What Do You Call Someone Who Loves Japan?

There are nearly 200 countries in the world, and each one has its own unique cultures and subcultures. Japan stands out because many people around the world have a special love or even an obsession with the eastern nation’s civilization and landscape. This phenomenon has become more prevalent (or at least more well-known) in the … Read more

Are Kimonos Cheap in Japan?

Kimonos are Japan’s national dress. These traditional garments wrap in the front with a T-shape and square sleeves. Kimonos have been worn in Japan for thousands of years, with the left side always wrapped over the right unless the person has passed away. There are cheap kimonos in Japan starting at 4,000 yen ($30 USD). … Read more

The 30 Largest Japanese Companies

Known as the land of the rising sun, Japan is famous for its rich culture, state-of-the-art technology, and natural wonders. In the field of technology and IT, Japan has always been regarded as a global leader. Japan is home to several notable and wealthy companies – not just in Asia but in the world. In … Read more

What is the National Tree of Japan?

The national tree of Japan is a conifer tree known as the Japanese Cedar or the Japanese Sugi Pine. It is of the family Cupressaceae and bears the scientific name of Cryptomeria japonica. It is the only tree in the Cryptomeria class and is often referred to as the Cryptomeria. The Japanese call it Sugi. … Read more

What is the National Animal of Japan?

Every country has a unique species that they call their national animal, and for Japan, that is the green pheasant. This may come as a surprise to many, as Japan reveres many members of the animal kingdom in many ways. The green pheasant is an omnivore that is native and endemic to Japan, meaning it … Read more

What is the National Flower of Japan?

There are two flowers that are considered the national flower of Japan. Both are celebrated with pomp and circumstance at different times of the year. Cherry blossoms, called sakura in Japan, are a national flower that is honored with song, poetry, and festivals in the spring known as Hanami. Additionally, the chrysanthemum is often considered … Read more

What is the National Bird of Japan?

In 1947, Japan named the green pheasant its national bird, and this bird is well known all over the world. The male is colorful, with a dark green crown and a blue and purple-tinged throat and neck. The mantle of the green pheasant, or Phasianus Versicolor, is located near the shoulders and along the spine … Read more