The 10 Best Florida Beaches for a Wedding

Holding a wedding on a beach is not a novelty anymore. There’s a certain charm in these events. But the best Florida beaches for a wedding aren’t all the same. We follow along with these attractions so that you know where to hold your wedding without any guesswork.

10. St. Pete Beach

If you truly want to escape the crowds for a beach wedding, you need to consider St. Pete Beach. Free from large hotels, this beach is one of the most respectable for you and your guests if you’re looking for impressive photos.

At the same time, there’s only a small fee you have to pay to get to the beach. Situated on the Western Coast of Florida, the location is easily accessible as well.

9. Cape Florida Lighthouse

You’d never know there’s a wedding destination close to South Beach. But if you continue your journey south, you’ll discover Cape Florida Lighthouse at the edge of the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. You can even climb the hundreds of stairs of the lighthouse for impressive views from above.

The location is perfect for photos and you have access to it every day of the year. When you make a booking, make sure to ask about the opening hours as they can be different from one season to another.

8. Palm Beach

The Worth Avenue Clock Tower at Palm beach offers a similar experience to Cape Florida Lighthouse. The location is luxurious, however. You can start arrangements by booking the nearby Brazilian Court which has its number of high profile guests.

You can arrange the wedding right next to the tower and if you like to get showered with gifts, you can easily direct the wedding guests to the nearby Versace and Gucci stores.

7. Miami Beach

Things are never quiet at Miami Beach. However, if you’re planning to have your bachelor’s party here, it’s worth staying for the wedding as well. You can choose one of the top hotels nearby to host your event.

You can always discuss with local authorities to arrange a wedding right on the beach. Options are endless and the party scene is going to help get the party going right after the wedding.

6. Indian Rocks Beach

This small village also offers a great destination wedding in Florida on a budget. You’ll notice there are no chain hotels here and most accommodation options include small cottages. You can book a few of them for you and your guests.

Nearby restaurants can ensure your catering service and the entire place is going to offer a unique experience on the gulf coast to remember for the rest of your life.

5. Dry Tortugas

Departing from the Florida Keys you can reach Dry Tortugas by plane or boat. This remote location certainly has that unique appeal so many couples are after. Since there are no restaurants on the islands, you need to head back to the Keys for the reception.

On the other hand, the clear white sand beaches on these islands are perfect for the wedding ceremony. You need to discuss with the National Park Service to get the arrangements done.

4. Naples

Posh locations are not difficult to find in Florida. But above all, Naples seems to be the town where everybody is rich. This is certainly seen in how Naples Beach looks like. You can plan your exclusivist wedding here, but expect to have serious restrictions from the neighbors.

However, the place has its own Ritz Carlton which can be a good location to impress all of your guests.

3. Fort Myers Beach

Fort Meyers also features a top-level beach that is seen in Florida postcards. You mainly come here to host a barefoot wedding due to the perfect sand of the beach. At the end of the wedding, you can head to a local restaurant or you can book various water activities for you and your guests.

If you don’t like to get active but you’d still love to offer your guests a different experience, you can book a local tour guide to go dolphin-watching.

2. Greer Island

If you’re thinking about a beach wedding, you’re probably not following the crowds. This is why Greer Island north of Longboat Key is even going to be a different destination from all of the tourist-packed locations around the state.

This beach is known for its unique driftwood background. The right photographer can leverage this landscape to take memorable photos that look a bit better than those against a classic all-white sand background.

We also like the nearby restaurants which offer amazing locations for your reception. Just think about the Euphemia Haye with its seafood selection and its poetic architecture. You can even book live bands (particularly playing Jazz) through the hotel which makes your wedding sound even better.

When the reception is over and when the guests are gone, you can also enjoy romantic walks nearby. We recommend visiting Anna Maria Island. This barrier island has a couple of interesting beaches you can sunbathe on as well.

1. Siesta Key

Siesta Key is one of the most popular wedding destination beaches in Florida. It’s so popular that booking a permit here is also the most expensive. You have to pay nearly $200 to host your wedding here.

On the upside, it looks amazing and the number of accommodation options, restaurants, pubs, and bars makes it hard to overlook. You can book apartments with pools here for you and your guests. The best approach is to simply rent condos along the beach. We estimate there are hundreds of condos alongside Siesta Key which means both you and your guests are going to wake up to incredible views.

Take your time to explore the area a bit more as most of these condos are a bit more affordable than those on Miami Beach. With a relaxed suburban atmosphere and a beach of 3.5 square miles, you can hang around a few more days after the wedding to take it all in.