Is a Degree from Another Country Valid in the United States?

Thousands of highly skilled professionals seek employment in the United States in specialty areas each year. However, they often wonder if the degree they earned in their home country is equivalent to a degree received in the U.S. So, is a degree from another country valid in the United States? Yes, a large number of … Read more

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How Much is the Stipend for Fulbright?

Getting a Fulbright Scholarship is an honor that many high achievers dream of. This United States Government-sponsored program for International Learning opens doors to mutual understanding between the countries of the world and the US. But how much is the stipend for Fulbright? Fulbright grants offer a $1,000-per-month allowance as a minimum and an ongoing … Read more

The 10 Best California University Towns

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The 10 Best Universities In The World

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