The 30 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Indiana

Indiana is mostly known for its bustling capital city, sprawling farmlands, and world-famous Indy 500 auto race – but tucked in between, are some incredibly beautiful small towns. Those who only visit Indiana’s most popular attractions will be missing out on some of the state’s best hidden gems.  Take a break from the big city … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Small Town and a Big City?

A town or city can be found in almost every part of a country. People have chosen to live in these cities and towns based on their interests and what they need out of their lives. Big cities and small towns differ in many ways. A city in certain nations is defined as having a … Read more

The 10 Most Liberal Small Towns in the United States

In the United States, the most liberal small towns are Boulder in Colorado, Burlington in Vermont, Claremont and Santa Ana in California, College Park in Maryland, Eugene in Oregon, Northampton and Cambridge in Massachusetts, Ithaca in New York, and Berea in Kentucky. What makes a town liberal? Opposite of conservative, it is an open-minded and … Read more

The 30 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Louisiana

Although Louisiana is home to some big cities like New Orleans, it can be hard to fully appreciate the culture of the state if you’re surrounded by constant hustle and bustle. Visiting one of the state’s small towns lets you become fully immersed in the rich history that has made Louisiana what it is today.  … Read more

The 18 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Oklahoma

With Route 66 running right through the heart of the state and western heritage bursting at its seams, it is no wonder so many people travel to Oklahoma each year.  When you are not out exploring a classic Route 66 attraction or admiring the beautiful nature, you can go searching for wild bison and learn … Read more

The 30 Best Villages & Small Towns to Live in the UK

If all you’ve ever seen or considered living is in London, then you haven’t experienced the UK in all its splendor. Think about picturesque landscapes and gardens along with amazingly fresh country air – things you’d be missing in a London flat. There are so many cobblestone walkways and unique home designs to enjoy, not … Read more

The 30 Most Beautiful Small Towns in Kansas

Kansas is a gorgeous state with many beautiful small towns scattered throughout. The state is known as the Wheat State, named so in 2000 due to the state’s high wheat production and milling, and with all these wheat farms it comes as no surprise that the state is filled with small towns. Kansas attracts tourists, … Read more