing rivers, and breathtaking vistas all around the globe. 

The problems with the restaurants, big and small, are looked at for only a moment with a clear focus on the ways things can be improved to create a successful business. 

This kindhearted approach is part of the reason fans have fallen in love with the show as well as that satisfying feeling of watching a local restaurant owner’s dream come true right before their eyes. 

8. Larry Charles’s Dangerous World of Comedy

You can thank Lary Charles’ creative brain for the unique creation of Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy where you get to explore the world with a focus on something other than food. 

Larry Charles dedicates this show completely to the comedic world and travels around the globe to learn how comedy differs in different areas and the impact it has on the community. 

He doesn’t stop there. While learning about the comedic aspects of the world, he also dives deep into some of the many major issues that countries face to inform his audience of the bigger picture. 

Watch as he travels into some pretty dangerous locations, like active warzones, where he speaks with the soldiers and civilians alike to understand their troubles and how comedy plays a role in their life. 

He also attends a variety of authentic stand-up comedy shows in different countries, which gives the audience some insight into its many differences compared to the typical work you see in the United States.

It is amazing to be able to hear some of the jokes being told, as they’re relevant to the area and provide the audience a break every once in a while from the rather serious segments of the show. 

9. Instant Hotel

Combining two of the world’s favorite things, Airbnbs and reality tv shows, Instant Hotel was an immediate success on Netflix Australia – and the competition is real. 

The basis of the show is to create a nail-biting competition between Airbnb hosts throughout Australia, which will ultimately end with one competitor claiming the title as the best in the country and winning a grand prize of $100,000. 

The creators of the show do a wonderful job picking competitive contestants that are willing to do anything to win and are happy to criticize others without a second thought.

The interactions between these interesting people are what really makes the show – but there’s no denying that seeing some of their beautiful rentals will have you searching on Airbnb for your next vacation. 

Bask in the drama as contestants visit each other’s Airbnbs and provide ratings for location, nearby attractions, comfort, interior design, quality, and more, which will ultimately provide an impact on the judges’ overall scores. 

If you love Instant Hotel’s action-filled first season, you’ll love the second even more – as the show tackles a smaller set of contestants to really put the pressure on their eye-catching vacation rentals. 

10. Stateless

Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions as Stateless takes you along for a journey through Australia’s detention camps. The fact that it is based on true events is shockingly disturbing. 

Created as an informative series, Stateless jumps between the viewpoints of four very different characters but the message remains the same. What’s happening here is not okay. 

The first person you meet is a woman named Sofie whose story follows that of Cornelia Rau, a person who was held captive in an Australian detention center for 10 months in 2004 – and you’ll learn about her life after imprisonment. 

Next up is Ameer who is used as a symbol for the thousands of men who suffered a similar fate in such camps. You get to travel with him from his home in Afghanistan on a trip to Pakistan that ultimately leads him here. 

The other two characters, Claire and Cam, are on the other side of the spectrum and give insight into what it was like to work in such camps and keep things under wraps. 

Overall, it is a moving series that emphasizes the severity of the detention camps in Australia in hopes to stop their heinous acts and gives an audience an idea of what is really going on behind closed doors. 

11. Sweet Tooth

To be fair, the storyline behind this quickly growing series is nothing more than fiction – but that doesn’t make the desire to travel to unknown places any less potent as you travel around a post-apocalyptic world. 

This a fantasy series that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of, and it’s not just because of the new era of children who are born with antlers or scaled skin. 

To put it plainly, something in the air has caused all new babies to be born as hybrids with a variety of different animal species – and because of this, havoc breaks loose. 

War breaks out, and the hybrid children that remain are forced into hiding where they must spend the rest of their days. That is until Sweet Tooth’s father passes away and he can’t help but hit the road to see the world. 

Sweet Tooth is a nice boy who just so happened to be born with some deer-like characteristics – and this makes exploring the world a very dangerous task. 

Luckily, he runs into a villain turned soft (by Sweet Tooth’s boy-like charm) who serves as his protector as they head out to explore unknown lands and travel around the country in this strange new world. 

You will be on the edge of your seat as they encounter dangerous situations and locals willing to help throughout their journey through deep forests and abandoned cities. 

12. The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals

As the name suggests, The Worlds Most Amazing Vacation Rentals takes you around the globe as three very different hosts show you some of the coolest places to stay with a combination of luxury, affordability, and unique style. 

They travel all around the world, and each episode is located in a completely different country. You’ll get to experience three different kinds of vacation rentals picked specifically by the hosts themselves. 

Ortiz is the host that will take you to some of the most luxurious accommodations, whereas Batoon will take you to an affordable place without lacking quality. Franco will find the most unique place the area has to offer. 

All of the members involved in the production of the show do a wonderful job portraying both the vacation rentals and the surrounding area through the use of natural lighting, interesting angles, and the help of a drone. 

Although you won’t learn much about the local culture or the attractions in the area, it will definitely have you interested in checking out these beautiful locations for the scenery and accommodations alone. 

What makes this show stand out is its ability to reach a large variety of audiences as you get to experience a luxurious side and an affordable side of every place they visit. 

13. Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

Another unique travel show gem is undoubtedly Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip, as it shifts gears from the typical style and focuses almost entirely on antique cars. 

There is no lack of passion as Paul Hollywood shares his irrefutable love for cars of all makes, models, and years as he opens the show with a background on how this obsession came to pass and the impact it had on his childhood. 

Seeing the sense of pure happiness that Paul has with every antique beauty he finds along the way makes the show all that much more enjoyable.

It only makes sense that the first season takes place in Europe, where love for cars has always been apparent and celebrated unlike any other place in the world. 

You’ll get to explore many beautiful cities and countrysides throughout Germany, Italy, and France as Paul meets up with some proud antique car owners to get up close and personal with some one of a kind automobiles. 

Of course, stops are made long the way while in Italy to some of the original car dealerships of iconic companies, like Ferrari, where you get to experience the fast-paced thrill of driving 120 MPH on an open road. 

Even though the series is focused on stunning vehicles, you get to see many of the countries’ popular attractions along the way as Paul drives by them in a new kind of vehicle every time. 

14. Magical Land of Oz

There’s so much to learn about Australia’s diverse wildlife population, and the Magical Land of Oz is here to teach you just that. The 3-part documentary series dives deep into the varying ecosystems that make up Australia while also teaching its audience about the impact humans have on the environment. 

The first episode explores some of the many animals and plants that live on Australia’s mainland, whereas the second episode focuses entirely on life by the water. The third episode is all about the way we affect it all. 

What the series lacks in the narration it makes up for in the unique way it portrays the country’s rare species, and viewers are left amazed by the interesting creatures they never even knew existed. 

You won’t finish this series and become an expert on Australian wildlife, but you will get pretty darn close, as it manages to provide a plethora of information in such a short span of time. 

At the end of the day, the series should be used as a model for other countries as it describes how Australia is one of the few places where extensive pieces of land are dedicated solely to its wildlife and restrict human interaction almost entirely. 

15. Flavorful Origins

The beauty of Flavorful Origins is the way it represents the unfamiliar cuisine of China and leaves you questioning the Americanized version of Chinese food many people know and love. 

Originally filmed in Mandarin, the translated voiceover is not the clearest – but with the insanely detailed shots of decadent foods, it doesn’t have to be. 

All of your attention is focused on the natural ingredients as the camera zooms in to give you a close up of how fresh and tasty every part of a meal can be. 

The show is focused entirely on the Chaoshan region of China, which many people have never even heard of, and this adds to the curiosity to learn more about the cuisine here. 

You’ll find your mouth watering as you admire the carefully created dishes made up of seafood and vegetables and the process it takes to make them. 

Another interesting aspect is that each episode is no more than fifteen minutes long – so it’s incredibly easy to binge-watch or squeeze into a busy schedule. Just make sure to eat something before you start watching or your stomach will be screaming at you for food within seconds of its opening scene. Talk about a foodie’s dream!