Which Dogs Are Bigger Than Great Pyrenees?

There are 197 dog breeds currently registered by the American Kennel Club, including the Great Pyrenees, known for their massive size and adorable, cuddly personalities. While Great Pyrenees are one of the largest dog breeds out there, the Guinness Book of Records lists the English Mastiff as the world’s biggest dog. Some Newfoundlands may weigh … Read more

Are Dogs Allowed at the San Diego Zoo?

More than 4,000 animals await your arrival at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, so plan on having a wild day. There are a total of 480 distinct species included in this total. Visiting an AZA-affiliated institution means you can rest assured that the animals will be kept in conditions that are as humane … Read more

Are Dogs Allowed at Brookfield Zoo?

Brookfield Zoo, also known as the Chicago Zoological Park, is one of the main zoos in the Chicago metropolitan area. Located in the sprawling Chicago suburb of Brookfield, Illinois, Brookfield houses 2,300 animals across its 216 acres. While there are some indoor areas, the bulk of the zoo is outdoors, replete with park-like walkways, gardens, … Read more

What Are the Worst Bones for Dogs?

Wherever you are in the world, the moment bones are mentioned, a dog comes to mind. After all, even advertisements, movies, and dog food labels associate dogs with bones, regardless of the fact that more humans chew on bones than dogs. The question is, which types of bones are good for dogs, if any? The … Read more

The 15 Animals That Kill The Most Humans

Wolves are often considered dangerous, but other, smaller animals and insects have actually killed more humans. Millions of people are killed by animals every year, and while wolves did make it on this list, you might be surprised to learn which other animals are the deadliest. The 15 Deadliest Animals 1. Mosquitoes: 750,000 Mosquitoes are … Read more

30 Different Types of Dog Breeds That Start With ‘C’

There are tens of dog breeds that start with the letter ‘C’. These breeds include both small and large dogs. Many come from various parts of the world and they are already popular as good companions. Here are the most popular breeds. 1. Cairn Terrier Cairn Terriers come from Scotland. This small dog breed got … Read more

The 10 Best Pets For Kids

Some of the best pets for kids are known for being sociable and great friends. Children tend to love all pets as they can play together or simply watch them through the day. Some of these best pets for kids can also be trained so that they behave better in society and even in front … Read more