The 12 Best Nude Beaches in Florida

There’s no place better for nudists to embrace the sun and work on their killer tans than the Sunshine State. 

With more beaches than any other state in the country, it can be difficult task to find ones will be accepting of your full-frontal display. From busy beaches for those more confident in their skin to secluded hideaways for first-time nudists, there is a beach out there just asking for you to go all-natural. 

To help avoid any screaming children and distasteful looks, keep scrolling for a detailed list of the best nude beaches to help plan your trip. 

Table of Contents

1. Haulover Beach

Known not only for being the oldest nude beach in the state of Florida, Haulover Beach ranks in the top 10 nude beaches in the world! Located in Miami Beach, it is a popular location – so don’t be afraid to strut your stuff in front of a crowd. Interestingly enough, the beach is also family-friendly.

The beach runs about a half of a mile long and the smooth, white sand invites you to lay out your towel. If you forget your towel, you can rent a chaise lounge and an umbrella for when you need to give your bare skin a break. 

Laying out in the sun always seems to work up an appetite, and when it does, head over to one of the stands selling coffee, drinks, and sandwiches. 

Keep in mind that nudity is only allowed on the south side of the beach, so if you want to check out the north end make sure to bring a cover-up. 

2. Apollo Beach

Located right off the Canaveral National Seashore in New Smyrna, its clear waters and immaculate sandy beaches make this location a fan favorite. Apollo Beach is not entirely nude so follow the signs before you strip down. 

The beach is more secluded than most, so it might help calm the jitters of a first time nudist. But, secluded doesn’t mean empty; the thick brush may hide this beach from the main road but it doesn’t stop the beach from filling up….. and fast!  

Arrive early, as the parking lot will close once it is full, and no one else will be allowed to enter. Plus, you’ll get first dibs on the best spots. 

Bathrooms are on site but there are no concession stands so don’t forget to pack food and drinks. 

Although the water looks inviting, you’ll want to be careful of the current. It’s a lot stronger than it looks and there are no lifeguards on duty – so swim at your own risk. 

3. Blind Creek Beach

Blind Creek Beach became the first clothing-optional beach in St. Lucie County after the most recent county vote. While nudism has been popular on the beach for almost 20 years, the official law that was just passed creates a less stressful experience for those trying to avoid any tan lines. 

This 36 acre beach feels like it goes on for an eternity. No matter the time of day you arrive here, you are bound to have a spot. However, the lack of amenities here gives it a primitive feeling and helps to reduce the crowds. 

Although you may need to use a porta-potty and pack your own lunch, you won’t be packed on the beach like sardines – and can enjoy some naked time alone. 

4. Lummus Park

Another Miami Beach gem is Lummus Park Beach; it’s every bit of Miami squished into one vibrant strip. 

Palm trees stand tall above the trendy little shops, boutique hotels, and adorable cafes that line the main road. Just across the way, cotton candy lifeguard towers can’t help but catch your eye. 

While the beach here is not technically a nude beach, when in South Beach anything goes. You will see an abundance of topless sunbathers enjoying the day, so nudists will feel right at home. 

Work on your tan while you watch parasailers, jet skiers, paddleboarders, and just about any other water-based activity you can think of. 

When you’re done, dedicate an hour or so to walking along the boardwalk – it’ll take you to a variety of different beaches, each with its own unique lifeguard towers. 

5. St. Lucie Inlet State Preserve

Located on the northern edge of Juniper Island, St. Lucie Inlet State Preserve is only accessible by boat – making it the ultimate hidden gem. 

Take to the waters via kayak or rent a boat, but don’t want to miss the chance to venture off to this secret oasis. Once you have arrived on the island, the boardwalk will take you through a forest of mangroves, live oaks, cabbage palms, and tons of lush greenery. The walk opens up to an untouched beach on the Atlantic Ocean just begging you to strip down and lay across it. 

Not many people are willing to make the trek, but if you’re motivated enough to have a beach completely to yourself it is 100% worth the trip. 

6. Playalinda Beach

Considered to be Apollo’s sister beach, Playalinda is located within the Canaveral National Seashore and is close enough to Apollo beach to get in on some beach-hopping action. 

While not officially a nude beach, take one good look around and you’re bound to see quite a few people in their birthday suits. 

Walk along the 24 miles of the sandy beach until a spot beckons your name. Many tend to hang near the Space Center, so head in the opposite direction for some peace and quiet. 

Not only is this a prime location to see wildlife, but it is also a great spot to watch the Kennedy Space Center’s rocket launches. 

7. Cypress Cove

Take things up a notch and plan a stay at this nudist resort in Kissimmee, Florida. 

Dedicated to the safety and comfort of its guests, Cypress Cove Resort does everything in its power to make your experience as enjoyable as possible – and free of any wandering eyes from outsiders. 

Prepare to immediately be surrounded by nudists the second you enter the front gates. But, don’t worry – all staff members are fully dressed, so you won’t have a chef flipping your burger in the nude! 

Spend the night in an apartment villa or set up camp outside. Pick from one of 3 restaurants to dine in – and, surprisingly enough, guests can dine nude too (not recommended for messy eaters). 

There is a lakeside beach to relax on, but most people are drawn to the two massive pools sporting poolside bars. To start your day off right, wake up early and catch the sunrise over the lake.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags (with very little clothes in it!) and get out of your comfort zone at this one-of-a-kind resort. 

8. Bunche Beach Preserve

Located on the San Carlos Bay, the preserve is named after the first African American to win a Nobel Peace Prize. 

The preserve is 718 acres and is completely lined with protected beaches. This is the perfect place to get away from the crowds and take in the sun, with or without clothes. 

The large population of parchment works draws in a diverse collection of bird species to admire. The water is very lively with thick seaweed and a variety of crabs – so, most people stick to the sand. 

There is no running water, so bathrooms are of the portable variety, and concession stands are nonexistent – so be sure to plan accordingly. 

9. Boca Chica Beach

Hidden behind the brush of the abandoned Geiger Key Beach, Boca Chica is the only beach in the Keys that allows for nudism. 

Take the trail at the end of Boca Chica Road and walk about half of a mile along the unkempt beach until you reach a barricade and the wondrous “clothing optional” signs up ahead. 

This interesting little beach is the definition of primitive, and is only maintained by the local nudists who bathe here. With that being said, there are no bathrooms of any kind on-site…. unless you consider the ocean. 

Another cool thing about this location is that creative adventurers are known to make makeshift structures out of branches and rocks. So if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see one of the unusual creations and admire the dedication it took to make!

10. Hobe Sound

Located on Jupiter Island just south of Port St. Lucie, Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge has been a popular location for nudists since the 70s. The beach along the refuge is lightly populated but it was not always this way. 

While there are no signs stating you can’t sunbathe nude and no signs saying that you can, the beach is not an official nude beach but those that do go here to relax are of the nude variety. 

11. Air Force Beach

Now primarily known as John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, Air Force Beach was one of the most popular nudist beaches of its time back in the mid to late 1900s. 

MacArthur was a famous philanthropist who, before passing and deeding the land to the state, enjoyed his fair share of skinny dipping. There is even talk that Walt Disney himself joined MacArthur on a skinny dipping excursion here, when MacArthur was trying to convince Disney to build the famous Disney World in Palm Beach.

In 1982, MacArthur must have rolled over in his grave when the state declared that nudity was no longer allowed on the beach. This means that it is not legal to bare it all, but with a little discretion, nudists honor MacArthur by heading north up the beach and away from the crowds before stripping down.

12. St. Vincent Wildlife Refuge 

Home to a variety of different species, you are bound to see some of Florida’s finest wildlife on your journey to this hidden slice of heaven. The refuge is located on an island in the Gulf of Mexico, so grab your paddles or plan ahead for a boat rental and get out on the water bright and early. 

With over 12,000 acres, you can spend the entire day here venturing around the island’s lakes or make a beeline right for the beach to relax the day away. Animals like alligators, red foxes, and deer roam free on the island so be on the lookout but don’t be alarmed. These creatures are common in all parts of the state, so don’t let their presence deter you from making the trip (but maybe don’t go jumping into any swamps). 

The beach goes on for miles, and the untouched, natural beauty makes it like no other place around. The sound of waves crashing against the shore and birds going about their daily routine is mesmerizing. 

This is one of the more popular islands to visit, so you may see others on the beach but not nearly enough to feel crowded. 

Find your perfect spot, lay out your towel, and take it all off. No tan lines here!