How Fast Does a River Birch Tree Grow?

River birch trees are one of the most low-maintenance trees that you can find. It’s almost impossible to believe this when you see how lovely and graceful they are. They shine with their heart-shaped leaves and their pale bark. Many people, while they appreciate the tree’s beauty, don’t know much about this fascinating species. How … Read more

The 20 Different Types of Palm Trees

Humans have been cultivating and admiring palm trees for thousands of years. Researchers have traced the oldest palm trees back to areas of Southeast Asia (including some islands in the South Pacific), India, and portions of Northern Africa. But despite everything that palm trees have in common as far as origin and growing conditions are … Read more

What Are the Different Parts of a Palm Tree?

Sunset Boulevard California and tropical beaches – these are a few classic places most people think of when palm trees are talked about. Palms are immediately recognized for their unique feather-like leaves and tall stems. Yet these aren’t the only key features that describe a typical palm tree. With over 2,500 palm tree species in … Read more

Can Palm Trees Grow in Britain?

Palm trees are part of the Arecaceae family, a monocot plant commonly grown in tropical and subtropical countries. However, one might wonder – why are palm trees taking over Britain, a country with mostly cool and cloudy climates? Although it is a given that most palm trees are found in warmer climates, it doesn’t mean … Read more

Are Palm Trees Native to Europe?

It’s typical to see palm trees predominantly in South and Central America, North America, and Asia. From forests to roads and beaches, most of these locations are home to native palm trees. Out of 2,600 palm tree species found across the globe, only two are native to Europe – Chamaerops humilis in southwestern Europe and … Read more

12 Types of Trees in the Dominican Republic

When most people think about the species of trees that grow in the Dominican Republic, their minds go directly to palm trees – but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface!  There are so many different types of trees that call the Dominican Republic home, ranging from the rugged mesquite trees found in sandy … Read more

13 Types of Palm Trees in the Dominican Republic

Palm trees thrive in tropical climates, so it comes as no surprise that the Dominican Republic is bursting with a bunch of beautiful species.  Although not all of the palm trees that you see in the Dominican Republic are native to the country, they have quickly been naturalized here thanks to its perfect growing environment.  … Read more