In Which Direction Does the Sun Rise?

The sun always rises in the east.

Or does it? Well, it always rises from that general direction. You can remember that fact by a rhyme. Think of the sun as a boiling, hot-tempered beast.

The beast always rises in the east!

The sun does not always rise dead-on exactly in the east.

Sometimes, the sunrise is lower in the sky and, sometimes, it is higher in the sky, but the sun always rises in the direction of the east. It all depends on the time of year.

On the days of the spring and fall equinoxes – those two days only – the sun rises and sets exactly due east and west.

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Does the sun always rise in the exact same spot every day?

Does the sun always rises in the exact same spot every day

On some days of the year, the sun rises in the southeast or northeast, depending on where the earth is on its yearly trip around the sun and how the planet tilts on its axis. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

Nowadays, it’s easy today to look up a chart but back centuries ago, it was more difficult. Druids and other ancient cultures marked the moving sun with huge boulders.

Other civilizations utilized sundials and other ways to keep track of time. Now science has evolved to keep track of time with clocks that are correct within a millisecond.

Can astronomers predict the exact locations and times of sunrises?


Astronomers have been studying the movements of the sun and planets for centuries. During the time of Galileo, humans made great progress toward understanding the heavens.

Many people couldn’t accept the new data, especially when it was declared that the Earth went around the sun instead of the other way around.

No, the sun does not revolve around the Earth.

Just like the world doesn’t revolve around any individual person!

As time went on, telescopes were invented, and the heavens became charted space.

Farmer’s almanacs were printed so the average person could look up information about weather, the position of the planets, high tides, and other things relating to the position of the sun in the sky.

What are the best places to see a fantastic sunrise?

Sunrises in the mountains

We don’t have to be a scientist to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. When we see the eastern sky filled with yellow, orange, red, or baby blue and pastel yellow, we are awed by the beauty of it all.

In moments such as those, we usually aren’t thinking about angles, measurements, or directions.

There are destinations that are known for their glorious sunrises. From the seashores to the mountain tops, sunrises are something we all need to experience as often as possible.

Sunrises in the mountains

There are many opportunities to catch a gorgeous sunrise if you are willing to get up early enough.

The Blue Ridge Parkway in the southern Appalachian Mountains has many overlooks where you can catch a sunrise from the comfort of your car.

Fall is a great time to travel the parkway. Avoid it in winter as snow can cause sections of the road to close.

Guaranteed to delight the eyes

Hikers swear that watching a sunrise from the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire is an intoxicating and memorable occasion.

The sky turns such a bright orange that the sky looks lit up with fire. This is another destination for the summer months unless you want to wear snowshoes!

Sunrises at the beach

Sunrises at the beach

If you are looking for a romantic, tropical sunrise, any beach on the Atlantic coast of Florida will fit the bill. The Florida Keys are especially known for their dramatic sunrises.

If you look carefully in the shadows, one of Hemingway’s cats might be watching the eastern sky with you. Take some cat treats just in case!

Tampa, Florida, is the only place in the United States where you can see a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in the morning and a sunset over the Gulf of Mexico at dusk.

With the ocean waves and fluffy clouds, the sun’s rays light up everything with a touch of gold. Be sure to look for dolphins and don’t forget to take a camera.

Sunrises in the desert

Some of the most fantastic sunrises in the world take place in the Grand Canyon near the South Rim. Mather Point is one of the most popular spots because it is close to the main visitors’ center.

Death Valley also experiences amazing sunrises. The sand reflects the sun’s rays, causing the dunes to dance with a whole array of colors.

Orange, red, dark blues, and grays with hints of yellow cover the bare land with beauty. Watch out for rattlesnakes when in the desert at sunrise!

Snakes are more active in the cool hours before daylight. You don’t want a beautiful sunrise ruined by a visit to the hospital.

Sunrises on the other side of the world

Beautiful, dramatic sunrises can be seen no matter where you live or visit. In Japan, several places are famous for amazing sunrises.

Inubosaki, Ameya Coast, Oarai Coast, Fuji Motosu Lake, and Cape Manazura are five of them.

India is also famous for its sunrises. The most celebrated place to watch is on the southern tip of its mainland on the coast of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

Three bodies of water meet at this location. The Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea merge to make a very special spot for viewing a sunrise or sunset.

Are there places where the sun doesn’t come up every day?

In most of the world, the sun rises in the east every morning. For the residents of Murmansk, Russia, that is not the case.

In Murmansk, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle, people never take sunrises for granted. In fact, sometimes they go forty days without one!

When the big day arrives, citizens gather on a hill outside the town to watch the long-anticipated sunrise. They celebrate with cups of hot toddies and dancing.

The sun rises fast and sets just as quickly in Murmansk, with daylight lasting less than thirty minutes for part of the year.

I guess if we went without sunshine for forty days and finally got a few bright rays, we would be dancing and drinking toddies, too.

In which country does the sun rise first every morning?

Paraíba sunrise

The eastern point of the Americas can be found in Paraíba, Brazil. The sun rises here first before anywhere else in South America or North America.

Tourists and locals like to watch from the nearby lighthouse. With the sun coming up over the Atlantic, it makes for a stunning sunrise.

Where does the sun come up the latest?

Cape Alava on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington is the westernmost point in the contiguous United States. Since it is located so far to the west, the sun rises there last.

The sun also sets last there, too, so their days are the same length as anyone else’s.

Yes, the sun rises in the east, but not always directly east.

Since most of us don’t live beyond the Arctic Circle, we get to see beautiful sunrises happening every day of the year.

Whether over the ocean or peeking out from behind a mountain, the sunlight gives us a thing of beauty, warmth, and energy.

If you are an early riser, catch as many sunrises as you can. If you are a late riser, then set an alarm clock and get up early once in a while. You will be glad you did.