The 10 Best Hidden Getaways in the United Kingdom

We’ve compiled the 10 of the best-hidden getaways in the UK for you to choose from when planning your holiday.

Each of these hidden gems all has something unique to offer. One thing all of these hidden getaways have in common is that it’s not going to need you to break the bank to go there and experience it fully with your family.

Saving money is also a huge benefit when it comes to holidaying rather than having to fork out for the costs of flights and expensive hotels abroad.

Table of Contents

10. Relax in the Cornish wilderness

Some of the most popular beaches in the country during the UK summer are located in Cornwall, however, that’s not where we’re focusing in this beautiful county. Instead, we’re going to head into the countryside. Away from the hustle and bustle of seaside tourists. But definitely check out the best beaches to swim in Cornwall when you are around.

There is a range of Danish Cabins that gives you the perfect balance of peace and quiet and privacy. Each of these cabins come fully furnished and even with their own bar. They act as the perfect home from home you and the family can enjoy. You’ll also be glad to know you won’t be breaking the bank with the average cost of a 6 person cabin being £240 per night.

9. Stay in a bus in the luscious Gloucestershire countryside

Tucked away in the heart of the Gloucestershire rolling hills, this is probably one of the strangest and most unique places to stay in the whole of the UK. Set in its own secluded spot adjoining a nearby paddock, The Red Bus is perfect for those of you wanting some quiet and special to spend your holiday.

It comes fully furnished and can sleep up to 7 people. On the door of this quaint bus turned lodge, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to countryside walks. You can also be assured you won’t be breaking the bank for the peace and quiet. You can also have the bragging rights of staying in what could be referred to as one of the most unique hotels ever!

8. Discover the Great Orme in Llandudno

Tucked away near the North West coast of Wales is Llandudno, a stunningly beautiful Welsh seaside town full of charm and vibrance. And although the beach can get busy in the summer, that’s not where we’re focusing on. Instead of overlooking the beach, you have a country park called the Great Orme. Accessible either cable car, driving or walking.

For those of you who are avid naturists, it is home to some unusual and rare birds and butterflies. The Great Orme has also been home to Kashmiri goats believe it or not for over 150 years! Once you’ve explored all that the park has to offer of course you have the beach not far away with plenty of hotels on the beachfront to choose from. The beach also boasts a beautiful pier and one of the biggest windfarms in the whole of the country is just on the horizon facing away from the beach.

7. The beautiful and tranquil lake Ullswater

You may remember right at the start we highlighted the lake district area as one of the hotspots of the UK tourist industry however there are areas of it that are hidden away and can allow you to experience the beauty of the area away from all of the crowds. One area, in particular, is near and around Lake Ullswater. It is the 2nd largest lake in the whole of the district and has commonly been referred to as the most beautiful lake in England (as you can see above).

When it comes to accommodation there are a variety of lodges and cabins to choose from all depending on your budget. There are also areas that allow you to camp either in a tent or to take your motorhome along with you. This perfect balance of tranquillity and privacy means this is one of the best places in the UK to visit with an abundance of activities to get involved in including sailing and tours along the famous Lake Ullswater.

6. Bodnant Gardens in the heart of Wales

Overlooking the mountains in the North of Wales near Snowdonia, this national trust property is available to view 362 days a year. Spread over 80 acres of the rolling countryside there is plenty of it to explore. It’s also known for its a diverse range of beautiful plants, flowers, and shrubs.

There are plenty of amenities onsite including two restaurants and the trust also allows you to bring your dog along with you. This is one of the hidden gems when it comes to exploring properties of the national trust and you can be sure that is can make a great day out for all of the family. There is also an abundance of rolling countryside and picturesque walks to experience making.

5. How about a romantic getaway to Gretna Green?

If you’re looking for a quiet romantic getaway with your partner why not take a trip to Gretna Green. It’s situated in the quaint Scottish county of Dumfries & Galloway just into the Scottish border. It is rich in history, is known as one of the earliest villages in Scotland acting as a post on the journeys from London to Edinburgh.

It also has an air of romance as it used to be a hotspot for those couples who were wanting to get married but didn’t have their parent’s consent. However, this ruling was only in England and so the town saw many couples from England flock there to get married. Despite the law now no longer being enforced the magic history of Gretna Green still sees couples traveling there to get married. Click here to view the best wedding castles and venus in Gretna Green.

4. Discover the isles of Scilly

Located off the coast of Cornwall, this archipelago is home to a cluster of beautiful islands. Each of these islands brings with them a unique feel and a whole range of different activities to experience and place to explore. Almost every activity you can possibly think of can be found on these islands. Kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, and horse riding are just some of the things you can experience on these islands.

Their location away from the mainland and being split up also means that you can rest assured there won’t be huge waves of tourists flocking there. There is one main island that is a gateway to the others and that is an island called St. Marys which in itself has an abundance of beautiful beaches and coastal walkways. Looking at the picture below it’s hard to believe that these tropical-looking islands are located just off the coast of England.

3. Experience the best of the Yorkshire Dales

There is plenty to see and explore in the rolling Yorkshire Dales however we are going to be focusing on a small little market town that goes by the name of Settle. It’s rich in history with its rural location meaning that it used to only be accessible by horseback trail. It also acts as the starting point on one of the most beautiful train journeys in the UK that runs from Settle itself all the way up to Carlisle allowing you to view some of the best parts of both the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria also.

It also passes over the famous Ribblehead Viaduct which is just outside of the market town itself. When it comes to accommodation there are a range of different options including hotels, B&B’s and even the option to rent your own cabin or lodge. And of course, you have the whole of the Yorkshire Dales right on your doorstep so f you’re up for a bit of exploring why not see what the region has to offer you?

2. Robin Hoods Bay & Boggle Cove

This village is famous both for its old fishing heritage and for being part of the smugglers’ cove. Back in the 18th Century smuggling was a lot rifer than it is now. The reason for this was to avoid having to pay any duty tax on goods that were being imported from France at a time where trade was exploding.

These quaint small coastal villages were the perfect entry point in the UK avoiding the attention of authorities who would be expecting them to land in the larger coastal towns. There are plenty of things to do in Robin Hoods Bay itself including visiting the local museum which has exhibits that will teach you all about the history including both about its fishing and smuggling heritage. There is also an Old Coastguard Station that is also owned by the national trust which can teach you even more about the history of the place.

1. The pearl of the North Yorkshire Moors – Whitby

This seaside town that is an active trading port is one of the most remote and less frequently visited places in the whole of England. Its position on the North Yorkshire coasts makes it the perfect place for ships from Northern Europe and Scandinavia. It’s rich in maritime history with the famous Captain Cook learning the ropes here in Whitby itself.

Although if you want to also explore some beautiful countryside it also happens to be right next to the beautiful Moors giving you plenty of options when it comes to going for a scenic walk or a cycle. Whitby really does strike the perfect balance of having everything you want in a quiet getaway and should certainly be one for consideration!

In summary

These getaways we have looked at today are just A FEW of the many different hidden gems that are spread across the UK. No matter what type of holiday you’re after there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. Whether you want to see the sunset go down over a beautiful lake in the Lake District, or if you want to indulge yourself in rich English history, or even if you want to relax on a white-sand beach, the UK really does have it all.

This situation we find ourselves in at the moment where we are restricted to holidaying in the UK will lead a lot of people to appreciate just how many different places there are to visit here in the UK. Whilst at the same time giving a much-needed boost to the home tourism industry.

In addition, we are also seeing one of the hottest and brightest summers for quite a while so there has been no better time to explore all that the UK has to offer. If none of these places we’ve covered today seem like your cup of tea don’t worry, there is something for everyone when it comes to hidden gems in the UK.