The 10 Best Attractions in Las Vegas for Families

It might not be obvious at first, but there’s more to Las Vegas than casinos with endless betting. The best attractions in Las Vegas for families often take a bit of research to find. But most families agree the city has plenty to offer even when traveling with kids. Our list of 10 attractions is proof you and your family can have a great time together.

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10. Helicopter rides over Grand Canyon

If you’re going to Las Vegas you are expecting to spend a lot of money on holiday. But one of the most unique ways to spend a lot of money is by hiring a helicopter. A number of local companies can take you and your family as far as the Grand Canyon.

With prior booking, you can enjoy the helicopter ride of a lifetime and your kids will have stories to tell for years. If you aren’t sure about being in a helicopter for hours, you can alternatively book a short ride over the Strip.

9. Gondola Rides at the Venetian Hotel

The Venetian Hotel is an exclusive Las Vegas accommodation but it’s mostly known for copying the canals in Venice. They even have gondolas to hire for you and your family. If you’ve always fancied Venice but if you don’t want to travel to Italy for its canals, you can get an idea of how they look like at the Venetian Hotel.

A personal gondolier is going to take you and your family on a short trip along the hotel’s canals. Once your water-based activity is over, you can hop over the nearby shopping arcades to purchase a Venetian-inspired souvenir as well.

8. Bellagio Resort and Fountain Show

Visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, the Bellagio fountain is a must-see in Las Vegas. You can enjoy the attraction entirely for free together with your family as you can look at the fountain from the sidewalk on the strip.

The fountain is known for its music show and it might look the best during the night. If you’re staying at the Bellagio Hotel, you can also enjoy a unique tour along with the fountain’s garden together with your family.

7. High Roller Ferris Wheel

Kids love Ferris wheels and you can’t miss this attraction just right off the Strip once you’re done gazing at the Bellagio Fountain Show. The Ferris takes you up in the air at a height of 550 feet. If you’re afraid of heights, you might skip it altogether. Otherwise, you can enter one of its capsules with your entire family.

It takes about 30 minutes for the giant wheel to make a full rotation. This gives you plenty of time to take great photos. Many tourists prefer to wait until sunset just to take the best pictures.

6. Madame Tussaud’s

Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite movie stars? Have you dreamt of shaking hands with the most popular world leaders? Now you have this change at Madame Tussaud’s, albeit all of the characters are made out of wax.

The museum is close to the Bellagio fountain and you can walk to this attraction with your kids from the Las Vegas Strip. It might also be an educational experience as you can test out your kids’ general knowledge of popular figures of the moment and of the past.

5. Shark Reef Aquarium

You might never get to see sharks in real life outside captivity. This is why a short stop at Mandalay Bay can be such a good idea for the entire family. At the Shark Reef Aquarium, you can find over 15 species of sharks that you can see from a close distance.

Kids are guaranteed to be fascinated by these sharks. But there’s another sea life to admire here as well. Thousands of animals can be seen here. If you’re afraid of sharks, you can take a few quick photos with giant turtles instead.

4. Lion Habitat Ranch

Image: Flickr / Terry Ott

Who knew lions live in Las Vegas? You can see over 40 majestic lions at the nearby Henderson ranch. This is one of the popular activities for kids who love animals. While there’s a standard entrance fee at the ranch, you can upgrade your tickets for a unique lion feeding experience together with the Henderson farm staff.

3. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Who knew you can enjoy the rugged lands of Las Vegas right within walking distance from the city? Locals tend to hike in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area which sits to the West of the city. You can drive to this location and simply stop to take pictures whenever you find a worthy spot. But for the most impressive experience, it’s worth walking or cycling down its popular trails where locals escape the busy city streets.

2. Wet’N’Wild Las Vegas

Image: Flickr / Ken Lund

If it seems it’s all about the high heat in Las Vegas, you need to know the city offers plenty of cooling off spots. The most popular location is the Wet’N’Wild water park where you and your family can easily spend a whole day.

Over 20 slides are found here. The best part is they vary from short to long and tall, depending on your age and the age of your kids. There are even large slides you can go down with together with your kids for a family-style fun day outdoors.

1. Springs Preserve

The Spring Preserve could easily keep kids occupied for days. When you want a guided activity in Las Vegas for the family, the Spring Preserve is one of the best spots to consider. It comes with a large number of activities for kids to enjoy such as looking at various animals and learning about various cacti.

Most people stop and stare for minutes at the Butterfly Habitat which offers a mesmerizing show for the little ones to enjoy. Such activities can be enjoyed in a large 180-acre location which is set both indoors and outdoors so that you can enjoy it regardless of the weather.