Does the Fort Worth Zoo Have Restaurants?

As the fifth-largest city in the Lone Star State, Fort Worth, Texas, has a lot to offer in terms of family attractions and fun things to do with friends.

Fort Worth Zoo is one of the most popular attractions altogether with over one million yearly visitors.

Fort Worth Zoo not only has over 7,000 animal residents, but also several restaurants to keep zoo guests happy and fed, including Zoo Creek Cafe, Jungle Grill, Ranch Grill, Pizza Hut, and Dickey’s Barbeque.

If you live in Fort Worth or are planning a visit to north-central Texas, then Fort Worth Zoo is definitely worth a trip.

Here’s what else you should know about the zoo and its many dining options.

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Dining options at Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo restaurants

Fort Worth Zoo has many restaurants across the 64-acre park, including fast-casual and sit-down dining options.

Concession stands and restaurants are situated close to major exhibits so guests can stay hydrated and energized for lots of walking and exploring.

Reservations are not required for any of the zoo’s sit-down dining spots, and zoo members get 10% off at Fort Worth Zoo restaurants.

Zoo Creek Cafe

Not far from the Australian Outback and Stingray Cove, Zoo Creek Cafe has classic American fare like hot dogs, burgers, chicken sandwiches, and nachos, plus refreshing soft drinks in special souvenir cups.

On hot summer days, Zoo Creek Cafe is a great place to stop and eat indoors, while outdoor seating is also available with shaded picnic benches.

There are nice views of the zoo’s lush green surroundings, too.

Savanna Grill

The African Savanna marketplace on the zoo’s east side near the main entrance features the Savanna Grill, known for burgers, corn dogs, and famous peri-peri chicken kabobs.

This is a great pit stop to fill up on water, soft drinks, or Icee frozen beverages, and then you can check out the nearby giraffes, elephants, and primates.

Crocodile Cafe & Jungle Grill

Jungle Grill

Known for gourmet turkey burgers and grilled cheese, Jungle Grill is part of Crocodile Cafe, situated next to the massive reptile exhibit alongside Burger Shack and the Ice Cream Shoppe.

You can find these dining options on the main path close to the Museum of Living Art (MOLA), offering a great view of turtles and crocs when you sit inside, although outdoor seating is also available.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Shoppe

Also in Crocodile Cafe, the Blue Bell Ice Cream Shoppe has a wide range of ice cream, yogurt, and Icee frozen beverages to cool you down on a hot Texas day.

This Texas creamery has been around for over 100 years and is a hometown favorite, making it especially popular with Fort Worth Zoo visitors who can enjoy ice cream cones, sundaes, shakes, and soft drinks in this snack parlor.

There’s no shortage of chocolate chips, gummi bears, and other fun toppings, making for a sweet ice cream treat before continuing through the zoo’s numerous exhibits showcasing over 540 animal species.

Ranch Grill

Bluebonnet Cafe is the other main dining area in Fort Worth Zoo, similar to Crocodile Cafe in that it has several different dining options in the same location, including Ranch Grill.

Delicious burgers and hot dogs are up for grabs at Ranch Grill, which is in the middle of Texas Wild!

Located on the west side of the zoo, Texas Wild! covers eight acres and celebrates the unique history and landscape of Texas, so Ranch Grill fits right in.


While sitting down at Ranch Grill is nice and relaxing, you can also have something quick from the Grab and Go stand with yogurt parfait, fresh fruit, and salads to choose from.

Pizza Hut

Another option in Bluebonnet Cafe is Pizza Hut Express, offering personal pepperoni and cheese pizzas plus breadsticks and drinks.

This family-friendly dining spot is the perfect place to enjoy a fresh, mouthwatering pizza and fill up before seeing more of the zoo, with the Texas-style dining room giving off fun rustic vibes.

Dickey’s Barbeque

If you prefer barbeque over burgers or pizza, you’re in luck as Bluebonnet Cafe in Fort Worth Zoo also has a Dickey’s Barbeque Pit.

You can dine inside or out and fill up on the chain restaurant’s famous BBQ, which includes pulled pork, beef brisket, buffalo chicken, ribs, wings, and more.

Snack Shacks

In addition to all the sit-down restaurants, Fort Worth Zoo has a range of snack shacks scattered throughout the park so you can always grab something on the go and snack away while checking out animal exhibits.

Dippin’ Dots are a prime example, with this unique ice cream stand appropriately located across from the penguins.

fresh popcorn, cotton candy,

This is next to Penguin Snacks, which has fresh popcorn, cotton candy, and hand-dipped corn dogs.

Then there are Safari Snacks, with small bites and drinks between the hippo and meerkat exhibits, as well as Splash Snacks with sandwiches, salads, fruit, chips, and drinks.

As you continue through your zoo journey, you’ll also see the Kona Ice truck inside the Australian Outback, where you can customize a shaved ice snack with several tasty flavors.

Many Fort Worth Zoo guests simply eat these snacks on the go, but there are also a few outdoor picnic areas across the park if you’d like to take a break.

You can buy food at the zoo or bring your own picnic in a cooler.

Gift Shops at Fort Worth Zoo

Fort Worth Zoo is home to more than 540 species, including 172 ectotherms, 148 birds, and 72 mammals.

In addition to all these impressive animals and indoor/outdoor dining options, there are several gift shops where you can take home souvenirs from a special day out.

Texas Town’s General Store is one spot where you can pick up unique gifts like zoo coffee cups, mugs, t-shirts, stuffed animals, stones, bookmarks, and more.

There are also Toadally Texas Treats with more novelty items plus homemade fudge and sweet candies.

Near the front of the zoo, you’ll find the Safari Shop which has shirts, hats, toys, and games, as well as everyday essentials like sunscreen and batteries.

Safari Traders in the Savanna Marketplace offers even more gifts with special trinkets like jewelry and decorative animals masks.

Fort Worth Zoo Information

Fort Worth Zoo has blossomed

Fort Worth Zoo is located at 1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110, just 10 minutes southwest of downtown.

Founded in 1909 with just a few animals, Fort Worth Zoo has blossomed over the last century, now with more than 7,000 animals originating from incredible habitats on every corner of the globe.

There is an abundance of awesome animals plus informative zookeeper demonstrations and attractions to keep guests entertained and engaged in learning more about the world around them.

Stingray Cove, Safari Splash, Country Carousel, Yellow Rose Express Train, and the Wild West Shooting Gallery are a few of the top attractions at Fort Worth Zoo.

The zoo is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

There is half-off admission on Wednesdays, otherwise, a trip to the zoo costs $18 for adults 13 and up and $14 for kids ages 3–12 and seniors 65 and over.

Toddlers two years old and younger get in for free.