What Percentage of the World Population Is Religious?

Religion is a system of worship and faith centered around a superhuman power or Gods that control the Earth. While different religions bring millions of people together, there’s also a growing number of people who are atheists or non-believers in a higher power. Overall, around 85% of the world population is religious, while about 15% … Read more

What Percentage of the World Population Is Atheist?

Religion has played a substantial role in the history of the world, with many countries, wars, and significant historical events all linked back to religious ideologies. While billions of people worldwide follow organized religion, millions more do not subscribe to religious faith. Those individuals are referred to as atheists. Atheism is a rejection of deities … Read more

What Percentage of the World Population Has Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes are beloved around the world for their beauty and depth. Along with brown, green, and hazel, blue is one of the primary eye colors. Between 8% to 10% of the world population has blue eyes. which are most common in Europe. Baltic and Scandinavian countries such as Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland have … Read more

The 12 Largest Countries in South America

Home to the famous Amazon River, the world’s largest rainforests, and the greatest biodiversity, South America is the fourth largest continent in the world with a total area of 17,732,346 sq km. Moreover, it is the fifth continent with the largest population – 434,254,119 people. Approximately 47% of the total area is covered with forests, … Read more

The 10 Countries with the Largest Forest Area

Forests are one of the earth’s greatest and most important gifts. More than two billion people depend on them for basic needs. Forests provide more than just food and shelter – they are beneficial in fighting climate change by storing carbon dioxide and improving the water supply. Not only do people need forests, but animals … Read more

The 10 Largest Deserts on Earth

It is undeniable that deserts are among the most fascinating splendors of mother nature. As most people commonly know, a desert is characterized by extremely low rainfall levels throughout the year, and it is expected to be a hot and sandy region. However, there are also cold deserts which are also known as polar deserts. … Read more

The 10 Countries with the Most Annual Tree Cover Loss

There is no doubt that trees are one of the most important things on earth. They provide food, goods, and a home for both people and animals. Furthermore, forests are crucial to people’s livelihoods and are often the main source of income and resources. Without trees, the environment is at risk, causing it to lose … Read more