What Is the Biggest Lake in Texas?

Based on a 2012 report from the National Lakes Assessment, of the 111,119 lakes they evaluated, around 52% were natural and the rest were man-made. The National Lakes Authority (NLA) discovered that natural lakes range in size from small to enormous, but most man-made reservoirs are smaller. 40% of reservoirs are smaller than 10 acres, … Read more

Which US state has the most lakes?

Alaska has the most naturally formed lakes in the US, with 3,197 officially named lakes and more than 3 million unnamed lakes. A large number of the lakes don’t have names due to Alaska’s sheer size and isolation. It’s widely believed that Minnesota is home to the most lakes in the country. Known as the … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Lake and a Pond?

Differentiating between and lake and a pond may be confusing to some due to their similarities. But how do they differ and what makes one body of water a pond and the other a lake? According to National Geographic, ponds are small and shallow while lakes are deep and quite large. Meanwhile, state authorities such … Read more

What Lake Was Created By The Hoover Dam?

An average of seven million tourists heads over to the beautiful Hoover Dam each year, a historical landmark that spans the Nevada and Arizona border. After the construction of the dam, a beautiful lake was formed that also draws visitors from far and wide. What lake did the Hoover Dam create? In southern Nevada, the … Read more

The 10 Largest Man-Made Lakes in the United States

The United States is home to many natural wonders, but there are also quite a few breathtaking locations that are actually man-made.  Across the country’s fifty states, there are endless opportunities for water-based recreation, but if it weren’t for the creation of reservoirs, we would be short a few of the country’s most popular bodies … Read more

The 30 Deepest Lakes in the World

There are millions of lakes, and all vary in size and depth. To be considered a lake, a body of water must be surrounded by land. Lakes are created by melting snow, groundwater, rain, or streams. They most often are freshwater, although there are some exceptions. Lakes can also be open or closed. If water … Read more

The 7 Best Michigan Beach Towns Along Lake Michigan

One of the five Great Lakes in North America, Lake Michigan is the second largest by volume, third largest by surface space, and offers more than three thousand miles of gorgeous coastline. This beautiful lake borders four states: Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, and of course, Michigan. Tourism and recreation are at the heart of most activities … Read more