The 10 Best Destinations For Single Men in the World

The world is in your palm when you’re single. You can visit what you want when you want to. The best destinations for single men abound and they offer something for every personality. Unlike when traveling in a couple, you can decide what you want to see and which place of the country or the world you want to see first. This being said, most men agree the following destinations are a magnet.

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10. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza has been one of the top locations for party fans. If you’re single, the clubs here are going to be a great location to spend your nights. You can meet people from all over Europe in Ibiza and most are the for the nightlife. The beaches and the sunny day are just a major plus to add to this appealing attraction.

9. Moscow, Russia

Not many would see Moscow as a major attraction for a single guy but Russia’s capital city gets millions of visitors each month. It offers top attractions regardless of your passions. If you want to meet beautiful local women you can stop at GUM, a local shopping center in a building with stunning architecture.

If you’re into culture, you can visit one of the world’s best venues, the Bolshoi Theatre. The city might be packed with locals and tourists, but you can also find time to relax and unwind. The local Gorky park is made for this.

8. Munich, Germany

Munich is a top German destination for single guys. Its multi-cultural profile is perfect for travelers and you’ll make friends there a bit quicker than in other cities in the country.

Every tourist starts the Munich adventure with a stop at Marienplatz. You can find good breweries, restaurants, and international brand shops here. Hofbräuhaus is a state-owner pub and as a result, you can find all types of beer from Germany here. If you’re an active guy, Eisbachwelle is an excellent alternative with its surfing location right within city limits.

7. Melbourne, Australia

The sunny beaches of Australia are almost impossible to overlook as a single guy. While you might be on a long flight to get there, there’s plenty to do and see. Melbourne is a city of many faces. You can see its cricket face by visiting the Cricket Ground and the nearby Sports Museum. You can also consider a river cruise down Yarra and hop over to the majestic Royal Botanic gardens at the end of the ride. But the city has many impressive landmarks, museums, and even parliament. You can hop on the City Circle Tram Tour to see all of these attractions.

6. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has been slowly rising in popularity as a party and culture destination in Europe on a budget. Hungary’s capital has plenty to offer. Furthermore, some of its attractions are unique and it’s worth visiting the city with direct flights from the US and Europe.

You can stop at the Gellert Thermal Bath to relax in one of the most unique architectural public baths in the world. The city is known for its world-class thermal baths. Buda Castle is an excellent spot to take photos and to go for long walks after a relaxing bath. Nightlife is the best in the city. Most visitors head to the Szimpla Kert Ruin Bars for a unique partying experience.

5. Miami, Florida

If you love the sun and the beach, Miami is always going to be a top destination for you. Before heading off partying into the night, you need to dress up and get ready. You can find some of the best local shops by visiting the Bayside Marketplace. It’s here that you’ll find shops for almost any item you need during your visit. Nightclubs are also appealing in Miami. There’s a vast selection to choose from and some are even open all day. Club Space is a good place to start. But most singles can certainly visit the E11EVEN club as well.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the top destinations for single men looking to have fun. You can start your Dutch adventure by cycling the city streets with their famous canals. Cycling is a top activity in the country and you can hire a public bike with a regular credit card through the city.

Vondelpark is one of the top attractions where you can stop and meet locals, or simply relax in the country’s capital city. The nearby Van Gogh Museum is certainly a very good attraction as well as it showcases some of the best paintings of the famous artist. History fans are going to be also interested in Anne Frank’s House. During the night, you can head out to the Red Light District where the party seems to go on forever.

3. Johannesburg, South Africa

If you want to learn more about South Africa, Johannesburg is a top destination to consider. Singles get to experience some of the most unique experiences here. The outdoor Bioscope Independent Cinema is one of the best locations to watch new movies. You can also walk the city to immerse yourself in its creative arts. Street art tours are held every day of the year. If you love extreme sports, you can even bungee jump from the famous Orlando Towers/

2. Chang Mai, Thailand

Single adults can live and work in Chang Mai, a city with a large young international community. Visitors can begin their Thai adventure at the local Elephant Nature Park. Nature has a special place in the hearts of the locals and you can explore impressive waterfalls here if you’re a free spirit. The Blua Tong Sticky Waterfalls are best for beginner-level exploration. You can also affordable massages here when you want to relax

1. London, England

London is a world city and probably one of the best for single men. It offers access to top cultural events and venues. It offers world-class sports stadiums and a leading sports team you can watch. Its nightlife is probably the best in the British Isles and the food scene is made up of a wide range of choices from all over the world given its people come from all over the world and they speak 250 languages. Notting Hill, Camden, and Greenwich are popular tourist destinations within the city together with London Bridge. If you love shopping, you also need to check out Westfield Mall in White City.