What Is Extension of Behavior Modification into Organization Called?

OB Mod, short for organizational behavior modification, is a very important concept when it comes to organization in a business.

It is a concept that affects the internal structure of a business and is most commonly seen in large companies.

However, most business owners of smaller companies feel that they should start thinking about doing this too.

Let’s take a detailed look at this concept and how it is applied.

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What is organizational behavior modification?

organizational behavior modification

This tool is used in companies for managing their personnel. The objective is to observe work-related behaviors with the intention of improving upon them.

For example, if an employee is often late or calls out a little too frequently, this concept can be applied to address the situation.

Another application for OBM lies in the quality and amount of work being produced by these employees.

The idea is, that if these behaviors are not satisfactory to management, OBM can be used to make them better.

What are more benefits of OB Mod?

OB Mod is used to reinforce positive behavior amongst a staff. For instance, if a particular associate is excelling at certain work tasks, organizational behavior modification is used to encourage that associate to continue this.

It is also helpful in assisting a new employee to conform to the desired standards of the company.

While they are learning to do this, that employee is being coached by the system to improve their performance.

The employee can rise in the ranks of the company sooner as well. All thanks to OB Mod.

rise in the ranks of the company

Why is OB Mod so loved by the management staff of companies?

Many managers are under the assumption that humans are inherently passive and reactive as opposed to proactive.

These company associates respond to various forms of stimuli rather than taking charge of a situation on their own initiative.

This is something the management team wants to change. Organizational Behavior Modification systems help managers to do exactly that.

How does OB Mod work?

OB Mod takes the good things done by an associate and finds a way to reward them for it.

It can be a monetary reward or another type that is equally pleasant to the associate.

You want to find out how your employee responds to the various types of positive compensation.

After you obtain the answer to this question, it is time to put OB Mod to work. Use it to reinforce the behavior and performance you like from an individual.

good things done by an associate

Keep in mind that everyone is different. What works well for Johnny may not do anything at all for Sally.

It is up to you to make the necessary adjustments.

Positive reinforcement works wonders in companies

Examples of some of these techniques include, but are not limited to, salary raises, bonuses, incentive plans, and awards.

On the flip side, if a boss wants to reduce unacceptable behavior, he or she can implement disciplinary procedures or wage deductions.

In either extreme of OB Mod, the techniques are expected to alter the behavior of the employee.

These methods have proven to be quite successful. Therefore, bosses are looking at additional methods of OB Mods.

What happens next remains to be seen.

Is a business the only place to use Organizational Behavior Modifications? What about using it in schools?

Professionals are just beginning to scratch the surface of what they can do with OB Mods. One example is that it is becoming more widely used in schools.

Organizational behavior in school

Teachers are discovering the wonders of this technique too. The truly innovative teachers are using it a lot.

They have learned how to correct bad behavior with it as well as how to reward good behavior.

Some teachers are utilizing OB Mods to help students improve their study habits and to get better grades on their assignments.

Such techniques are good at getting a pupil to try harder at learning a particular subject. OB Mods are turning out to be very successful in schools too.

Psychologists and psychiatrists are starting to use OB Mods frequently

These professionals are thrilled with the results they are getting. They have learned how to use OB Mods and their various techniques to modify psychological behavior.

Here, again, good behavior is being rewarded while undesirable traits are being modified.

In the case of professionals in these fields, the rewards and the disciplinary actions are different from those used in companies and in schools.

psychological professionals

They have made the necessary tweaks to their OB Mod methods and have seen positive results.

More and more psychological professionals are adapting wonderfully to OB Mods.

How do parents use Organizational Behavior Modification techniques in the home?

In reality, scores of parents have been using these techniques in their homes for centuries. They probably just didn’t have a name for it.

Think about it. Did your parents use these methods with you and your siblings? Do you use them now in your home?

If you are a parent that answered yes, don’t you find you get better responses from your kids than being a strict disciplinarian?

Of course, you do. If you do not already use OB Mods with your family, perhaps it is time you started to.

They work wonders!

What are a few examples of parents using OB Mods at home?

In order to illustrate our point, we have included the following brief list. See if any of these sound familiar to you.

scored high on a difficult assignment in school
  • Maybe instead of grounding you as a punishment for messing up, they offer to take you on an exciting trip.
  • When you scored high on a difficult assignment in school, your mom cooked your favorite meal.
  • When you were perfect in completing all your household chores, your dad bought a surprise for you.
  • When you got a new job, your family took you to dinner and included your closest friends.

Why do Organizational Behavior Modifications work so well?

Think about it from your own point of view. Instead of punishment for bad behavior, the consequences were meaningful.

Rather than tearing you down, they taught you a great lesson. Wasn’t that much better?

On the other hand, positive OB Mods do something for your self-esteem. Plus, the reward meant so much to you that you want to repeat your good actions.

We are all human beings. Humans like to be rewarded when they do something well. The more fantastic that reward is, the more you want to do that activity again.

Doesn’t that make sense?


How can you learn to use Organizational Behavior Modification techniques?

Whether you want to start using them at home, in the workplace, or in conjunction with school activities, it is not hard to learn.

There are probably classes you can take, either in a physical classroom or online. A far simpler way would be to read all about them.

This article can be a beginning for you. Then you can do a search on your favorite search engine for it.

Talk about this with your spouse, your boss, or your child’s teachers. Explain all the advantages, then map out a plan.