The 10 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in New Jersey

When you love the outdoors with your dog, you can’t find a better way to spend time than at the best. But the best dog-friendly beaches in New Jersey aren’t just places where locals visit with their pets, they’re also places for tourists given the large cities and attractions in the area.

If you’re also passing by and you don’t know where you can walk your dog, here’s a comprehensive list of our favorites.

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10. Wildwood Dog Park & Beach

Image: Facebook / Wildwood Dog Park & Beach

Wildwood Dog Park & Beach welcomes dogs, but it has very specific rules to abide by. For example, it’s the type of beach you need to keep your dog on the leash, even when in water. Then there are designated fenced areas for small dogs and large dogs for off-the-leash walking and playing.

But the location itself is spectacular. Boardwalks, restaurants, and free dog walking through the year makes New Jersey the place to be for so many pet owners.

9. Stone Harbor Beach

Image: Flickr / Mark Kirchner

This New Jersey Beach is another gem. It comes with a wide sand surface perfect for walking and for playing catch with your dog. Most of these beaches which allow dogs aren’t really made with such wide-open spaces.

But there’s a schedule for you and your dog here. Most of the days during the summer, you can only walk your dog here after 7 PM. It might even be early fall until the season is over for you to be able to walk your dog at any time during the day on this spectacular beach.

8. North Wildwood Dog Beach

Image: Wildwoods NJ

The beach in the little town of North Wildwood is one of the best in the state. You’ll benefit from the help of lifeguards during the summer season here. But the location is known for its perfect white sand and the designated dog areas. Fences are used to create perimeters for both large and small dogs. There are even a few feeding bowls you can use when your mutt gets hungry. The best part is your dog can play freely while you also sit back and relax on the beach.

7. Longport Dog Beach

Image: Facebook / Longport Dog Beach

Longport Dog Beach is one of the friendliest in the state. Just outside Atlantic City, this beach is one of the best destinations for you and your dog in New Jersey. You do need to realize your dog is free to run here every day of the year. You can even allow your dog to go swimming in the ocean as there are no restrictions here apart from picking up after your canine. If you’re in the area, you might also consider a visit to the fantastic Kennedy Park for the best views of the beach.

6. Sunset Beach

Image: Facebook / Sunset Beach

As its name suggests, this beach is perfect for enjoying sunsets. It has been one of the main attractions in the Lower Township area. You might need to know your dog isn’t allowed on the beach from the beginning of April to September 15th. But you can come back when the season is over and you can walk the beach with your dog freely, as long as you use a leash. You can even allow your dog to cool off in the water here.

But the location is mainly known for its shops that have no policies against dogs. If you love both walking on the beach and shopping it can be a destination for you. There’s even an outdoor café that welcomes dogs right next to the beach.

4. Island Beach

Image: Wikimedia / Famartin

The Island Beach is part of the Seaside Park. It largely free from all types of shops and boardwalks but it has strict policies when it comes to dogs. Since it’s packed with people into different activities such as fishing and kayaking, this beach requires you to visit only using a leash for your dog. However, the swimming area of the beach is off limits for your pooch.

3. Brigantine North End Beach

There’s nothing quite like a wild beach without the development or lines of shops. If you’re looking to escape to the Northside of New Jersey Island, the Brigantine North End Beach offers the pristine walking space for you and your dog right on the edge of the water.

This beach isn’t particularly small (2.5 miles in length) and this makes it perfect for running. However, you’ll need to keep an eye on your dog here as there are a few protected flora and fauna species here. From September 15th to March 31st, you can walk your dog freely and enjoy some time off from the hustle and bustle many other dog parks are known for.

2. 8th Avenue Dog Beach

Image: Facebook / Asbury Park 8th Ave Dog Beach

This incredible beach is known for its soft sand, quirky shops, and dog-friendly eateries. You can walk your dog here all day during the off-season and after 6 PM most of the year. However, it’s a dog beach mainly planned for friendly dogs as aggressive canines aren’t allowed here. You can also walk your dog and the beautiful boardwalk but also only during the off-season.

1. Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area

Image: Facebook / Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area

As the last truly wild area of the Manasquan Inlet, the Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area is a unique natural area free from high rise buildings. You can walk your dog freely here. Even more, your pet can take a quick bath to cool off here as well.

However, the area is an attraction for fishermen and you need to be considerate to those around you. You should put your dog on the leash when there are fishermen around. At the same time, being a rugged natural area, it has no shops around. Feel free to bring a few treats with you as the closest pet store is a long drive away. Being a vast beach, it’s also ideal for some frisbee action for you and your dog. Hopefully, the area will stay the same as its ruggedness attracts all types of nature lovers.