Are Goldstar Caravans Made in China?

For many people, driving around in a caravan isn’t seasonal, but rather a lifestyle. It’s living life day by day and discovering amazing places along the way.

However, doing so requires traveling in a sturdy, well-constructed caravan that can handle all the elements from off-road conditions to extreme weather.

This raises the question of where the popular Goldstar caravan is made.

The Goldstar caravan’s chassis is assembled and spray-painted in their South Australian factory.

However, the primary caravan body, comprising the inside furnishings, comes in a container from China.

When a buyer orders a van, the appliance fittings, and other final assembly needs occur in Adelaide.

The issue of whether Goldstar caravans are made in China is the focus of this post. The Goldstar Maverick, the company’s most popular recreational vehicle, will be included in our appraisal of the Goldstar brand.

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Where Are Goldstar Caravans Made?

Goldstar's caravans

Goldstar’s caravans are made in China and are brought from there for the finishing touches and assembly.

The vehicle is then weighed and collected by the client. Goldstar is among several well-known Australian camper trailers and caravan factories with Chinese facilities.

There are three different lengths of Goldstar caravans between 18 and 21 feet. You may also buy a made-to-order caravan from their site.

If you choose the last option, you may have to wait up to a year before you will have your fingers on the item.

How Dependable Are Goldstar Motor Homes?

Gold star campers are fantastic value for the money. For the money, this sort of camper is composed of high-quality materials that may be entirely personalized.

Due to their aluminum construction, they are more resilient over time and less susceptible to decay and rot.

Various other configurations, including full-ensuite and independent suspension variants, along with variants for couples and families, are also offered.


What are the Drawbacks of Goldstar Caravans?

  • In a vast number of Goldstar caravans, the additional capacity and batteries are concentrated in the front of the vehicle, leaving little capacity for additional storage in the rear.
  • Towing the RV will be more difficult because of this, but it will also make it even harder to balance the weight of the RV and carry it safely.
  • Using bigger caravans from Goldstar will burn more gas, so be careful. A few days or even weeks of being off the grid necessitates keeping an eye on fuel efficiency.
  • According to customer feedback, it was difficult to maintain a constant temperature in Goldstar RVs. Keep in mind that if you need to run your caravan, you may want to explore using an alternate solution.
  • It’s no secret that the windows in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom of many Goldstar caravans leak, despite the company’s best efforts.
  • Mold and decay should be avoided at all costs in an RV because they can lead to even greater problems.

Are There More Disadvantages from Caravans Made in China?

Disadvantages With Caravans

Even though Goldstar campers are manufactured in China, their merits and demerits are unaffected by this fact.

RV manufacturers come and go, and we can say with certainty that each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

What Is the Most Popular Goldstar Caravan?

An extremely popular Goldstar model is the 20-foot Maverick RV. The 18-foot and 21-foot models are available in a range of layouts to suit any need or choice.

Goldstar Maverick Exterior Characteristics:

On all Goldstar Maverick RVs, 3-1/2 ton swivel hitches are included as standard equipment.

The major advantage of this hitch is its flexibility in terms of placement. To change the caravan’s heading, simply attach a brake bar.

Additionally, all Goldstar motorhomes feature a large, secure toolbox on its front, which is ideal for storing extra power cables, wheels, and even hoses.

To protect your Goldstar Maverick caravan when riding off-road, each model comes with a front as well as a side guard.

Goldstar Maverick
  • The aluminum composite panel covers the exterior of the Goldstar Maverick. With its great insulation, caravans can be kept at a comfortable temperature in both the summer and winter months. Both the temperature and the humidity will remain moderate.
  • This wind tunnel boot is often seen going straight through Goldstar caravans since the side designs are so identical.
  • There’s plenty of area for a roller kitchen or a barbeque. Having a drop-down picnic table within the trailer makes it easy to prepare meals while enjoying the fresh air.
  • All Goldstar motor homes will come equipped with a rollout awning that may be customized to your liking.
  • In addition, there are two spare tires and a set of alloy wheels included as standard. There are two extra tires mounted on the back of the vehicle with this rear-end configuration.
  • In addition, you can access a large portion of the caravan’s plumbing externally as well. There is an exterior shower, water pump, as well as gray water tank in just about all Goldstar caravans. The toilet cassette is also included.

For off-road camping, it’s a great feature for keeping the vehicle as sturdy on rocky roads with an independent suspension setup.

Goldstar Maverick Interior Characteristics:

  • You can expand the queen-sized bed in the Goldstar Maverick’s stateroom by an extra foot, making it seven feet long in total. Ceiling reading lights, USB chargers, and cigarette-style power strips are all included as well.
  • A tri-fold table and plenty of extra storage underneath and above the seats, reminiscent of a cafe, can be found in our kitchen. Standard features on all Mavericks can include the micro grill as well as a four-burner gas stove.
  • Additionally, there is a sink and plenty of room for a microwave if wanted.
  • The television is likewise situated in the kitchen. To watch it from your bed or couch, you can remove the pin and the arm will extend and swivel.
  • This Goldstar caravan’s bathroom features a Thetford cassette toilet, a washing machine, a shower fan, a lot of storage space, and a big shower with a fully adjustable showerhead.
queen-sized bed

Is There an Increase in Imported Caravans from China?

Although many people believe that caravans manufactured in China are of poor quality, Goldstar caravans are of great quality and are dependable.

If you’d like to learn more about Goldstar caravans, please visit their website.

In recent years, the number of foreign-made campers has been rising steadily. It was a first for the country when more than 1,000 caravans, as well as campers, turned up in May that year from China.

How Much Have the Chinese-made Caravans Escalated?

Australia’s Caravan Industry Association created a “snapshot” of the fast-developing and continuously fluctuating RV import market by using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

During the past several years, the number of RVs made outside of Australia has risen significantly.

Because of the flood of low-cost Chinese campers that have decimated the once-thriving domestic camper manufacturing base, we are seeing an increase in the number of Chinese caravans in the marketplace.

In the last six years, the number of people traveling in campers and caravans has increased more than ever.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

In May of last year, the number of cases increased from less than 500 each month to 1113. The RV import industry was predicted to surpass 10,000 units for the whole 2017-18 fiscal year.

A wave of Chinese caravans has emerged in Australia.

The Decline in US and British Caravan Sales

Imports of recreational vehicles from the USA and the UK have dropped dramatically. Between 2013 and 2015, there were 500-700 caravans imported into the United States per year, but in May, there were only three.

At this time, numerous importers shuttered their doors due to concerns about regulatory compliance and product quality, and the market for US-made caravans plummeted precipitously.

An example of this is the steady influx of British-made lightweight caravans that entered the country up until about two years ago.

Over a few years, the number of caravans imported from the UK increased from a handful to over 1000 each year.

Is It Accurate That Production in China Is Displacing Australian Jobs?

China and other Asian countries currently produce the majority of high-end consumer products because labor and raw materials there are significantly cheaper than in Australia.

Camper trailer

Camper trailer importers in Australia like the lower costs and shorter lead times for offshore production.

There are large numbers of individuals employed by Australian import entities who work in the marketing, assembly, fitting, and after-sales support sectors because of the high volume of campers that are sold each year here.

Importers employ a similar number of people, even though Australian industries generate a greater volume of goods.

There are just a few Australian manufacturers that can compete with Mars Campers’ sales volume in a single week.

Because of the high monthly product turnover, Mars is dependent on a large workforce to sustain and grow its lucrative operations.

Is There a Leakage Problem with All Chinese-made Canvas?

An enormous amount of the canvas used in the manufacture of camper trailers and tents is shipped from China to Australia.

You can choose from a wide range of grades and quality when purchasing material.

As a result of this misconception, waterproofness is sometimes considered to be predominantly governed by canvas density (measured in ounces).

camper trailers and tents

Several variables can affect the fabric’s waterproofness, including:

  • The weave tightness
  • Whether the cotton was prepared with a weatherproof solution before production
  • If it was absorbed in the solution following the production process
  • If it was simply sprayed with it

If you have any questions regarding the quality of the canvas you’re purchasing, it’s best to get them answered by a respected importer.

Do Campers Manufactured in China all Come from the Same Facility?

Several enterprises purchase from a few different manufacturers, though not all of them, contrary to popular belief, Chinese-made campers come from the very same factory.

For example, some entities like Goldstar have been able to build their production facilities or work exclusively with respected operators.

That’s because of the rising demand for low-cost camper trailers, which has substantially improved the performance of the trailers and their component production.

low-cost camper trailer

As a result, not just in Australia, but also in China, unethical and inefficient companies have been forced out of business.

To strengthen manufacturing and import standards, both countries have become more selective in their trading partners.

With a well-known company like Mars Campers, you won’t have to compromise on quality or service to save money.