The 10 Most Affordable Snowbird Destinations in Arizona

If you want to leave the cold winters of Canada behind, you can find your own place in Arizona.

The most affordable snowbird destinations in Arizona enjoy the sun, outdoor activities, and a strong economy based on powerful production and retail engines.

Not all destinations are the same but the affordable ones are the best.

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10. Sedona

With a population of 10,000, Sedona is the place to be for low prices and high living standards. There’s even an airport to fly from which is a considerable advantage. While the town is small, it has its KFC and Starbucks if you miss the amenities in large cities.

If you love the outdoors, Sedona is hard to match as well. Cathedral Rock and hiking, in general, is why you see so many tourists around the town. If you want to simply relax with locals, the Elote Café is the place to be, especially later in the day when the line of tourists starts to shorten.

9. Tucson

With a population of half a million people, Tucson isn’t necessarily the cheapest place on our list. But you can find an affordable place here. Founded as a military fort, Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona which means the city is filled with energy and activities.

But the weather is superb here and you’ll soon forget all about the cold up North. For example, temperatures here in June range from 69 degrees to 100 degrees, which soon makes you feel like you’re living a dream.

8. Sun City

Part of Phoenix, Sun City has good home prices that you may still afford. It also has the advantage of proximity to a large city so there’s plenty to do there as well. If you’re worried about health, you need to know you’re in the vicinity of the Banner Boswell Medical Center here. But you can also relax in the nearby Sun City Lakes West Golf Course if you like a slower pace of living.

Swimming pools are also popular in the area. There’s even a recreation center to join if you want to meet the locals. The Sun Bowl is the place for concerts if you like to spend summer evenings with your partner outside the house.

7. Goodyear

If you like less populous areas, you need to take a look at Goodyear. This place is impressive for the amount of land you can purchase at a low cost. Since it was highly impacted by the last economic crisis, it is still a place you can buy cheap homes in.

If you think its name sounds like that of the international tire manufacturer you’re also right. Goodyear purchased the land of this town to grow natural cotton for its tire manufacturing. But most people came to this area in the early ’90s. As a result, homes in this area of the state are rather new.

6. Yuma

If you’re specifically looking for a dry area that is also the sunniest in the state, Yuma is the place to be. In fact, it is the least humid location in the United States which will soon make you forget all about heavy snowfall.

The city has been established by the Spanish settled. They were merely looking for a narrow crossing of the Colorado River, which eventually led to establishing the Yuma community. However, Yuma is not the place for you if you still want to work. It holds the highest unemployment rate in the United States and you’d struggle to find a job that isn’t seasonal and that isn’t in agriculture. Hoses prices are low, however.

5. Glendale

If you like Yuma’s vibe but you need a place with some economic prospects, Glendale should be on your radar. Snowbird communities are thriving here and entertainment options might have something to do with it, apart from low housing prices.

Glendale came far given it’s established a couple of hundred years ago. The place was a pure desert until the introduction of a water canal which allowed farming. Today, it boasts a large stadium, a shopping center, and diverse housing options.

4. Quartzsite

If you want the benefit of living off the radar in a sunny area, Quartzsite is a good location. The town only has a few thousand residents, but it can be a place to find a very affordable home. Most people of the area mostly know it as a popular van camping site. Many of those who visit the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge use the town for accommodation before heading out trekking.

3. Mesa

Mesa is the largest suburban city in the United States. With a population of over 400,000, it seems to be constantly growing. The best part is that it’s only a few miles out of Phoenix so that you can find plenty to do here while escaping the cold winter months. Museums, libraries, water parks, and a few highly-popular archeological sites ensure you’ll find something to do here during the summer.

2. Scottsdale

Scottsdale has a population of 217,000 and it can be one of the best large cities in Arizona for a low cost of living. Snowbirds probably already know it since it’s a popular tourist attraction. This is why almost 40% of its workforce is employed in the hospitality industry. If you want to work a couple of hours a day just so that you can meet more locals, Scottsdale is the perfect choice for you.

1. Gilbert

Gilbert is part of Phoenix’s metropolitan area. With a population of over 200,000 people, it looks promising for most snowbirds. It’s known for its sunny weather but you might also appreciate it for its leisure options. More specifically, the city has invested heavily in parks, which are some of the best in the state. Gilbert Regional Park and Desert Sky Park are going to make your stay there even more pleasurable. There’s even a large dedicated dog-walking park so that you can relax if you’re a pet lover without disturbing other residents.