How Much Money Do Americans Spend on Pet Costumes for Halloween?

More than 90 million American families have at least one pet, from dogs to cats, birds to bunnies, fish to hamsters, and more.

Many Americans show love for their animal companions by purchasing pet Halloween costumes and decking their dogs and cats out in themed outfits to celebrate the spooky season.

Americans spend more than $490 million on pet Halloween costumes each year. This amount has doubled over the last decade as nearly 30 million Americans commit to pet costumes for the October 31st holiday.

Keep reading to learn more about Americans’ spending habits on pet Halloween costumes.

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Why do Americans love pet Halloween costumes?

Pet Costume

U.S. Halloween traditions go back two centuries when a huge wave of immigrants arrived, bringing with them their favorite autumn festivities.

Halloween has become especially popular in the last 50 years as kids of all ages look forward to dressing up and getting lots of candy.

In recent times, the Halloween tradition has extended to animals, too. After all, pets are a member of the family, and millions of people find it fun to dress their dogs and cats up, too.

These costumes are readily available nowadays, making it tempting for dedicated dog and cat owners to buy a special Halloween outfit for their pets.

Also, there’s a huge variety of pet costumes out there now, as pet clothing companies take advantage of the high demand for Halloween outfits.

With plenty of pet costumes to choose from, millions of Americans are jumping on the Halloween trend.

How much do pet Halloween costumes cost?

Americans have spent nearly $500 million on pet Halloween costumes in recent years, with costs quickly adding up even though most costumes are priced around $10–$30 each.

With approximately 29 million Americans partaking in the new pet Halloween costume tradition every year, it’s no surprise the amount of money Americans spend on these costumes keeps going up.

Costumes for Halloween

On average Americans spend $20 on their pet’s Halloween costume each year, with dog and cat costumes by far the most popular.

What are the best stores for pet Halloween costumes?

As autumn rolls around, Halloween costumes for animals aren’t that hard to find, as long as you’re looking at stores that carry pet supplies already.

PetSmart, Petco, Target, Walmart, Etsy, and Amazon are the top stores for pet Halloween costumes, as they usually have a wide selection of designs and sizes to choose from.

Chain stores are known for cheaper pet Halloween costumes, although local pet boutiques and independent stores are a good place to shop if you’re happy to spend a little more.

What kind of pet Halloween costumes are there?

Dogs are some of the best pets for kids, and they are also the easiest animals to dress up for Halloween thanks to a huge array of costumes.

Whether it’s a dog or cat costume, there are many memorable Halloween looks for beloved pets.

Here are some of the different pet Halloween costumes you may see while out and about:

kind of pet Halloween costumes
  • Pumpkins and Halloween sweaters
  • Ketchup and mustard
  • Lions and tigers
  • Dinosaurs
  • Witches
  • Monsters
  • Vikings
  • Unicorns
  • Hot dogs

There are full-on pet costumes with four holes for the arms and legs, or more casual headbands and hats that may work better for high-energy puppies.

What are the most popular pet Halloween costumes?

The most popular pet Halloween costumes change year after year with new designs hitting the market all the time.

However, it’s safe to say that pumpkins, lions, and monsters are some of the most popular pet costumes every season.

love matching

Halloween sweaters and pajamas are another big hit with pet owners who love matching options and something a little more low-key than a big costume.

Either way, you can look forward to seeing many of the best-selling children’s Halloween costumes reimagined into pet outfits, too.

Where can you buy cheap pet Halloween costumes?

The cheapest place to buy pet Halloween costumes is your local dollar store, where you can pick up a costume for your furry friend for just a few bucks.

Otherwise, Target and Walmart are known for their wide selection of affordable pet Halloween costumes. PetSmart and Petco also have lots of fun costumes to choose from.

Amazon is another popular source of cheap Halloween costumes for dogs and cats. You can order hundreds of products from Amazon year-round, unlike some brick-and-mortar stores that only carry pet Halloween costumes in the immediate lead-up to the holiday.

Something else to think about if you want to save money on pet Halloween costumes is stocking up just after the holiday.

Chain stores and smaller pet boutiques alike usually put any leftover costumes on sale after October 31st to make way for Christmas products.

Where can you buy matching Halloween costumes for pets?

matching Halloween costumes for pets

With Americans spending half a billion on pet Halloween costumes every year, demand is growing for matching outfits.

A lot of people find it super cute to match with their pets in seasonal sweaters or the same Halloween costume.

From Chihuahuas all the way up to Great Pyrenees, there are Halloween costume sizes to fit small and large dogs alike, and then similar outfits for kids and adults to wear.

Check out Target, Walmart, or Amazon to see the widest selection of matching Halloween costumes.

There’s also the option of doing related costumes, such as having the adults dress up as ketchup and mustard with a hot dog costume for their canine companion.

Pumpkin and ghost combo costumes are other go-to classics for animal lovers during Halloween.

What are the best brands of pet Halloween costumes?

If you’re planning on a Halloween costume for your pet, you can find so many fun examples and sources of inspiration on social media.

You may also want to visit your local pet store to look at the options in person.

Halloween costume

Here are some of the best brands to put on your list for pet Halloween costumes:

  • Kuoser
  • Animal Planet
  • Platinum Pets
  • Rubie’s
  • Mogoko
  • California Costume Collections

With more pet costume brands and dozens of fun designs, you should see options for most, if not all, of your dog Halloween costume ideas.

How to choose a pet Halloween costume?

Americans spend close to $500 million a year on pet Halloween costumes, so you can rest assured you’re not alone if you decide to join in on this trend with your beloved dog or cat.

Deciding on a pet Halloween costume is the hardest part, as there are so many fun and adorable options out there.

The key is to find a costume that you not only like the look of but also can realistically imagine your pet wearing for at least a little bit.

If you have a young puppy, you may want to start with a headband or hat to see how they adjust.


Some pet owners have more luck with large costumes that fit over all four legs as it’s harder for pets to wiggle out.

Either way, just make sure your dog or cat is as comfortable as possible and make sure they get a break from their costume.

With those things in mind, you should have a successful, photo-worthy Halloween with your precious pet involved, too.