The 10 Best Skydiving Destinations in the World

Skydiving destinations almost always look incredible. But only the best destinations to go skydiving in the world are truly memorable.

People travel from different countries to reach these destinations. Most of them have daily tours which means your skydiving dreams are easier to reach than you might first think. Here’s what you need to see.

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10. Paris

You can tandem jump in Paris for as little as $300. The best part is that the location is also largely unexplored among the top skydiving destinations. As a result, you can find free spots here a bit easier. By comparison, you might need to book your Dubai skydiving experience months ahead due to its international recognition.

9. Sydney

Sydney is already recognized as a skydiver’s dream destination. It’s a bit cheaper to make the arrangements here than in Paris but you get to see more impressive landmarks. Wollongong Beach looks spectacular from above. You can admire it starting at 14,000 feet in tandem jumps together with other skydivers from around the world. Some teams even organize New Year’s skydiving actions for anyone to join.

8. Fox Glacier

New Zealand is another nearby leading skydiving destination. It might just be one of the best options for those trying to get away from busy cities and skydive just above impressive high mountain peaks. The Fox Glacier in New Zealand is as good as it gets. Skydiving here starts at just over $200, making it a bit more affordable than Paris and Sydney, 2 other leading international locations.

7. Grand Canyon

If you’re looking for a different skydiving experience, Grand Canyon is the place to try out. You’re going to jump from lower altitude here, typically from around 10,000 feet. The activity hasn’t truly taken off compared to others and as a result, it’s a bit cheaper than at other top locations such as Fox Glacier. You can book your next skydiving experience here for less than $200.

For the most part, skydiving at Grand Canyon feels different as well. The dry rugged terrains offer a different atmosphere from tall glass buildings. Many beginner skydivers love it as a result.

6. Seville

With its incredible architecture, Seville hosts famous wild experiences such as running from bulls on its narrow cobblestone streets. But you can also find the skydiving scene here is a bit different as well. All summer, the temperature in Spain is high and you’ll feel at home if you’re coming from Southern US. You typically jump from around 13,000 feet here which is not the highest point to keep newbies away.

5. Cape Town

Cape Town has been slowly gaining popularity since hosting the FIFA World Cup. Since then, the idea that sports are an integral part of the life of locals has been recognized internationally. The city is home to surfers that move here from around the world. But skydiving is going to be different as well.

You can enjoy views of the Atlas Mountains as well as incredible beaches from above. Skydivers can even see the famous Cape Town Stadium that hosted the FIFA World Cup from above. You’ll normally be jumping from 13,000 feet even if lower 9,000 feet jumps are also on offer here.

4. Cornwall

Cornwall County in South-West England is often considered one of the most beautiful areas of the British Isles. It’s also home to one of the best-organized skydiving adventures around the world. The British concern for health and safety makes it one of the best destinations if you value your life even if it’s not as glamorous as Cape Town. On the other hand, jumping over Cornwall comes with large open fields that give you the freedom you might be seeking with this activity in the first place.

You can reach Cornwall easily from London. With direct connections from Heathrow Airport, you can reach the area from any continents around the world. It shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours to drive to the county of Cornwall from the airport.

3. Quebec

If you’re after a different experience, Canada’s Quebec is certainly going to impress. It allows you to jump from an impressive 18,000 feet which are going to keep your adrenaline levels higher than most other locations around the world.

While you might think the area isn’t as popular as other skydiving locations, the divers Quebec population is going to set you up to meeting people from all walks of life form different parts of the world. Skydiving prices here are similar to those in the US and you can expect to pay around $240 per experience.

2. Rio de Janeiro

We love Rio for all that it has to offer. But the emerging skydiving scene in Brazil’s top-rated city is going to be of interest to anyone visiting the country. You can take part in Rio’s Carnival and also book a skydiving experience. Alternatively, you can enjoy your skydiving experience when heading over to one of the impressive all-inclusive resorts the country has to offer. What’s sure is that most skydivers are impressed by the vast scale of the city from above. You need to expect tandem jumps from around 13,000 feet here which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the best views.

1. Dubai

Similarly to Canada, Dubai has also imported many experts in different fields to the country. A small part of these experts set up the Dubai skydiving teams which are so successful that the city is known as the premium skydiving destination in the world.

You can book your experience skydiving above the Palm Jumeirah, the artificial island that looks like a palm tree from above. Such man-made landscapes can only be seen in Dubai and together with its wild dessert appeal, it’s going to be one of the most memorable locations for skydivers of any experience. While you might think the city is expensive, you can book your first jump from as little as $100 if booking it in advance.