How Many Even Cards Are There in a Deck?

There are typically 20 even cards in a standard deck of playing cards. However, the answer to this question can be a lengthy one. There is almost no such thing as a standard deck of playing cards – and there never has been – as decks of cards each have different meanings. Playing cards have … Read more

How Many Queens Are There in a Deck of Cards?

In a 52-deck of cards, there are four queens, one for each suit: Queen of Clubs, Queen of Hearts, Queen of Spades, and Queen of Diamonds. Like all the other face cards, the four queens have a long and varied history. While some are named after fictionalized characters, such as Greek goddesses, others are named … Read more

How Many Kings Are There in a Deck of Cards?

Many of us have played cards but have not taken the time to understand what each card represents. If you’re new to cards, you may not know how many of each are in a deck of cards and how many each. Which leads to the question, how many kings are there in a deck of … Read more

How Many Numbered Cards Are There in a Deck?

In most decks of playing cards, there are 36 numbered cards (2s through 10s), 12 face cards (with a King, Queen, or Jack), and 52 total cards – 54 cards if you count the Jokers. The cards are separated into four suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. And each of the four suits contains 13 … Read more

How Many Jacks Are There in a Deck of Cards?

In every standard deck of playing cards, there are four jacks. The jacks are part of the deck that is called court cards and are one of three kinds of court cards. The other court cards are kings and queens, and each deck contains for of each of these as well. There are four jacks … Read more