The 10 Best Fortnite Players in the World

Some of the best Fortnite players have maintained their potential over the past couple of years. The entire Fortnite community agrees these players are very good or they have the potential to improve by a few positions so that they become true Fortnite leaders.

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10. Khanada

Khanada is the rising star that most Fortnite fans love to watch. With consistent results in tournaments, there’s a bright future ahead of Kanada. However, the final rankings in tournaments still need to be improved in his case for this 10th position to become even better.

9. MrSavage

With respectable results in both duos and solos, MrSavage has great popularity that even exceeds his results. Many believe it’s his approach to the game that’s led him to this explosive popularity.

MrSavage already owns a few hundred thousand dollars from the game and daily streaming can make his earnings even bigger. Thousands of viewers are upon his channel for daily streams. The 15-year old Mr. Savage comes from Norway and at this age and given his only been on the big scene for 2 years he has high growth potential.

8. Benjyfishy

You can’t separate Benjyfishy from Mr. Savage as both have been known to play a grow tougher. The duo took part in various international tournaments. They also won a lot of money even if they never finished first when playing in tandem.

But Benjyfishy is also known as the type of player that acts, unlike his age. None of his money is reported to be wasted as he uses it to support people around him. Benjyfishy has a different pool of fans as opposed to Tfue from this perspective.

7. Tfue

With a lavish lifestyle, Tfue is one of the most important names in the Fortnite community. While he had a strong start a few years ago, it seems he slowly starts to go down the ranks. But he’s always there with the best for the moment. Most importantly, the thousands of viewers joining him on daily streams make Tfue a name to follow that certainly has one of the most magnetic personalities in the Fortnite world.

6. Mongraal

Who said only players in North America can win a lot of money? Mongraal is Europe’s Tfue and he already owns more than $0.5 million in earnings from various tournament wins. Otherwise, you can see him most weeks on Twitch, a platform dedicated to gamers and all aspects of competitive playing, especially in the e-sports world.

5. Bizzle

Bizzle is also more popular in the United States than in Europe. But with constant wins while playing, solo, Bizzle also has the financial abilities to sit back and go in streaming to grow his audience to a global level. As far as improvement potential, Bizzle still has to win a few tournaments to push his earning and success towards the top 3 in the US.

4. Saf

When it comes to famous duos, it’s not all about Mr. Savage and Benjyfishy. It’s also about higher success levels seen in the Saf and Zayt duos. Saf has shown impressive skills as a team player. But most impressively, he’s been in the esports spaces for only about 2-3 years. This makes him a rising star and one player to follow in the next global-level tournament. At the moment, he still won more money than any gamer could ever dream of winning in Fornite.

3. Zayt

Zayt is both an excellent team player and a person to generate tournaments and winning occasions. He’s been known to be a guy behind the scenes in North American competitions. But he’s also been known for impressive results when playing with Saf. Zayt has also won a few hundred thousand dollars from Fortnite which has many believe he’s already investing in future tournaments if he manages to bring it the right sponsors.

2. EpikWhale

Starting on a local level in West USA, EpikWhale is one of the few Fortnite players reported to have won over $1 million in his playing career so far. Some of his critics said he hasn’t confirmed on the big scene yet and that many of his opponents were not world-class as the scene isn’t as prominent as that in on the East Coast. However, we’ve seen EpikWhale pressing performances hard and in about 2 years, he might be one of the 2-3 players to break the $2 million winnings barrier in Fornite.

1. Bugha

We’ve seen Bugha perform at the highest level in Fortnite. His recent Gary Vaynerchuk interview also showed his plans with possible involvement in other similar esports games. At the moment, Bugha has dominated the 2019 World Cup with consistency even from the early qualifier days.

Bugha is top-ranked in North America as well. He’s expected to win a few other smaller tournaments here before making the jump to another game. But at the moment, his experience is still a bit too much for the new 13-year olds on the block and he’s expected to remain strong in the game for 1 or 2 more years.

Cross-game performance is rare. Difficult to pull off, it might even make Bugha stick with Fortnite a bit longer than anticipated. It takes time to perform at the highest level in any game and just a few thousand hours might be needed to put his name on the leaderboard.

We’ve also learned from Bugha that the 2019 World Cup was the true event of this scale where prizes were of real interest. At the moment, the 2020 Fortnite World cup has been canceled. But we could see it back in full force in 2022 with more new players coming back.

The long pause from a high-level competition might be responsible for different outcomes. But since Bugha already has the experience at World Cup level, it’s hard to see other new players challenging his performances. We might also see a large following online where he already has a start, even outside the Fornite community.