How Much Do HGTV Hosts Make?

Upwards of 82% of homes with cable watch HGTV, according to research. HGTV had been spending roughly $400 million a year on original content as recently as 2016.

The majority of HGTV’s programming is devoted to home improvement, home buying, and home-flipping reality shows.

Viewership and profits for several of the personalities have climbed rapidly. So, how much are the popular stars on this channel being paid?

HGTV stars earn anywhere from $10,000 per episode to as much as $40,000. This depends on the popularity of the show and the demands of the hosts.

Also, some hosts have networks of up to 200M dollars.

Continue reading as we tell you how much all the stars earn on HGTV.

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How Much Do HGTV Hosts Make?

There are many hosts on HGTV. We’ll be highlighting those who gross the highest earnings on the shows and explaining what the HGTV stars make.

How Much Money Do Chip and Joanna Gaines Make?

Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip Gaines is a multi-millionaire American reality television personality and design expert known for his work on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

HGTV’s Fixer Upper was the first show to make them a household name.

The pair is now in charge of a home remodeling empire that comprises various television shows and a line of kitchenware sold at Target.

In April of this year, Chip and Joanna announced a new partnership with HGTV to develop their television network and streaming service. According to Parade, they make an average of $30,000 per renovation.

How Much Money Does Tarek el Moussa Get from HGTV?

Tarek El Moussa is a reality television star and a real estate agent from the United States, and he’s worth $15 million.

A real estate agent and a house flipper, Tarek has his HQ in Orange County, California.

Among his most renowned HGTV endeavors was the reality show Flip or Flop.

During the show’s early seasons, Christina and Tarek made a combined total of $10,000 per episode.

 Christina El Moussa

That amounted to roughly $130,000 throughout the season. At $40,000 per episode in season three, they were paid an average of $620,000 every season.

What Is Christina El Moussa’s Salary?

During the show’s early seasons, Christina and Tarek made a combined total of $10,000 per episode.

That amounted to roughly $130,000 throughout the season. At $40,000 per episode in season three, they were paid an average of $620,000 every season.

Christina’s salary had risen to $50,000 per episode by the time she landed her show on HGTV in 2019.

Drew and Jonathan Scott Earnings

Once they’d sold their first house for $50,000, the two brothers saw an opportunity they couldn’t pass up.

They’ve grown in value to the tune of $200 million! In the next few years, we won’t be surprised if that number rises.

Drew and Jonathan Scott

With Drew playing agent and Jonathan playing contractor, the Property Brothers help individuals identify and effectively renovate fixer-upper homes on their TV show of the same name.

Bryan Baeumler’s Earnings

Bryan Baeumler is a Canadian contractor who has been on various HGTV episodes, including Renovation Island and Leaves it to Bryan.

His net worth of $20 million puts him right at the top of our list, which is no surprise.

It only goes to show that perseverance and hard work are well worth the effort. Nevertheless, even before he became an HGTV sensation, he was a wealthy man.

Lara Spencer’s Earnings

Lara Spencer’s program, I Brake for Yard Sales, had a very low-budget strategy for filmmaking.

For the show, she scoured yard sales as well as flea markets in search of the best deals, and she provided lots of advice for viewers on how to discover similar deals.

Spencer’s work as a co-anchor on Good Morning America and as a guest contributor on Nightline and The Early Show has made her a household name.

Lara Spencer

Lara Spencer is a well-known TV personality, so it should go without saying that she has a lot of money.

At the time of this writing, her net worth stands at a pretty respectable ($20 million, to be exact).

How Much Does Candice Olson Make?

Divine Design was her first step into television, and it was a huge success. It was Olson’s job to fix a problem area of the home in each episode.

As a result of Olson’s talent and charismatic persona, the show immediately became a huge success on HGTV.

Even though she may no longer feature on the channel’s programming, she has maintained her ties to HGTV.

With the help of the company, she has launched a line of clothing, bringing in $10 million in revenue!

Hilary Farr’s Earnings

Hilary Farr, the co-host of Love It or List It, was born to be a star. Interior design became her new passion and source of income.

Hilary discovered that she could not only create stunning interiors for large payouts, but she also had a penchant for being on camera after living in and remodeling a few residences.

Her current market value is estimated at $8 million. That number will likely only rise in the future.

Farr and her co-host David Visentin are “pitted” against each other on her popular television show.

Farr’s job is to convince the owners to stay in their current home by remodeling it to their liking to keep them there.

As a result of Farr’s work on the original show, there have been various spin-offs around the world.

What Should You Do to Get Featured on an HGTV Show?


Do you want to be a participant in an HGTV makeover? HGTV has a casting call page on its website.

It’s also possible to look for a production firm by watching the end credits of your favorite television show, even if there is no opening for the show you’re looking for.

To keep up with casting news, you may follow them on social media.

When Does an HGTV Show Go into Production?

HGTV’s senior vice president of production and development, Betsy Ayala, estimates that it can take somewhere between three to eight months to film a makeover episode.

For the sake of keeping the show’s length at an hour or less, the footage is, of course, edited together.

Betsy agrees, saying, “It all depends on the type and scope of the projects.” For series like Home Town and Inside Out, which tackle both the inside and outside of the home at the same time, production time is likely to be lengthier than for shows that only focus on interiors.

What Happens to the Furniture from HGTV Episodes?

When it comes to interior design, many people are enamored by the final layouts. Here’s the catch: Often, the homes are staged, which means that the homeowners don’t get to keep the furnishings and decor featured on TV.

Ayala admits that “most if not all of our flipping displays are staged,” but she says that based on the client, some of the furniture may be included in the renovation.

Furniture From HGTV Episodes

While it’s true that if you’re a fan of the final product, you can purchase any of it, even if it’s beyond your budgeted cost for the show.

Why Doesn’t HGTV Show All the Rooms After a Renovation?

A common question among viewers of home improvement shows on cable television is: Why aren’t more rooms in a house being shown?

Ayala believes that one of two things is going on.

If you don’t see renovations on the show, it’s either because they weren’t a priority or because they weren’t included in the scope of the project, she says.

While it’s uncommon, there are times when cuts are necessary due to the show’s running duration.

Is HGTV Responsible for the Renovation Costs?

It’s a popular misconception that being on a television show entitles you to free remodeling or at the very least reduced prices.

However, homeowners are on the hook for the costs of the renovations.

Betsy explains that HGTV does donate building funding from time to time to assist with speeding up and enhancing projects for television.

work with designers

Even if you have to pay for it yourself, the big benefit is that you get to work with HGTV’s designers.

Why the Books on the Shelf of HGTV Broadcasts Always Face the Wrong Way

You may have believed this was a new-age design trend, but Betsy explains that copyright difficulties are the most common cause.

It’s possible that some people avoid reading because they don’t want to be assessed by the books they own.

As long as it looks excellent, that is what matters most to our designers.

How Many Shows Has the House Hunters Franchise Produced?

For those of you who don’t know, HGTV first introduced the concept of House Hunters in 1999, and now there are 16 episodes in the series.

Even though so many people were unaware of the show’s existence for nearly two decades, it has produced a total of 15 other productions that have taken audiences around the world.


Also, it provided them with new and fascinating views on what might be done with their residences, what to search for, and how residences differed from one region to the next.

Since the program appears manufactured at times, many spectators are unsure of what they’re seeing.

In other circumstances, the reality of the individuals who need these houses and what they are prepared to do to get them is just astounding because the budgets they have to operate with and the rates that you see certain houses for at times are amazing or eye-popping.