The 8 Best Cornwall Beaches For Swimming

Cornwall is a magical place in the UK. The reason for this is due to its milder weather than the inland countries of the UK. For the people of the UK, Cornwall can be a pleasant escape from the terrible cold and dreary weather patterns.

The Gulf stream and Atlantic ocean keep away the cold weather which makes for perfect beach outings. It is also a very beautiful place to visit. It is nicknamed the Cornish Riviera. There are beautiful harbor villages with towering cliffs and seaside resorts. In this list, we discuss the 8 best beaches in Cornwall for swimming! 

Table of Contents

8. Praa Sands

This is without a doubt one of the best beaches in Cornwall. The quiet laid back feel of this beach is surprising considering how many people enjoy going there. The beach is about a mile long that is sheltered by large golden dunes.

The water is perfect for swimming and other aquatic activities for the whole family. Families can enjoy the local foods provided by cafes or bring their own for a nice picnic. This beach is the perfect one for a nice lazy day by the water.

7. Porthleven Sands Beach

Located near the South West Coast Path is the Porthleven Sands Beach. A beautiful stretch of golden beach for 3 miles and a stunning water landscape.

This beach is not considered to be family-friendly as the strong undercurrents are dangerous for little ones. There is also a seasonal ban on dogs, they are back allowed from the end of September.

The Blue Buoy steps make for the perfect spot to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee, and take in the beauty of the surroundings. There is a lot to do at this beach and is a definite favorite amongst locals and tourists.

6. Sennen Cove

Seen as one the most beautiful beach locations in the UK it comes at no surprise when looking at the stunning photography it has inspired. It is a surf hot spot and sits snugly between cliffs that protect it from the Atlantic winds.

It is also a small fishing spots thanks to the small harbor near the village. The cliffs are made popular by adventurous climbers. The lifeboat station was first established in the 1860s and stands to this day.

This beach also features the famous Longships Lighthouse that is found between Land’s End and the Isles of Scilly. The beach is open to dogs out of season as it tends to get very much, but it is a must-see when planning a trip. This beach has as long since been thought of as one of – if not the – most beautiful beaches in the UK.

5. Pendower Beach, Veryan

Located in the Roseland of Veryan, this is a primetime location that is safe and family-friendly. The properties are eagerly sought out and go for quite the penny.

Yet it’s worth it when taking into consideration the beautiful surroundings. It is very easy to access via both car or ferry which makes the trip a smooth and fun one. Visitors can enjoy some fun rock pooling at this beach or any of the other fun activities available.

These include scuba diving, sailing, canoeing, fishing, snorkeling, and even windsurfing! It is surely a beach worth visiting. Dogs are welcome too so it can be a fun day for the whole family.

4. Porthminster, St Ives

One of three in St Ives, Porthminster is a stunning place to spend some time in beautiful blue waters. No matter the weather the beach will very rarely be empty.

The community and visitors enjoy this beach very much as it is one of the favorite places for a dip in Cornwall. During the winter, on New Years Day, hundreds of brave locals and visitors alike take part in an out of season dip to start off the New Year.

If you aren’t brave enough to join, cheerleaders for the ones that do are always welcome. This tight nit community strives to make this a place of fun and joy. Locals and visitors and can enjoy good food and music. Stunning golden beaches and perfect waters.

3. Rock Beach and Daymer Bay

Rock Beach and Daymer Bay is only a short ferry ride from Padstow. It is also accessed via car, but, that may take a little longer. Yet, if tourists don’t mind the drive, it makes for a pretty magical outing.

The area is almost as stunning as the beach itself. The beach was made famous by The Eagle has Landed, a classic movie from the 1970s starring Jenny Agutter. The artsy community is a wonderful experience and is fun for the whole family – even the furry friends are welcome!

During the extremely low tide, it almost joins Padstow! Enjoy beautiful galleries and art, good food, and perfect water for any time of the year.

2. Pedn Vounder, Porthcurno

Located at the eastern end of the bay that makes up Porthcurno cove. This beautiful beach is a star child amongst the beaches of Cornwall.

The name translates to “end of the line” seems fitting when looking at the stunning view it creates. Not only is the beach beloved by the locals but it is also famous as it starred in the local television drama Poldark. This beach has a lot to it, even it’s own legend.

The Logan Rock is talked about far and wide. The rectangular block of granite can be rocked back and forth by a single person even though it is estimated to weigh about 70 tonnes.

The beach is entitled meant for more adventurous people as it is quite difficult to get there. It is also known for being an unofficial naturist beach. So make of that what you will.

1. Porthmeor Beach, St Ives

Located in Tate St Ives, the Porthmeor Beach is world-renowned for the amazing surf waves. It is one of the most photographed beaches in the UK due to the beauty and location. It forms a crescent shape of white sand and is surrounded by tall headlands on all sides.

It is part of a trio of beaches in St Ives, but due to popularity Porthmeor is one of the most visited. Visitors can enjoy the cafes, days on the beach, and spend time in the stunning villas available for rent while they enjoy the warmer days.

Of course, there will be cold days too, but due to the position and the warm water, it is one not to be missed. The hollow, fast, north-facing break is very popular amongst surfers. Dogs are even allowed on the beaches during off-seasons.