How Long Does Shipping Take from Ukraine to the USA?

Shipping to the United States from Ukraine can take up to seven business days and rarely is fewer than five business days.

That timeline starts from the day the mail is sent from Ukraine, which in some locations only happens once a week.

With every mail delivery timeline question, there is always the answer of a provider who, in the end, will determine how long mail takes to be delivered.

It takes approximately five to seven business days for mail to be delivered to the United States from Ukraine.


Some businesses outside of the Ukraine National Post, known as Ukrposhta, will only mail to the United States once weekly to save on costs and air freight.

Global businesses such as FedEx may deliver more frequently and with greater speed, but overall, mail from Ukraine can take at least one week if not longer.

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Can mail from Ukraine arrive in less than one week?

Yes, mail can arrive in the United States from Ukraine in less than one week. If you want mail from Ukraine to arrive in less than one week, you will likely have to use a courier service and it will be more costly.

Still, snail mail from Ukraine to the United States is likely to take at least five to seven business days.

This timeline will be longer if you use a service that only ships to the United States once weekly, which is common in Ukraine.

This is because there are only so many flights going to the United States with mail for Americans, and in some cases, that is just how long it takes to get mail onto a flight.

Couriers from Ukraine to the United States (such as FedEx World or UPS) can get mail to America within two to seven days, depending on the delivery mode selected at the time of mailing.

Delivery times are not the only concern for people in Ukraine when shipping to the United States, however.

There are also additional costs and export fees, in addition to prohibited items for shipping. There are weight restrictions also well under Ukrainian law that prohibit parcels higher than 66 pounds from being mailed to the United States.

What are the customs requirements for shipments from Ukraine to the United States?

CN 23 customs declaration

A form called the “CN 23 Customs Declaration” must be filled out when shipping to the United States.

This form is not much different than the one Americans must fill out when they are shipping internationally.

On this form, shippers must provide information on what is being shipped, how much is being shipped, and the estimated cost of the items.

This is a customs declaration, so it is an official legal document. When this form is being filled out, the information must be specific.

For example, the word “clothing items” is not sufficient.

You must say something like, “boy shirt and pants” or similar. Items such as household appliances, electronics, and furniture must also be clearly defined.

Ukraine is a developed country like the United States and exports a wide range of goods annually, making these forms easy and straightforward to fill out.

Are there any restrictions for recipients in the United States?

Any American, be it a business or individual, can accept goods from another country so long as both countries say that these goods can be shipped and received.

restrictions to receivers

If it is legal in America, but not in Ukraine, this item cannot be shipped from Ukraine, and vice versa.

Any such goods will be scanned and confiscated with the shipper subject to consequences depending on the country where the violation occurred.

Ukraine law also stipulates that mail must be sent to real people that can be verified at the address on the mailing label or package.

Any shipment sent to someone that does not live at that address, or that does not exist, might be confiscated.

Duty restrictions not only place weight restrictions on packages, but the contents must also not exceed a value of over €150 Euros, which is the equivalent of approximately $165 USD.

There are also cultural values restrictions under Ukrainian law that prohibit the shipment of certain items that might have cultural value.

These are generic items, such as art or important historic mementos, that are defined to have cultural value.

In times of crisis, items of cultural value are prevalent.

Do packages from Ukraine have requirements?

Ukraine has a national post like any other developed nation, and as such, it has clear and defined shipping requirements for other countries.

packages from Ukraine

It is preferred, but not always required, that shipments be managed in cardboard boxes and contain the names and addresses of the receivers on two different sides of the shipment box.

In Ukraine, flight time for parcels is the commodity, not the weight of the parcel.

Your package might be a large stuffed animal, for example, and could cost more to ship than a small box with a decorative stone in it.

Size is important when your shippers are mailing you things from Ukraine. Still, weight plays a role and the largest of two numbers (weight or size dimensions) will make all of the difference in determining the cost of your shipping.

What cultural items does Ukraine does not allow shipment of?

“Cultural items” is a broad statement that may confuse people looking to ship certain items.

Those in Ukraine might say, if you’re worried, don’t ship it. The transport of cultural items from Ukraine is taken seriously, as it would be for any nation that saw pieces of its history being shipped away.

Art is the most commonly cited item that Ukraine might consider an item of cultural value.

Preserved documents, historical dishware or clothing, and anything that is markedly a product of Ukraine might also be a cultural item.

This does not mean that you can’t purchase ceramic Ukraine Easter eggs at a souvenir shop before you come home.

ceramic Ukraine Easter eggs

If they were authentic Ukrainian Easter eggs hand-painted by a former first lady of the country, that would be a different scenario and you might have a few extra forms to fill out.

Musical instruments are also frequently cited as something of cultural value that Americans cannot receive from Ukraine without the proper declaration and certification.

To export or ship items of cultural value, you will have to contact the State Control Department in Ukraine and have the item certified with a six-month time-sensitive export certificate as fit to travel and fit to be shipped, and even then, it may still be confiscated at one border crossing or another.

Which items are prohibited to ship under Ukrainian law?

Ukraine law prohibits the shipping of certain items, and the list is not much different than the list for the U.S. or other North American countries.

Firearms and any ammunition are not allowed, nor are any flammable items. Here are more things on the list of prohibited items for shipping under Ukraine law:

  • Weapons that are sharp
  • Atypical but common weapons such as brass knuckles or stilettos
  • Aerosol brands and products
  • Indecent content
  • Illegal substances and chemicals
  • Weapons permits
  • Military IDs
  • Records of employment
  • Passports
  • Content in violation of international property law
  • Gold, silver, and some metals
  • Seeds for planting and any materials for planting
  • Food of any kind
  • Medication
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Amber products
  • More than three cell phones
brass knuckle

Do you need to ship to America from Ukraine?

Shipping to America from Ukraine is not much different than shipping internationally from anywhere to the United States.

An estimated wait time for delivery of five to seven business days is quite reasonable and common. In some developed countries, that is the wait time for domestic snail mail from one end of the country to the other.

If you need to ship to America from Ukraine, a little bit of homework is needed. If you have something special to send, then you have to do some additional paperwork.

Otherwise, the only other concern is the wait time, which might be well worth it once you receive the package.