The 10 Biggest European Countries

Some of the biggest European countries are also known for having large populations. But some of these biggest countries also have a small population and benefit from being hundreds of thousands of square kilometers in size. Here are the ten biggest European countries ranked by size. The Biggest European Countries 1. Russia: 1,532,500 mi2 (3,969,100 … Read more

What is the National Bird of Russia?

Birds have played a strong role in Russian history and culture for centuries. There are, in fact, 808 different species of birds found across the large Eurasian nation, though many are largely found only in certain regions. Two species of Russian birds are even considered endemic (not found anywhere else in the world). Unlike many … Read more

What is the National Tree of Russia?

Countries all around the world have national trees, either officially pronounced by their governments or unofficially recognized by most citizens. Usually, based on trees that grow naturally and prevalently within the country, national trees are often considered integral to a country’s heritage and identity as a nation, not to mention an important sign of patriotism. … Read more

What is the National Animal of Russia?

The European Brown Bear, also known as the Russian Bear, is the national animal of Russia. Russian bears are strong and brave animals. Like Russia, they can be fierce if prodded or cornered. Most of the time – just like other types of bears – Russian bears go about living their lives, trying to survive … Read more

The 15 Most Beautiful Cities in Russia

What comes to mind when you think of Russia? You might think of the Kremlin, Matryoshka dolls, ballet, or even vodka – but you’d be missing some of Russia’s best attributes: their beautiful cities. Everyone knows that Moscow and St. Petersburg are some of the most beautiful places in the world, but there are many … Read more

What Is The Dirtiest Lake In The World?

Lake Karachay in Russia is the dirtiest in the world. Used as a place to dump radioactive nuclear waste, this lake doesn’t sustain fish life and it has been the place of various experiments where the sediments were needed to be contained to prevent further geological disasters. The story of Lake Karachay Lake Karachay has … Read more