What is the National Flower of Russia?

The national flower of Russia is the chamomile, a flower that has the image and quaintness of a daisy but offers more power to the world than the “loves-me-not” flower. The chamomile flower is a beautiful little thing, with white petals and a bright center. It was named the official national flower of Russia in … Read more

What is the National Flower of Japan?

There are two flowers that are considered the national flower of Japan. Both are celebrated with pomp and circumstance at different times of the year. Cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japan, are a national flower that is honored with song, poetry, and festivals in the spring known as Hanami. Additionally, the chrysanthemum is often considered … Read more

What is the National Flower of Haiti?

The national flower of Haiti is the hibiscus, a flower that needs warm or tropical climates to flourish. As the second most populated country of the Caribbean islands, Haiti is an ideal location for hibiscus to grow. The hibiscus is a stunning plant with bright and beautiful flowers and is a flower that has cultural … Read more

12 Types of Flowers in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is home to a variety of natural beauties, from its picturesque beaches to its lush mountains, but one thing that often gets overlooked is its breathtaking collection of flowers.  The tropical climate is a haven for a plentiful number of vibrant flowers with unique growing habits and stunning features.  While not all … Read more

The 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Flowers

Some of the most beautiful Japanese flowers are tied to different traditions. Several flowers are even considered sacred. But most flowers from Japan are simply grown because they look great and because they can also smell heavenly. If you’re considering Japanese plants for your home or garden, there are hundreds to choose from that can … Read more