How Long Does It Take to Renew an Irish Passport?

No passport stays valid forever. If you’re from Ireland, you need an unexpired passport to legally travel to most other countries around the world, just like everyone else.

So, if you have plans to travel abroad and have a passport that is expired (or expiring soon), it’s crucial to know how long the renewal will take.

How long does it take to renew an Irish passport?

The exact amount of time can vary depending on the circumstances. However, the average renewal time takes around 10 days after you complete the relevant paperwork.

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What is the timeline for renewing an Irish passport?

According to the Irish passport website, the timeline kicks off once the application is received.

This means that postage time is not factored into the process. Renewal turnaround ranges between three and 10 days if the application is filled out correctly and all documents have been received.

If additional documents are required, the 10-day timeline starts over again once they are received.

Is passport renewal time different for children?

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Yes, children’s passport renewals generally take a little longer than those for adults. The average processing time (upon receipt of the application) is 15 days for Irish children’s passports.

Where you can go to renew an Irish passport

There are three ways to renew passports: online, by post, and in person. Irish passport holders can apply to renew their passports online through the Passport Online portal on the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

Renewals in person can take place at the Passport Office in Dublin in Cork, or the nearest Irish embassy or consulate if you are abroad.

To renew by post, a standard renewal form (APS1) must be obtained at any Garda station or post office and filled in.

It cannot be downloaded on a personal computer and printed out. The application must then be sent through Post Passport, a service by An Post, instead of regular mail post.

How long Irish passports are valid

Like those from most other countries, Irish passports are valid for a total of 10 years. To travel after the expiration date (or in some cases, close to it), it is necessary to renew the passport.

Other reasons for renewal are when the passport is lost, damaged, or stolen, or if you have legally changed your name or gender.

What is required to renew an Irish passport?

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Your Irish passport renewal application will have to include several things:

  • A filled-out APS 1 form, or APS 2 if you’re currently residing outside of the country.
  • A recent digital photo that clearly shows your face and shoulders (your face should take up between 70 and 80% of the photo) and is between 25 x 45 mm and 30 x 50 mm in size. The photo cannot be altered or digitally enhanced.
  • Your old passport, if it has more than 12 months validity at the time you are filling out your application.
  • Your passport renewal fee.

How much does it cost to renew an Irish passport?

The required passport renewal fees depend on the method that is used as well as the type of passport that is ordered.

When renewed online, a standard adult passport costs €75, while a large 66-page adult passport costs €105.

A standard child passport renewed online costs €20.

For those who renew from outside Ireland, an additional €15 postal fee applies. An Post renewals cost €80 for a standard adult passport and €110 for the enlarged (66-page) size, while a standard one for a child costs €30.

Checks are not accepted, and additional fluctuations in cost apply for those renewing in person, through an embassy or consulate, or the post in Northern Ireland.

How to renew an expired Irish passport

If your passport is past its valid date, the good news is that you can renew an expired Irish passport and people do so all the time.

However, if your most recent passport is more than five years expired, you will have to fill out another full “first Irish passport” application.

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If your passport is not expired, your new one will become valid upon the date the application finishes processing, and you should use it going forward.

Do I have to send in my old passport when renewing?

That depends. If your passport is still valid for another year (12 months), you will have to send it in with your renewal application.

If it is expired or has fewer than 12 months of validity left, you will not have to send it in and should instead keep it in a safe place at home.

How to renew your Irish passport if you no longer have your old one

Because you don’t need to send in your old passport if it is expired or close to expiring, you can renew your Irish passport without actually having it in your possession.

If it is still valid for a year or longer, however, you will still be able to renew but will have to report the loss or theft to both the Passport Office and An Garda Síochána.

If you lost your passport while traveling outside of the country, contact the local Irish embassy or consulate for assistance with getting a replacement.

It is important to act quickly if your passport has been lost or stolen to both get a new one (if you need it soon) and to prevent people who aren’t you from traveling with it.

How to expedite an Irish passport renewal

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It is possible to expedite your Irish passport renewal. However, no passport can be guaranteed to arrive by a certain date.

The Irish passport office states that those who wish to expedite their renewal should book an in-person Urgent Passport Appointment at their customer service offices in Dublin, Cork, or London, for additional fees.

The following urgent renewal services are offered at these passport offices:

  • Same day renewal. These appointments can be booked 3 days in advance at all offices.
  • Four-day renewal. These appointments can be booked 3 weeks in advance at all offices.
  • Five-day renewal. These appointments can be booked 3 weeks in advance but are offered only at the London office.

Can I track the progress of my passport renewal?

You can track the progress of your Irish passport renewal online at by submitting your passport application ID number.

This is the 11-digit barcode number that appears on your application form or on your An Post receipt.

How to renew an Irish passport while in another country

Unexpected situations happen, and at times a passport may need to be renewed while residing or traveling abroad in another country.

In most cases, the best thing to do is contact the local Irish embassy or consulate in the nation you are in.

They will be able to provide you with an APS2 form, which you will need to send in from your location.

If you are unable to reach or locate an Irish consulate near you, head online to the Irish government passport website.

Order the necessary forms, and either send them in manually (if Post Passport is offered in your area) or online.

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If more information is needed, you will be contacted directly.

Countries that don’t require a passport for Irish citizens to enter

Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom (Britain) generally do not require Irish citizens to have passports upon entry, though this primarily is limited to certain modes of travel, such as ferries and small planes between the two countries.

Irish citizens traveling to Britain from elsewhere will still be required to show valid passports.

Where can I go without a travel visa as an Irish passport holder?

Though a valid passport is still required, Ireland does have diplomatic relationships with numerous other countries that enables Irish passport holders to travel without obtaining a visa.

This list includes a total of 110 countries, with visa-free timeframes typically spanning between 1 month and 90 days.

In some cases, there is no time limit.