The 15 Most Photographed Places On Earth

Travelling the world is such an exciting experience for any traveller. You get to see so many amazing places and take pictures of all of the beautiful things you see on your way there. So when taking into account the sheer volume of travellers visiting major cities around the world every year we thought to take a look at the most popular and most photographed landmarks in Major Cities around the world.

The following list – in no particular order – will give you some insight on these landmarks as well as how people actually visit them each year:

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1. Trinità dei Monti, Rome, Italy

Right on top of the famous Spanish Steps In Piazza di Spagna stands the iconic landmark of the Church of Trinita dei Monti built in the year 1502, which is a Roman Catholic church from the late Renaissance area. This is one of the most famous squares in Rome and it’s no wonder why tourist flock to this stunning destination to marvel at its absolute beauty.

The famous steps and church included has not only been photographed by a thousand (maybe more) tourists but has also made several appearances on the silver screen, being featured in movies such as The Talented Mr. Ripley from 1999 and Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts in 2010 as well as the iconic film Roman Holiday in the 1950s.

During a study in 2014 conducted by Google, this area along with the steps were named the most photographed area in Rome, according to VeniceEvents. Which is no surprise when taking into account the mixture of unique designs crafted by the architects to create this stunning scene.

2. Casa Batlló, Barcelona

Created by architect Antoni Gaudí, between 1904 and 1906, this absolutely unique structure has been a fan favourite for many years, which comes as no surprise seeing as it is a one of a kind work of art that features elements of Catalan modernism and actually steels the story of Saint George and how he killed a dragon through the ceramic glass illustrations.

Located in the heart of the Exiample district at 43, Passeig de Gràcia , it is also exactly in the centre of the world famous block named Manzana de la Discordia, there tourist are able to marble at this architectural wonder where it was photographed by thousands of tourists each day.

3. Moulin Rouge, Paris, France

This famous Parisian landmark was originally created in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller – who funfact: also founded the Paris Olymia – however, it did burn down in the 1915 fires and has since then been reconstructed and remodelled to return it to its former glory.

According to FrebchMomentsEU, this famous landmark receives about 600,000 spectators each year, they also do 2 shows per night every day of the year with each show always being sold out. It’s no wonder that this famous landmark is on this list as it is one of the most recognizable places in Paris with its flashy neon lights and red windmill.

4. Kız Kulesi, Istanbul

Otherwise known as The Maiden’s Tower, this iconic landmark dates as far back as 2,500 years and is one of the most famous historical sites in Istanbul. The tower is located in the Bosphorus and is said to be the only monument of the Byzantine era in Üsküdar, according to Takvim. The tower was commissioned by the commander of Athens, Alkibiades, to control the ships that wanted to enter or depart the Bosphorus.

From there, the history of this tower continues back thousands of years leaving it with an unbelievably rich historical story that makes it a must see adventure for any traveller going to Istanbul and also earning its spot on this list as being one of the most photographed landmarks in history.

5. Ponte dell’Accademia, Venice

Being only one of the four bridges to cross the Grand Canal in Venice, it was created in 1933 with the idea of only being a temporary structure to act as a replacement for the 1854 iron bridge, but it became a beloved landmark over time and has gained the reputation of being the best as none of the other structures have lasted as long as it has.

At the time, in 1933, it was known as the longest bridge made out of wood in Europe and thanks to careful conservation it still stands as one of the most beloved bridges in Venice. Tourists have loved the site so much that they’ve taken to the tradition of adding “Love Locks” to the metal hand rails, however since there are now over 20,000 reported locks on the bridge the local authorities are wanting to shut down the tradition in the hopes that the extra weight will not harm the integrity of the bridge.

6. Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo

This stunning palace hotel was founded in 1864 by François Blanc and it has stood the test of time – even after a full four year reconstruction transformation – and still remains one of the most famous locations for tourists to come visit when in Monte Carlo. Not only does it have one of the best Casino’s but it also has a Opera House as well as enjoying the reputation of being the best place in Monaco to watch the F1 Grand Prix.

A slew of famous celebrities including Lady Gaga and Julia Roberts are known to visits and stay at the palace when visiting Monaco so it comes as no surprise that not only is the landmark itself a wonderful photo opportunity for visiting tourists but also the chance of bumping into the rich and famous makes this a super fun and thrilling outing.

7. Piazzale Michelangelo, Florence

According to, Borghi di Toscana, this is the most famous lookout point of Florence, so it comes as no surprise that tourist flock to this destination in order to take the most breath taking pictures of the city of Florence and earning its place on this list. Created in 1865, when Florence was still known as the Capital city of Italy, the square was created in the neoclassic style of Loggia and does not hold back with its beautiful view of the city.

It was created as a dedication to the famous artist and sculpture Michelangelo and even features some of this most famous works as bronze copies which includes the statue of David and the four allegories of the Medici Chapels of San Lorenzo, according to Borghi di Toscana. There are two ways to gain access to the square, the one is by foot and climbing the stairs of the “Rampe” located in the district of San Niccolò from the Piazza Poggi or the second is to travel along the Viale Michelangelo by car or bus.

8. Caminito, Buenos Aires

This next location is found in La boca (which means little path in Spanish) and is described as a “street museum” that is made up of a row of colourfully painted houses and buildings. Nearing the end of the 19th century port era, these colourful homes became a typical characterization of being the homes of immigrants. It was once said to have followed the route of an old stream, however, when the water dried up it later became a part of the route that a railroad was made on.

Conservationists and artists made worked tirelessly and made it their mission to reinvent the Caminito after it was abandoned in the 1950s when the railroad had closed. They began collaborating with neighbouring villages and well known artist Benito Quinquela Martín by using the old buildings as their canvases to create new and unique pieces of art in the form of buildings.

Their efforts paid off as several Argentine artists also became involved, displaying their art on the buildings, and the street was reimagined with not only its reputation of being a street museum but as well as the additions of several restaurants and classic and cultural dance shows being put on for tourists. The fact that this street is covered in original art with such beautiful and colourful techniques, makes this location a prime spot for tourists and traveling photographers to get some of the most beautiful pictures imaginable.

9. St. Stephen’s Basilica, Budapest

This is the largest church in Budapest and took over 50 years to complete as well as being able to hold up to 8,500 people inside its walls at once. The original creator of the plans for this structure, Architect Jozsef Hild, oversaw the beginning of construction in 1851 however died 16 years later in 1867 a full 34 years before its completion. Miklós Ybl – who was a very well-known architect in Europe at the time – took over soon after his death. Although he had his work cut out for him because the dome of the basilica collapsed a year later so he had to redesign the draft of the new plans for the structure.

Miklós Ybl passed away 23 years later in 1891 and never had the opportunity to see the church completed, however historians claim it was completely finished according to his redesign of the structures plans. Its intense history aside, this church is a wonder to behold with it featuring both the neo-classic styles by Hild as well as the neo-renaissance styles later added by Ybl. As well as the inside of the church being a glorious walk through history as the walls are decorated with the most beautiful artwork of famous artists of that era. It is no wonder that this location has made and earned its way onto this list as it is a tourist favourite and has produced thousands of the most beautiful pictures by photographers and tourists alike.

10. Prague Astronomical Clock, Prague

Located in the capital city of The Czech Republic – or Cezchia for short – in the heart of the old town, it is known as the oldest astronomical clock that is still functioning to this very day. It was issued in 1410 and said to be “allegedly” created by Hanuš, a very skilled craftsman of his era however through research and historical records, that includes a clerical error, it is believed that the clock was actually designed and created by Mikuláš of Kadaň and Jan Šindel although there is still much debate about the origins and actual creators of the famous clock – some every turning into modern day urban myths.

One of which includes the story that the creator blinded himself upon completing the clock so that no one – not even himself – would ever be able to recreate the clock exactly as it stands in all of its glory and beauty. With such a rich history as well as it being absolutely beautiful to behold it’s easy to see why this is one of the most famously photographed and sought after landmarks in the world.

11. Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Found in the heart of the grand central square in Madrid, the Plaza Mayor is a large yet beautiful rare open space compared to the other more tightly packed streets that Spain is known for. Inspired by Herrerian style, the square was designed by Juan Gómez de Mora in 1619 with the idea to add to the beautification of the city however was later used for very controversial events such as bullfights, public executions – such as garrotte deaths, hangings and even burning alleged criminals at the stake.

However this was put to an end when a large fire destroyed most of the square in 1790 and was rebranded as a space where people could experience the true Madrid lifestyle. With so much history as well as architectural significance tourist have happily travelled to this famous square over the years to enjoy and immerse themselves in the Madrid lifestyle and culture.

12. Journey Behind the Falls, Niagara Falls

With over 30 million people visiting this site each year, is it really a shock that this natural wonder made it onto this list? It offers a once-in-a-lifetime adventure experience for tourists to not only see and tour the waterfalls but also to take the most stunning photos of one of the biggest waterfalls in the world.

It is separated by two islands and is made up of three different waterfalls and is located on the Canadian and United States border. The falls are accessible from the Table Rock Centre that is located in the Niagara Parkway. Tourists are able to travel through the tunnels inside the falls and then get the opportunity to view the Horseshoe shaped falls at the base.

13. Westfield Sydney, Sydney

Located beneath the Sydney Tower inside the Sydney central business district, this large shopping centre – as well as the first of its kind on this list – is one of the biggest, as well as the fourth largest in Australia, tourist attractions for the city in Australia. It first opened its doors in 1972 with only 52 stores but was later refurbished in 1984 as well as there have been additional upgrades made to the structure in 1996 and 2000. The total cost coming down to a cool A$930 million.

It now has over 350 stores for tourists to enjoy and has become a landmark in its own right after many years of reconstruction and development. Compared to the other sites in this list it might seem strange that a shopping centre is mentioned, however when taken into account the sheer volume of tourists that actually visit this location it is understandable to know why it’s one of the most photographed landmarks in the world.

14. Piccadilly Circus, London

This site is not actually a circus, but rather lends its name from the Latin word that means circle. This public space and road junction is found in London’s West End in Westminster City and was created in 1819 with the intent to connect Piccadilly with Regent Street.

This location is filled with history and secrets and is a prime place for tourists to visit as they travel through London. With all the bright lights of the large televisions on the buildings as well as a lot of places to go shopping its no wonder tourists love coming to this junction while taking some amazing pictures as they go a long their merry travels.

15. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

The last location on this list is surely one every travellers must have on their bucket list as not only is it wickedly impressive to behold and makes for stunning pictures but it also actually holds two Guinness World Records for its laser and light shows during their New Year’s Eve celebrations. The structure is so large that it can be seen from 92km away, as well as it’s the tallest building in Dubai.

The structure broke records back in 2013 when it won over Hong Kong and its light show. However, last year in 2018, it broke its own record doubling the span of lit up surface area of 109,252 square meters. A regional desert flower, The Spider Lily was the inspiration for the design of the building by architect Giogrio Armani. This is absolutely the most impressive modern man made structure on this list which is why so many tourist are eager to witness the bright lights and amazing structure themselves.

The 15 most photographed landmarks

So there you have it, 15 of the most photographed landmarks in the world, all awe inspiring, all amazing in their own right and all are the perfect place for any photographer to get that amazing snap to add to their portfolio.