The 10 Best Restaurants for Vegans in Cape Cod

Vegan restaurants aren’t always easy to find outside big cities. For the best vegan restaurants in Cape Code, you have to get creative. You might need to look for specific vegan meals as most places also serve meat. Here are your only options.

10. Captain Linnell House

Image: Facebook / Captain Linnell House

Address: 137 Skaket Beach Rd, Orleans

You might have to seek out your vegan meal on a general meal menu at the restaurant. But the advantage of its unique location and the possibility of booking special events make the restaurant a top choice.

Vegan Caesar salads are popular at restaurants. But one of the tastiest meals you can have here is the filet mignon with the unique Béarnaise sauce which you may ask to be switched to a vegan alternative. Even this sauce is not always available and you’ll have to call in advance to ask the chef to have it ready for you.

9. Café Chew

Image: Café Chew

Address: Merchants Square Route 6A, Sandwich, MA

Baked potatoes, soups, salads, and fruit salads are among the vegan options to try out at Café Chew. There aren’t too many options to choose from but the prices are very good.

Some of the best foods at the café are usually sold out at noon and you’ll need to get in there early to taste their delicious Dirt Bomb apple muffin. Soups are tasty here as well. A couple of good options are the Split Pea and Chile soups.

8. Bangkok Kitchen

Image: Bangkok Kitchen

Address: 339 Barnstable Rd, Hyannis, MA

This Thai restaurant has sufficient vegan options. It serves tofu varieties, plenty of vegetable meals, and rice side dishes. It can be an option if you want to refuel or take a break from shopping at the nearby TJ Maxx.

The peanut curry lunch is a popular option at Bangkok Kitchen. However, you should know that the place is tiny and you probably won’t find a free table to sit-in inside. You can order your takeaway foods at the restaurant and simply come pick up your order. There’s free parking behind the small restaurant.

7. Relish

Image: Relish

Address: 93 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA

If you have a sweet tooth, you can choose a vegan dessert at Relish. You may even order a simple vegan sandwich if you’re visiting the area and if you need to have something to eat later on when shops are already closed.

Sandwiches here are often branded as different. They don’t look or taste like anything else you can find locally. At the same time, the vegan cakes Relish have a homemade inspiration than being similar to the options you see in other eateries.

6. The Mews Restaurant & Cafe

Image: The Mews Restaurant & Cafe

Address: 429 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA

The restaurant servers traditional American and European food. It doesn’t specifically list vegan meals but all of their listed options can be modified so that they become vegan-friendly. The harbor views are worth stopping here for as well.

Since risotto is popular at the restaurant, it’s worth asking for a vegan option. Delicious fresh mushrooms can turn any risotto in a delicious meal to enjoy either at lunch or dinner at The Mews. You can also return to the restaurant in the evening when its multiple drinks at the bar can turn into a good location for a romantic drink outing.

5. Cuvee at Chatham Inn

Image: Cuvee at Chatham Inn

Address: 359 Main St Suite 2, Chatham, MA

Fine dining is what Cuvee at the Chatham Inn is all about. Almost all of its customers agree it would deserve a Michelin star. Salads, all types of vegetables, and high-level purees are the norm at the restaurant. Desserts and wines are also very popular here.

If you’re looking for a place to stay, you can also consider the inn and simply order your food in your room. Alternatively, you can stay at the restaurant after dinner to sample one of their excellent wines after you’ve indulged in their vegan meals.

4. Del Mar Bar & Bistro

Image: Del Mar Bar & Bistro

Address: 907 Main St, Chatham, MA

Pasta, vegetable fritters, and salads are delicious at Del Mar Bar & Bistro. Couples rate the restaurants highly for its romantic atmosphere.

With a Mediterranean profile, the restaurant is known for its various types of pasta. But you shouldn’t overlook seasonal vegetables served here. Furthermore, the chef can arrange a custom meal combining both fresh pasta and seasonal vegetables for vegetarians.

3. The Red Cottage

Image: The Red Cottage

Address: 36 Old Bass River Rd, South Dennis, MA

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts are served at The Red Cottage. You can even serve cereals at the restaurant. Its best advantage is its affordability, however.

Serving speed is not something typically associated with Cape Cod restaurants. But The Red Cottage is one of the places where your drinks and food is served quickly. If you’re pressed on time and want to spend more time visiting Cape Cod than sitting in a restaurant, it might be the right eatery for you.

2. Buca’s Tuscan Roadhouse

Image: Buca’s Tuscan Roadhouse

Address: 4 Depot Rd, Harwich, MA

Tasty Italian food with a classic décor is what Buca’s is all about. You can even order out and tasty options include bruschettas and sweet desserts. You can ask the chef to modify meals for your vegan tastes.

Eggplant dishes are popular at Buca’s. However, you can sample some of their famous deserts after a delicious vegetable-based meal. All of the desserts at Buca’s are made in-house with an impressive presentation.

1. Hyannis’ Green Lotus Café

Image: Facebook / Hyannis’ Green Lotus Café

Address: 349 Main St, Hyannis, MA

The eatery specializes in sandwiches, soups, and wraps. Vegans in the area consider it the best in Cape Cod. At the end of your delicious meal, you can also enjoy a strong cup of coffee or ask for a vegan smoothie to go.

Salads are popular at the restaurant alongside sandwiches and dips. Tasty vegan foods include the bacon-coconut sandwich. You can also order a green smoothie here as they’re among the best you can sample in Cape Cod.