The 10 Most Unique Things You Can Do For Free In Brno

Further out from Prague lies the city of Brno. Part of Central Europe’s history, it is a place packed with attractions. The interesting part is the best free things to do in Brno are of the world-class level. When you’ll visit it you’ll surely feel like you’ve stepped into a largely untapped part of Europe which certainly deserves to be in the spotlight. When you’re in the Czech Republic, you need to consider these things to do in Brno during your stay.

10. Walk the underground tunnels at the Vegetables Market

Brno is a city with many faces and there’s something to do here for everybody. It features one of the best vegetable markets in the Czech Republic. Since there are so many tourists in the city that are also vegetarian, the market tends to get crowded at lunchtime.

But there’s a way to escape the crowds at the market. You can book an underground tunnel tour of the old city cellars. You’ll spend nearly an hour here and you’ll be impressed by the length and the design of these tunnels.

9. See how beer is made at the Starobrno Brewery

The Czech Republic is a renowned country for beer fans. The country makes thousands of distinct beers and you cannot miss its traditional breweries. One of them is located right in the city of Brno. The Starobrno Brewery was incredibly founded in 1325 as part of a convent. Today, you can visit the premises with an incredible history that can’t be copied anywhere else in the world, regardless of how much beer-making technology has evolved.

8. Listen to a concert at the Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary

All historic Brno churches are free to visit during service hours. One of them is the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary which you can reach by tram. The church holds various religious concerts every Sunday starting at 11 AM.

This church is also part of the city’s history as it holds a special place as a landmark for locals. You can walk to one of the nearby restaurants at the end of the concert to spend a relaxed Sunday with friends of the family.

7. Drink a coffee at Liberty Square

Brno is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic and it enjoys a great setup for outdoor coffee shops. Much of the city center is now entirely dedicated to pedestrians and as a result, there are many coffee shops you can stop for an energy kick.

Most tourists stop at Liberty Square as it offers impressive views of the old town. You will find most coffees here are very good and also a bit cheaper than in the crowded capital of Prague.

6. See a real ossuary at the Church of St. Jacob’s

Both Brno and Olomouc are Czech cities that made a lasting impact on the Christian heritage of Europe. You can visit St. Jacob’s church a few minutes away from Liberty Square for free. You’ll also find a real ossuary here.

Most tourists tend to overlook this church as it doesn’t look as impressive from the outside as others from the city. But it certainly has a lot to offer once you’re inside. The ossuary here is the second largest in Europe after the Paris Catacombs.

5. Learn about animals at Brno Zoo

Animal lovers from around the world know exactly where Brno is on the map due to its large zoo. Established in 1954, Brno Zoo is now home for more than 1,800 animals. The zoo has rare animals on display, such as brown bears in Eastern Europe.

If you’re studying to become a veterinarian, you might also be interested in the research Brno Zoo is known for. It has a few internationally-known breeding programs you can learn more about during your visit.

4. Get immersed in modern architecture at the Tugendhat Villa

Brno encompasses both the old world and the new world. Proof of this is at the modern Tugendhat Villa. Built-in 1928, the villa is a place modern architecture is at home. You can now visit the entire villa while you’ll also learn about its interesting history.

During the Second World War, this architectural wonder part of the UNESCO heritage sites has been the house of Gestapo. It later became the base of the Soviet troops.

3. Explore a different world at the Moravian Karst and Caves

If you’re tired of walking the same old city streets, Brno offers interesting natural attractions just a few minutes away by car. The Moravian Karst is a system of more than 1,000 caves and gorges that can be visited.

You can organize a tour here from Brno and return to the city on the same day. The natural attractions here include stalagmites and the cold air of the caves does wonders to cool you off during a hot summer’s day. However, you need to book your place in advance as the stream of tourists here seems to be never-ending.

2. Walkthrough the Špilberk Castle

Built-in the 13th century, the castle is still standing and it can be visited today. It houses the Brno City Museum which is a top method of learning more about the city’s history. Since parts of the museum are only available by ticket, you can walk its premises mostly for free. The place can look intimidating and its former use as a prison might have a link with its imposing profile.

1. Visit the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

The Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is considered one of the most important Czech attractions. You can visit it for free and you can admire its baroque style with imposing proportions. It has 2 large towers of 87 meters which look even taller as it’s situated on a hill. There’s a crypt you can visit at the church but entrance here is not free. You can take part in its daily services for free, however. You may climb one of the towers for impressive views of the cities free of charge on the other hand.