The 10 Best Adults-Only All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico

Mexico offers all types of all-inclusive resorts that are made for people of all ages. The best adults-only all-inclusive resorts in Mexico don’t allow any kids. This is why you can sit back and relax as much as you want. You can find resorts for adults made for those who like to party as well as for those who like to relax. Here are the 10 best resorts to consider all-inclusive standards.

10. Secrets Maroma Beach in Cancun

Image: AMResorts

The resort is the all-inclusive choice for couples. You can stay here if you’re on your honeymoon. But for a small fee, you can even organize your wedding here. Secrets Maroma Beach offers some of the best rooms for guests. Hundreds of rooms await their guests here and this is the main reason the place is popular with those who like to socialize.

We recommend this place for its extras as well. When you’re a bit bored by your all-inclusive approach, you can book a romantic dinner for 2 right on the beach. The memories you’re going to make here are going to feel truly special.

9. Royal Hideaway in Playa del Carmen

Image: Barceló Hotel Group

The all-inclusive resort has the perfect location. It has its secluded premises but it also allows you to walk to the shops in the town within 5 minutes. However, this resort is mostly known for its luxurious guest rooms. You can choose a basic room for 2 or even book a large villa for several guests.

The food served at Royal Hideaway is very good. You can expect a joint European-American menu with delicious dishes to sample every day. The colonial architecture of the restaurants will want to make your stay and eat there for longer than you’d first expect.

8. Le Blanc Spa in Cancun

Image: Le Blanc Spa Resort

Le Blanc Spa gets its name from the all-white premises of the resort. It might not look like much from the outside, but the level of service impresses its guests. You get to eat some of the best foods here at the resort. For example, they even make their pasta.

But there are more extras than you can think of. You can even enjoy the help of your butler here. You can ask for your favorite drink straight for your room. The spa at Le Blanc is another 5-star attraction in this Mexican corner of paradise.

7. El Dorado Casitas Royale in Riviera Maya

Image: El Dorado Casitas Royale

You can reserve your bed right on the beach or enjoy the small pools at El Dorado Casitas with no kids around. The swim-up bars are worth checking out. There are a few on-site restaurants you can freely check out with the same adults-only policy.

Hundreds of rooms await their guests here and they’re all decorated with a mix of modern and traditional elements. Some of the most experienced travelers truly recognize the place is one of the best in the Karisma Hotels portfolio. You may even get a member’s card when you travel to other resorts operated by Karisma.

6. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa

Image: Pueblo Bonito

This resort is another top location for couples. It features its private beach which is perfect for evening walks with your partner. If you don’t like the salty waters of the ocean, you can simply swim at the pool where you also get your lounge chair.

Room service is included at the resort. Your food and your drinks can be brought up to your room so that you enjoy and relax during your visit as much as possible. There’s even a stacked minibar for you to enjoy on the days you don’t feel like leaving the room.

5. Live Aqua Resort in Cancun

Image: Grupo Posadas

We like Live Aqua the most because it combines the best of both worlds. It offers all-inclusive luxuries and it’s also situated right in the middle of the action. You can easily walk out and hit the streets for some nighttime partying.

You can also decide to stay inside the rest at all times. It’s not too complicated given it features 7 pools. Lounge chairs and even towels are included.

4. Hyatt Zilara in Cancun

Image: Hyatt Corporation

This place inspires with its architecture and location. Almost all rooms come with impressive ocean views and you won’t regret your visit even if you don’t get outside too much. Then there’s the large infinity pool which feels like it’s the best for vacation-style social media updates.

The colonial architecture and the farm-style influences impress here the most. But the food can’t be bad regardless of your culinary tastes. From European to Asian food, there’s always a delicious meal waiting behind the corner.

3. Crown Paradise Golden Puerto Vallarta

Image: Arriva Hospitality Group

The resort is a popular option for cruise ship tourists coming in from Puerto Vallarta. It represents an excellent all-inclusive location that only allows adults who want to sit by the pool. It features its poolside lounge and beds so that you can relax in the shade and even take a nap outdoors.

There are 7 restaurants on the premises and you can sample some of the best local food without having to pay anything extra. 24-hour room service is also available for those who can’t sleep.

2. Excellence Playa Mujeres in Cancun

Image: Excellence Playa Mujeres

This resort is like a small city away from Cancun. While it’s not right in the middle of the action, it can be the right choice if you value your privacy. Top-rate rooms with marble floors await and the activities here are also impressive. You can take up archery without even having to leave the resort. Champagne is on the house throughout the day.

1. Unico 20˚ 87˚ on Riviera Maya

Image: UNICO 20°N 87°W

This is one of the newest resorts on Riviera Maya but one that already grabs plenty of attention. It represents an excellent choice for a combination of modern amenities and traditional Mexican influences. You can even admire Mexican artwork through the resort. But the rooms are the main attraction for adults here. They offer a swim-up pool or an outdoor tub so that you only have to walk a few feet to get refreshed in sparkling clean warm water.