Is The Amazon Longer Than The Nile?

The Amazon is now considered the longest river in the world according to Brazilian scientists. For years, the Nile was considered to be the longest but a series of expeditions showed that the Amazon is a few hundred miles long. These latest expeditions partly funded by National Geographic show that the Amazon is longer than … Read more

Is There A River That Flows Uphill?

The Mississippi River has flown uphill on a few occasions depending on the sea level. Measurements show sea level is higher at the equator than at the poles and the rising waters can sometimes push the river’s waters back. The Mississippi River appears like its flowing uphill But rising waters are a constant in the … Read more

What Is The Smallest River In The World?

Tamborasi River in Indonesia is the shortest river in the world. This river has a length of just 20m. It’s widest point measures 15m. The clear waters of the river, as well as its spectacular surroundings, make it a popular tourist destination. Tamborasi River characteristics With a length of just a few feet, the river … Read more

Why Is Rain Water Not Salty?

Rainwater is not salty. Salty water is collected from the ground when it washes up minerals collected from the ground. But why is rainwater not salty when oceans and seas are salty? Why are rivers not salty? This article explains the process. How is rain formed? Rain is formed through clouds. A minimum of 70% … Read more

What Is The Most Dangerous River In The World?

Rio Tinto is the most dangerous river in the world. We see a lot of dangerous rivers around the world. Some are known as homes for crocodiles while others are known for their impressive depths which can sometimes drag in even the best swimmers. This is why Rio Tinto is the most dangerous river in … Read more

Can I Safely Drink Rainwater?

You can safely drink rainwater if you have a clean collecting container. The water itself is clean, but it can get infested with all types of bacteria in contact with a container or with the ground. Most days, you can drink safe rainwater if you properly collect it in a barrel or any other clean … Read more