What Is the Richest City in Arizona?

Did you know that Arizona is one of the fastest-growing states in 2022? With an average growth of 1.6% this year, it’s easy to say that more people are being drawn to the state due to growth opportunities. With more opportunities, some may wonder what is the richest city in Arizona? The wealthiest city in … Read more

Is Phoenix (Arizona) Worth Visiting?

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and has gained the slogan, “Valley of the Sun” since it is a desert municipality of parts including ancient structures, then contemporary buildings, sandstone, and cactus. It’s the nation’s fifth most populated city, and visitors to Phoenix, whether they are sports enthusiasts, history buffs, party animals, or environmental lovers, … Read more

What Are the Worst Neighborhoods in Phoenix (Arizona)?

People have been relocating to Phoenix in droves, for jobs, education, environment, and hopes of an overall improved lifestyle. Of course, Phoenix has a lot to offer, but it also has its fair share of issues, from an educational system that needs improvement to serious crime in some neighborhoods. So, what are the worst neighborhoods … Read more

Are There Fleas and Ticks in Phoenix (Arizona)?

Many people have been relocating to Phoenix, Arizona, and its surrounding areas for a myriad of reasons, including jobs and the environment. Many others enjoy vacationing there. However, pet owners, in particular, are often concerned about whether there are ticks, fleas, mites, and other types of small pests in Arizona. In Arizona, there are at … Read more

The 20 Best Things To Do in Buckeye, Arizona

Located just 30 miles from downtown Phoenix, this up and coming city is an adventurer’s dream. The abundance of outdoor activities has travelers coming back for more. 1. Hidden Lake After 2+ years of rehabilitation, Hidden Lake has once again become a popular location for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. With over 60 acres of … Read more

The 10 Most Affordable Snowbird Destinations in Arizona

If you want to leave the cold winters of Canada behind, you can find your own place in Arizona. The most affordable snowbird destinations in Arizona enjoy the sun, outdoor activities, and a strong economy based on powerful production and retail engines. Not all destinations are the same but the affordable ones are the best. … Read more