How Long Can A US Citizen Stay In The Dominican Republic?

You can stay up to 30 days in the Dominican Republic on your tourist Visa. The country isn’t very tough on overstays but you will need to pay a fee upon departure depending on how many days you stay in the Dominican Republic after these 30 days.

The typical tourist stay in the Dominican Republic

As a US citizen, you need to apply for a Dominican Republic visa which needs to be based on a valid passport. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 more months after you apply for the visa. You can get your tourist visa approval within days.

Tourists typically get a 30-day visa for the country. If you like the country and you’d love to stay a bit longer, you can extend your visa to 60 days once there.

What happens if you stay longer than 30 days?

When you leave the country, you will need to pay for your visa overstay depending on how many days more you’ve been in the Dominican Republic. You can pay around 2.500 DR dollars if you stay there for more than a month.

Can I get into the Dominican Republic without a visa?

As a US citizen, you are required to hold a valid visa on arrival and departure from the Dominican Republic. Even as a student, you still need a visa to get into the country. If you have dual nationality you might get into the country without a visa.

If you’re a citizen of countries such as Uruguay and Paraguay as well, you might be eligible for visa-free entry to the Dominican Republic. Traveling by airplane to this island country is the most popular transport method. You typically show your visa at the airport upon landing.