What Is the Cheapest Country to Adopt From?

Many people who truly want to adopt a child internationally often give up on the process due to the costs attached.

What they need to know, however, is that there are a handful of countries that make the process less tedious and costly. That is when compared to the average low cost of $12,000, which comprises fees and travel costs.

So, what is the cheapest country from which to adopt? Ukraine, hands down, is by far the most affordable and accommodating country when it comes to adoption.

There are a few others who fall into the affordable bracket as well, from Jamaica to China and Ethiopia.

If you’re interested in international adoption whether independently or via an agency but find the process too expensive, continue reading for some amazingly affordable options.

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Which country sends the most adopted children to the United States?

orphans from China

There were 5,453 orphans from China in the United States in 2007, more than any other country. Despite the lengthy and cumbersome procedure of Chinese adoption, this high number still stands.

What are the requirements for adopting a Ukrainian child?

For a low-cost international adoption, Ukraine is one of the few nations where you don’t need to go through an adoption agency. Based on when you submit your application, the procedure can take up to a year or less.

Prepare your paperwork and file for I-171H approval with the USCIS in the fall, and then submit your application in the spring if you decide to choose this path.

The length of time it takes to complete an unassisted Ukraine adoption will vary based on when you begin the process. Ideally, you should assemble your paperwork in the fall and submit it in the early spring if you want to cut down on the time required.

What is the Ukrainian adoption process?

The USCIS must approve your I-171H application before you can begin an international Ukraine adoption. For your portfolio, you’ll also need to compile paperwork and other relevant information.

If you don’t already have a passport, you’ll need to get one before you leave.

Paperwork Submission


The State Department for Adoptions and Protection of the Rights of the Child, or SDAPRC, is the place to go if you want to adopt a child from outside of Ukraine. Your documentation will be translated by a member of the SDAPRC

You must submit your dossier early in the year because the SDAPRC only receives case files until they meet their threshold for the year. A year after the agency reaches its quota, it closes and reopens the next year.

Obtaining a Travel Date

After three to four weeks of filing your paperwork, you will be advised of a scheduled departure. Be prepared for a departure three to four months in the future.

What are the requirements for adopting a Jamaican child?

Adopting a child from Jamaica is a fantastic alternative for a low-cost international adoption since you do not have to engage the services of an agency like you would in other countries.

All adults over the age of 25 are eligible to adopt a child, whether they are single or married. The children are between the ages of six weeks and eighteen years old.

Where can you apply to adopt a Jamaican child?

Jamaican Child

Consult the Child Development Agency (CDA) about a Jamaican overseas adoption.

Those Who Qualify

Individuals and married couples alike are eligible to adopt a child from Jamaica. Applicants must be at least 25 years old to be considered for the program.

You just need to be 18 if you’re related to the child you’d like to adopt.

You also need to be in reasonably good health to participate in this event. The CDA requires prospective parents to get a medical assessment and provide the outcomes.

On a case-by-case approach, the CDA will assess if the parents are capable of raising children.

Available Children

You can adopt a child at any stage of development, from 6 weeks until just under age eighteen.

The Requirements

The Requirements

The following documents are required for international adoption from Jamaica:

  • A properly filled out application
  • An original and two copies of a certified home study
  • The prospective adoptive family and child must undergo a comprehensive medical evaluation
  • An undertaking letter from an adoption agency that they will supervise the child’s placement until it’s completed
  • A bank statement
  • Annual income and nature of employment from the employer(s) of the parent(s)

The Procedure

A home study must be accompanied by the submission of an I-600 A if you have not yet been assigned a child for placement.

In Jamaica, how many kinds of adoptions are there?

In Jamaica, you can choose between two different kinds of adoption. Those who seek to adopt a Jamaican child from outside of the country will petition for an Adoption License, while those who live in Jamaica will file for an Adoption Order.

You can take Jamaican orphans to “scheduled countries” (the United States is one of these) and adopt there under an Adoption License.

If the CDA is convinced that the prospective adoptive parents are suitable; that moving the kid overseas would have been in the best interest of the child; and that permission has been granted by whoever has legal custody, then the CDA will grant an Adoption License to that family.

You must obtain a Jamaican passport plus birth certificate for the youngster before carrying him or her back to the US. The Jamaican Immigration Citizenship and Passport Services Division is the place to go if you want to obtain a passport from Jamaica.

The Jamaican Registrar General’s Department will help you obtain a birth certificate.

What is it like to adopt a child from China?

Like to Adopt a Child From China

Numerous people think of adopting from China when they consider international adoption as it’s one of the most affordable routes. To put it simply, it’s a government-run program.

However, you should be prepared to wait up to three years before receiving a recommendation to see a specialist.

It’s still possible to gather money for international adoption while you’re waiting for a baby. Until your approval is granted by the Chinese government, you will not get paired with a child.

Awaiting your approval for three years won’t keep your child in limbo. It’s also quick to travel to China once you’ve passed the adoption process in China and are paired with a child.

You’ll be there within five to eight weeks.

How long will you have to stay in China after adopting?

China adoptions typically require a two-week stay in the country and a seven-month-old baby to be adopted by most families. You’d better have patience because the requirements for adoption from China are lengthy.

Do you have to be married to adopt a child from China?

As a heterosexual married pair, at least one of you has to be a United States citizen. To be eligible, you and your partner must have been wedded for at least two years.

Before applying, you must have been married for five years if any of you has also been formerly married. The maximum number of divorces any of you can have is five.

Are there age limitations for Chinese adoptions?

Age Limitations For Chinese

Applicants who are 30 to 49 years old at the time of the China Center for Adoption Affairs’ dossier log-in are eligible for adoption (CCAA). The CCAA permits you to apply once you and your partner are both at least 29 and a half years old because the adoption process in China is so lengthy.

If you have a healthy child under the age of one year, you’re eligible if you’re in your 30s to 44s. Having a healthy child under the age of two is permissible for couples in their 45s to 49s.

Does the number of children you have affect a Chinese adoption?

Adoption from China is not allowed if you have over four youngsters residing in your home. At least one of your minor children must be at least 12 months old when your application is submitted to CCAA.

Every member of your family, along with the child you seek to adopt, must earn a minimum of $10,000 per year. At least $50,000 per year is required if you and your partner already have two children under the age of 18, and you want to adopt a third.

In addition, an $80,000 net worth is required.

What are the health requirements for adopting from China?

You must be in good health, both physically and mentally and you cannot apply if you are on any antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications. Before you can use the CCAA, you must have been off of any of these medications for at least two years.

You must have a BMI of less than 40.

When Adopting from China

Other necessities are:

  • At the very least, a high school diploma
  • Innocent of any criminal charges (in the last ten years)

You cannot apply if either of you has been convicted of domestic and family violence, sexual assault, or child abuse. It is now possible to apply even if you have a history of using illegal drugs, including experimenting with them.

What is the process for adopting a child from Ethiopia?

An additional benefit of adopting from Ethiopia is its low cost.

The average cost per child is $19,000, and the program is usually completed in under a year. Applicants must be married and over the age of 25 to be considered.

How efficient is the Ethiopian adoption process?

It is efficient and fast, making the program an excellent choice. Adoption initiatives in Ethiopia are much more active than those in many other nations.

In addition, the Ethiopian government is quick to respond to problems.

Within a year of beginning the adoption process, most couples have brought their child or children home.

How affordable is an Ethiopian adoption?

Ethiopian adoption is one of the most economical options because it is so much less expensive than adopting from other countries. Adopting a child from Ethiopia only costs around $12,000 at the time of writing. Children of all ages are available.

Couples can adopt an entire sibling group or a single infant. Certain adoption agencies enable you to adopt two separate kids.

Who is eligible to adopt Ethiopian children?

Ethiopian Children

Ethiopia’s government prefers applications from married couples rather than single women. There must be at least one parent who is at least 25 years old for the child to be eligible for adoption.

Additionally, the Ethiopian government prefers a maximum age difference of 45 years between an adoptive mother and her biological mother.