The 10 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Delaware

If you’re a pet owner, you know how hard it is to find a beach to simply take a walk on. The best dog-friendly beaches in Delaware are almost the perfect spot for enjoying free time with the man’s best friend.

If you want to avoid paying a fine, you can choose one of the following 10 beaches where its safe to take your dog out to a walk around Delaware.

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10. Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve

Image: Flickr / Wesley Fryer

The narrow beach is one of the few similar areas around Delaware that you can still take your dog on a walk on. There are a few fishermen here and the location is also known for its attractive hiking trails. When the tide isn’t too high, you can also walk your pooch here.

9. Rehoboth Beach

Image: Flickr / Ted Eytan

Rehoboth Beach is only partially OK for dog walks. Dogs aren’t allowed here from early May to September 30th. But you can walk your dog here in the fall and in the winter. Otherwise, the boarded beach walk here is very popular during the summer. When you decide to walk your dog here in the off-season, you might even catch a few local restaurants open for business to relax while your dog is enjoying the last warm rays of the sun.

8. Bower’s Beach

Image: Wikimedia / Melissa Fague

The secluded beach in Magnolia can still be a good option for you and your pet. While here, you need to keep your pet on the leash. Some people are not keen fans of the beach as it’s not as welcoming as others. But on a low tide, you can enjoy a long or a short walk with your dog here. Keep in mind that walking your dog on a beach is not technically legal and Delaware, especially when near other people or their homes.

7. Cape Henlopen State Park

Image: Wikimedia / Art Anderson

The location is a popular spot for those who want to camp out with their dogs. Technically, there are a few areas you can’t go with your dog to. For example, you can’t go to the boardwalk but then you can’t swim here with your dog either. You’d have to fish to be able to take your dog to the water. However, the designated walking areas are nice and you have no time limit during the day for you and your dog.

6. Lewes

Image: Flickr / Andrew Russell

Lewes is right in the center of Delawares’ dog and non-dog waling coastline which is great for easy access. The beach here always looks good and you can visit it with your dog as much as you want. On the other hand, you need to know there’s a special visiting schedule in place during the summer. You either walk your dog late at night or early in the morning during the summer season. You can walk your dog on Lewes Beach after 6:30 PM and early in the morning before 8 AM.

5. Dewey Beach

Image: Flickr / Lee Cannon

Dewey Beach is the place to be if you want to meet other dog owners. There are a few other reasons to visit the place apart from dog-centered events as well. For example, visiting hours during the summer are a bit more relaxed here. You can walk your dog in the morning up to 9:30 AM. In the evening, you could enjoy the beach with your friendly canine after 5:30 PM.

4. James Farm Ecological Preserve

Image: Flickr / Lee Cannon

If you want to allow your dog to get into the water, the ecological preserve is one of the best spots to consider. It’s mainly frequented by those who prefer long walks with their pets. Hiking Trails in the area are also a good alternative when you want to get going with your active pooch for a healthy lifestyle.

3. Delaware Seashore State Park

Image: Wikimedia / Acroterion

If you love being outside cities, you need to visit the Delaware Seashore, State Park. It’s here that you can find large beaches and plenty of open space to walk your dog. You can’t visit the guarded areas of the beach but you are free to take your mutt anywhere that isn’t guarded. Since the nearest municipalities are minutes away, you might consider driving closer to the beach to allow your dog more time to enjoy outdoors.

Just to stay safe, you need to keep your dog clear of the swimming and sunbathing beaches at the Delaware Seashore State Park. Restrictions apply in these areas between May 1st and September 30th.

2. Bethany Beach

Image: Flickr / Lee Cannon

Bethany Beach is another top location in Southern Delaware where you can freely walk your dog past September the 30th. There are a few good pet shops around so that you can always find a good treat for your canine friend. But group pet activities are also highly popular here. You can even consider joining one of the dog fairs which take place during the winter right on the beach. It’s the perfect time to see all types of breeds of dogs and meet other knowledgeable pet owners.

1. Fenwick Island State Park

Image: Wikimedia / Patrick Nouhailler’s

Fenwick Island State Park is the best spot to walk your dog for a number of reasons. The multiple beaches here are already promising over single beaches in other locations. Apart from the swimming beaches, you can take your dog anywhere.

Surf fishing beaches are the main place where you’ll find dogs here. While you can take up fishing yourself, it’s not mandatory to be actively fishing here to walk your dog as in other locations.

But we also like the area for the high number of activities you can plan out with your family. It’s not just about walking dogs at the Fenwick Island State Park. Families can also have a great time here when they’re starting to get bored with walking the beach. For example, there’s the local Shipwreck Museum you can visit with your kids. With a few good nearby options to buy dog food, you can plan an entire day for your family and your pet at the nearby beaches.