31 Fun and Interesting Facts About Asia

Asia is the largest and most populated continent on the planet. About 60% of the world’s population is from Asia.

Many do not know that Asia was the birthplace of most of the first civilizations.

In addition, many of the world’s religions can be traced back to Asia. Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and some minor religions originated from Asia.

Asia, as a continent, is rich in culture, history, and delicious food. You can find some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in Asia.

Some cities never sleep in Asia, while some are peaceful and rich with natural beauty.

There is always a new, fun, and thrilling experience to have when you visit a new Asian country. Let us look at some cool places and interesting facts about Asia.

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General Facts about Asia

  • Total population: 4,724,134,925
  • Land Area: 44,579,000 km²
  • Highest Mountain: Everest, 8,848m
  • Biggest Lake: The Caspian Sea 386,400 km²
  • Largest River: Yangtze River, 6,300 km
  • Main Religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
  • Total countries: 1 UN observer, 49 UN members, 5 other countries not fully recognized
  • Demonym: Asian
  • Largest City: Tokyo
  • Population density: 150 per km²
  • Time zones: UTC+2 to UTC+12

20 Quick Facts about Asia

Great Wall
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  1. Asia is the largest continent in the world, and it is made up of 48 countries- including China, Russia, and India, the world’s largest countries.
  2. Asia is a female name of Greek origin that translates to sunrise.
  3. China is the most populous country in Asia (1.413 billion)
  4. The largest Muslim population in the world is Indonesia.
  5. The smallest country in Asia is the Maldives.
  6. The Suez Canal and the Red Sea separate Africa from Asia.
  7. Asia is the only continent that shares its borders with two continents – Europe and Africa.
  8. The Dead Sea is the lowest point in the world; Mount Everest is the highest point in the world. These two points are both found in Asia.
  9. The Arctic Circle, the Equator, and Topic of Cancer pass through Asia
  10. The Marina Trench is the deepest trench in the world and is located in the Pacific Ocean close to the Philippines.
  11. The New Year celebrations in China usually last about 15 days.
  12. There are more billionaires in China than in the entire United States of America. In addition, Asia is home to the highest number of billionaires worldwide.
  13. Thailand has a yearly festival dedicated to the celebration of monkeys.
  14. Asia has 12 landlocked countries.
  15. The longest river in Asia is the Yangtze River (3,915 miles), and it is located in China.
  16. The driest place in Asia is the Gobi Desert, which is also the largest desert on the continent.
  17. In Asia, you can find rare animals like tigers, King cobras, Komodo dragons, Giant Pandas, and Bactrian camels.
  18. Gambling is illegal in Japan except for sports like horse racing and some others.
  19. Buddhism is the most common religion in Cambodia – about 95% of people practice it.
  20. Over 2,300 languages are spoken throughout Asia. However, Mandarin is the most common language.

11 Interesting Facts about Asia

1. The annual production of chopsticks in China is approximately 45 billion pairs

chopstick production
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Considering the population in China, the number of chopsticks produced annually is not very surprising.

In addition to locally produced chopsticks, some restaurants prefer to import chopsticks from the United States.

Imported chopsticks are gaining popularity in China because they are lighter.

2. The world’s largest flower is located in Southeast Asia

Have you ever heard of the Rafflesia? Probably not! However, these flowers are found in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia’s forests.

Indonesia has adopted the Rafflesia as its official flower due to its unique size and shape. The Rafflesia flower is about one meter across.

Avoid getting very close to this flower if you encounter it because it has a foul odor. The locals describe the Rafflesia as the “stinking lily” or “corpse flower.”

3. The countries with the highest IQ are Asian

The top three countries with the highest IQ across the world include Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.

We can now understand the secret to Asia’s prosperous and progressive economy compared to other countries.

4. Single people in South Korea celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day

South Korea celebrate Valentine’s Day
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Many lovers across the globe celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14. On this day, couples exchange gifts, and love is almost palpable in the air.

However, in South Korea, there are 12 holidays to celebrate love.

On February 14, women give men gifts (usually chocolate) to show love. On the other hand, men wait a month, March 14, to reciprocate the gesture of affection.

Suppose you are single and did not receive any gift. There is another day for you! April 14, also called the Black Day, is when singles meet to share their woes, usually while eating jajangmyeon.

5. A Star Wars robot inspired a building in Singapore

All Star Wars fans must be excited by this fact! A building in Singapore, Sandcrawler, shares its name and resemblance to a Star Wars robot.

The building was opened in 2013. You can find ILM Singapore, Lucasfilm Ltd.’s Asia offices, and animation offices.

6. Fried insects are delicacies in Asia

Do not be surprised when you visit an Asian market and see stalls where they sell fried insects. It is a regular snack for the locals.

insects are delicacies
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Popular insects eaten as snacks include silkworms and crickets. In addition, some supermarkets sell these fried insects as packaged snacks next to bags of chips.

7. Asian countries are the highest consumers of rice in the world

Rice is the staple food on the continent. Asians consume about 90% of the rice produced globally.

Rice can be eaten as breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Asian homes. In addition, 9 out of the top 10 producers of rice in the world are Asian countries (excluding Brazil)

8. Asia is home to the world’s smallest mammal

The smallest mammal in the world is Kitti’s hog-nosed bat. The locals describe it as the bumblebee bat, and it can be found in Western Thailand.

They usually live in caves as a colony of 100 or more. In addition, the bumblebee bat reproduces only once a year.

9. Japan has the longest life expectancy

The life expectancy for Japan is 84.2 years in 2022. Japanese often live the longest among people of other nations.

It may be attributed to the low rate of obesity. Another factor could be their diet – they consume more fish and less red meat.

Japanese people
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Furthermore, the Japanese incorporate many plant foods into their diet.

10. Asia is home to the highest mountains in the world

Asia is home to 14 of the world’s tallest mountains. In addition, these mountains go beyond 8,000 meters above sea level.

Let us not forget that Mount Everest, the highest in the world, is located on the crest of the Himalayas (between China and Nepal).

11. The largest lizard in the world can be found in Asia

The largest lizard in the world is the Komodo dragon, which can be found on the Indonesia islands of Flores, Komodo, Padar, and Rintja.

They can weigh up to 70 kg and grow to about 3.13 meters.

Asia on the Map

Asia is situated in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres. It shares continental landmass with Africa (Afro-Eurasia) and Europe (Eurasia).

Asia map
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Asia is the biggest of the seven continents and covers about 44,579,000 square kilometers, which is 8.7% of the total surface area and 30% of Earth’s entire land.

The continent is bounded on the North by the Arctic Ocean, on the South by the Indian Ocean, and on the east by the Pacific Ocean.

Additionally, Asia is often represented with the color Yellow on a map showing all the seven continents.

The Yellow color represents Prosperity, Royalty, and Power.

Most Beautiful Places in Asia

1. Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket is the biggest and arguably the most beautiful island in Thailand. It has earned the nickname “honeymoon paradise,” according to many tourists.

In addition, Phuket is home to some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches across Asia. Phuket is a fun and romantic destination for newlyweds from different parts of the world.

Apart from enjoying the beach, nighttime in Phuket comes with its charm. There are so many exciting places to visit at night, including the Naka Night Market.

carlos castilla / Shutterstock

You can also visit Wassa Homemade to enjoy delicious food, drinks, and smoothies. The best time to visit this restaurant is close to sunset.

This ensures you experience the spectacular view of the sun setting on the island.

Another notable location is the Deevana Plaza Phuket, a four-star hotel. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing session at the spa, chill at the pool, and hang out at the pool bar.

2. Bali (Indonesia)

Bali is popular as a “surfers’ paradise.” Additionally, it is home to exotic beaches, resorts, temples, arts, and crafts.

Visitors are often enthralled with the numerous colorful ceremonies and dances. Regardless, it has something exciting for everyone.

There are endless outdoor activities for everyone in Bali- swimming, wild water rafting, diving, mountain hiking, snorkeling, and many more.

Various restaurants are available, and lovers of seafood can enjoy dinner at Jimbaran Beach Restaurant.

Elena Ermakova / Shutterstock

Another fascinating place that is a must-visit for tourists is the Tegalalang rice terrace. You can also get a massage to relax any sore muscles.

The top attractions in Bali include the Double Six Beach, Mount Agung, Seminyak Beach, Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, and Waterbom Bali.

3. Thanjavur (India)

Thanjavur is situated in the luxuriant Cauvery delta. This city has a rich culture and history. It is popularly known as the “Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu” due to the large-scale cultivation of rice in this area.

You can visit the Brihadeeswarar Temple (or the Big Temple). Rumors claim that the temple was mapped out from one stone.

In addition, it is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Another fascinating place is the Royal Palace Museum. This palace is a cultural monument with historical ties to the Thanjavur Nayaks.

They ruled the city between the 16th and 17th centuries.

Thanjavur Nayaks
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Furthermore, you can visit the Sri Venkata Lodge, a café that makes various delicious vegetarian dishes.

The Anbu Milk Bar, which has been functioning for over 40 years, is a popular café that serves mouth-watering drinks such as fresh almond milk.

4. Tokyo (Japan)

Is your dream vacation destination a lush, fun, and exotic location? Tokyo should be at the top of that list.

You can get the best experience of nightlife, shopping, photography, and exquisite local & continent dishes in Tokyo.

The city offers a blend of ancient culture and modern culture. For example, the Senso-Ji Temple is a historic Buddhist temple.

However, you can find skyscrapers near it.

In addition, a visit to Akihabara will be worth your time. The building is bright and beautiful, which usually attracts tourists.

Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

You can explore its restaurants, malls, arcades, and video games. It is often referred to as the geek’s paradise.

The city is a beauty to behold at night. It gives a feeling of paradise that is hard to beat.

5. Kampong Glam (Singapore)

Our list of most beautiful places will be incomplete without the mention of Singapore.

Lovers of history and architecture will derive immense pleasure from a visit to Singapore. Children can visit adventure parks, theme parks, and other cool places to keep them in high spirits.

Kampong Glam is an area in Singapore that has a great vibe. You can visit the Masjid Sultan, whose golden dome is symbolic in the neighborhood.

In addition, there are lots of cafés and restaurants to visit for any meal. However, be sure to make a stop at the Limaa café for a savory breakfast or lunch.

Another exciting stop is the Sultan Arts Village. This small compound has galleries, shops, and fascinating street arts.

 Sultan Arts Village
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Haji Lane is another great area to explore. It offers various bars, restaurants, boutiques, majestic murals, and an unforgettable shopping experience.

6. Penang (Malaysia)

Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist attraction countries in Asia. This can be attributed to its beauty and rich culture.

Another reason may be the climate, which is pleasant throughout the year.

Penang is one of the places you must visit in Malaysia. It is home to Penang Hill, which is 833 meters high and was the first Hill station commissioned by the British colonizers.

UNESCO named George Town a World Heritage Site in 2008.

Lovers of nature and hiking can satisfy their desires with the jungle paths at Biosphere Reserve.

In addition, they may come across rare animals such as the slow loris, the Sunda colugo, and the dusky leaf monkey.

Sunda Colugo
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You can also explore the Penang National Park in the northwestern region. Beach lovers can enjoy the sand and water in the park.

Popular beaches include Kerachut and Monkey Beach.

Finally, there are exquisite restaurants to get healthy food and bars to grab a drink while enjoying the majestic evening view.

7. Kho Phi Phi (Thailand)

Kho Phi Phi (also called Phi Phi islands) is very close to Phuket. It has a tropical climate, palm trees, and oceans, making it an excellent relaxation choice.

Many tourists visit these islands because the English Language is quite common.

One exciting thing about Phi Phi is the nightlife. You can find pubs, clubs, and bars along the beaches.

In addition, you can enjoy the live DJs, Thai boxing bars, and shisha bars on the islands.

Phi Phi is a famous scuba diving and snorkeling paradise in Asia. The waters are home to various species of colorful fish, corals, clown fish, slugs, sea stars, and others.

Phi Phi (Thailand
NEWS Photographer / Shutterstock

Hikers can enjoy a good time on the trail. However, do not forget to carry extra water and sunscreen.

They keep you hydrated and protected from the sun’s UV rays as you hike. Additionally, there are many spots to do your laundry and get it back in no time.

Facts About the Major Wars in Asia

War is not a strange phenomenon in Asia. Asian countries often fight amongst each other, especially over disputes regarding lands and borders.

However, the effect of war on the destruction of lives, property, and economy varies in each country.

Let us explore the things you did not know about the major wars in Asia.

Civil Wars in China

China is one of the most progressive countries in Asia. This can be attributed to its political stability.

However, China has had its fair share of civil wars in the last two thousand years. Three of the most intense civil wars claimed the lives of 176,000,000 individuals.

First, the Three Kingdom War, which took place between 220 and 280 AD, was intense, and the casualties were immense.

Han dynasty
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About 40,000,000 lives were lost during the battle, combined with famine and diseases. It was a battle between some states of the Han dynasty, but the Jin dynasty won.

The An Lushan Rebellion took place between 755–763 AD. It was initiated when An Lushan from Northern China proclaimed himself as the emperor of the Yan Dynasty.

The rebellion ended eight years after the Tang Dynasty was defeated. The estimated loss of lives within these years was 36,000,000.

Another rebellion worth mentioning is the Taiping Rebellion. It started in 1850 when Hong Xiuquan led a rebellion against the Qing Dynasty.

The Qing dynasty, with help from the Western military, squashed the rebellion after four years. However, about 20,000,000 to 100,000,000 people lost their lives in this war.

The War Between Asia and Japan: World War II

Japan waged war with the rest of Asia. However, the rest of Asia had help from the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and the United States.

Japan was quite confident and advanced to Australia. About 40,500 civilians and military were killed.

World War II
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New Zealand also recorded the loss of 11,900 lives.

China witnessed a loss of about 22,500,000, but most were a result of the dispute between the Communists and Nationalists.

The Japanese kept advancing and hijacking the lands of the Dutch West Indies, which led to the loss of about 300,000 to 4,000,000 lives.

Japanese civilians and military lives lost were somewhere between 2,600,000 to 3,100,000. Other countries in Asia also recorded significant loss of lives: Singapore (50,000), French Indochina (1,000,000–1,500,000), Korea (378,000), Philippines (500,000–1,000,000), Malaya (100,000).

The Japanese army was still advancing despite the heavy losses they incurred. However, they began to run out of supplies to sustain the soldiers.

The United States and the USSR joined the war with all their military might. Nuclear weapons were deployed to suppress the already depreciating Japanese army further.

Second Sino-Japanese War

The Second Sino-Japanese War took place from 1937 to 1945.

The Second Sino-Japanese War started when Japan attempted to colonize a part of China because the land was rich in natural resources.

Sino-Japanese War
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China, on the other hand, did not sit back – it fought back. Through the eight years of fighting, the Communist Chinese forces recorded 160,000 losses while the Nationalist troops had 1,320,000.

Japanese military suffered the loss of about 480,000 soldiers. However, the civilian loss on the Japanese side was catastrophic.

The number of civilians that died in this war is estimated to be between 17,000,000 and 22,000,000.

Vietnam War

Vietnam has had its share of wars, about five in the 20th century. One of the most intense wars was between 1965 and 1975.

The Northern and Southern parts of Vietnam were at war. However, the North had the support of China and the Soviet Union.

On the other hand, the United States and her allies backed South Vietnam.

The war was intense as the US was liberal in using firepower on land and the air. US troops also defended Cambodia and Laos when the war spilled into these areas.

About 2.5 million civilians were killed in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. American military recorded the loss of 58,307 soldiers.

Vietnam War
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In addition, 300,000 South Vietnamese army, 1,000 Chinese troops, and 1.1 million North Vietnamese soldiers lost their lives in this fierce war.

Korean War

We cannot talk about wars in Asia without mentioning the Korean War. Although the war took four years, it was one of the bloodiest wars in Asia.

It started as a war of swift maneuver. However, it quickly progressed into a stalemate between China, the United Nations, and North Korea.

The United States of America lost about 46,000 soldiers, while United Nations recorded a loss of 70,000.

The Chinese and North Korean militaries lost approximately 1,000,000. However, 40% of these deaths were caused by diseases.

About 1,000,000 South Korean civilians died in the war. Another 1,500,000 civilians lost their lives in North Korea.


I hope you enjoyed reading all the cool facts about Asia. This continent holds some of the most progressive nations in the world.

ancient civilization ruins
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However, some Asian countries plagued with war, poverty, and corruption still lag in development.

Asia is a continent that has diverse cultures, food, and traditions. Some of the greatest civilizations in the world can be traced back to Asia.

They include the Chinese dynasties, South Korean empires, the Mesopotamian, Vedic, Sumerians, Japanese empires, the Mongols, and others.

Some of Asia’s most famous tourist attractions include the Great Wall in China, Bali Island in Indonesia, Grand Palace in Thailand, Juju Island in South Korea, and more.