The 10 Best Hospitals In The world

Large hospitals are not easy to find outside large cities. But they can treat thousands of patients and the access to resources is considerably superior to what small hospitals can get.

Some of the best hospitals in the world aren’t known for their size, however. They are largely known for the medical care they offer. Here are the 10 best hospitals that are operational around the world.

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10. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei

Image: Wikimedia / Imccgmh

Situated close to Taipei in Taiwan, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital is one of the best large hospitals in the world.

It has seen a reduced capacity from 10.000 beds to 4.000 beds but it is still one that treats more patients than most other hospitals.

With over 800 trained physicians and hundreds of other doctors, the hospital is particularly known for craniofacial reconstruction care with top surgeons performing regular surgery here.

It’s estimated that almost 2 million patients are seen by the hospital each year.

9. St. George

Image: Wikimedia / J Bar

St. George Hospital in London is not a large hospital but it has some of the best public NHS care in the UK. It’s a leading hospital in teaching and students as well as patients come here from all over the world.

It generally gets public UK funding from the NHS and it does its research as well. But the hospital is also a major international destination for patients from all over the world.

8. Vienna General Hospital

Image: Wikimedia / Thomas Ledl

Also known as AKH, Vienna General Hospital in Austria is a regional and international hub for medical care and research. Patients from all over the world come here to get excellent treatment.

But it’s also the home hospital of Vienna’s Medical University. It’s known for its teaching and research results as well.

7. The University of Tokyo Hospital

Image: Wikimedia / Waka77

Located in Japan, the University of Tokyo Hospital is another clinical research hospital. It runs on the funds it creates and on private funds.

It offers state of the art medical care and international hospital accreditation standards. It also treats patients from all around the world.

6. Toronto General Hospital

Image: Wikimedia / Wladyslaw

Medical imaging, neuroscience, and critical care are medical services offered by Canada’s Toronto General Hospital. But this large hospital also includes a top-class cardiac center and an arthritis institute.

The Hospital has been named as one of the best in the world by Newsweek and it’s generally run by 13 directors. It gets its funding from the regional Canadian government and state of Ontario.

5. Massachusetts General Hospital

Image: Wikimedia /

Research and education are top priorities at Massachusetts General Hospital. This hospital is constantly named among the best in the world for research during the past 5 years.

Cardiology, transplants, oncology, and other types of complex or very difficult interventions put this hospital on the international map.

As the Toronto Hospital, the Massachusetts General Hospital is also governed by 13 elected directors and their medical staff.

4. Singapore General Hospital

Image: Wikimedia / Jaytothez

As the oldest hospital in Singapore, it covers multiple medical cares and research needs. There’s a cancer center, a heart health center, and a dental center within the hospital.

Some of these centers were established in 1993 and 1994. Over time, they became independent and they now manage to offer better medical care. For example, the heart health center is known for its non-invasive testing.

The cancer center is also known for its intensive work in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

3. Johns Hopkins Hospital

Located in Baltimore, the Johns Hopkins Hospital is known for its top-class patient care. Primary and emergency care are among its services. It has multiple specialty centers as well.

For example, there’s a vein health center at the hospital. A clinical nutrition center is also present for patients who need to eat better.

But other rare type centers here include a sleep disorders center. If you’re a patient struggling with weight loss and nothing seems to work, it might also be the place to get bariatric surgery.

Education is also strong at the hospital. Continuing education is possible here. But you can also enroll in a nursing student program here if you don’t want to be a doctor but if you still care about patients.

2. Cleveland Clinic

Image: Wikimedia / HealthMonitor

The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has multiple institutes and departments. A preventive medicine center and a cancer center are among its institutes. The imaging institute and the eye health institute also have strong departments in this hospital.

Its ophthalmology department is known for treating cornea issues, cosmetic eye issues, glaucoma, and other health problems with laser vision correction.

Reconstructive eye surgeries here are frequent. It’s estimated that more than 2.000 yearly surgeries take place here. Some of the most advanced eye care procedures here include dropped eyelid repair.

1. Mayo Clinic

Image: Wikimedia / Sabine.ritzinger

Located in Rochester Minnesota, Mayo Clinic offers medical care and patient care. The clinic is also known for its research labs and it has gained international appreciation through its scholarly web articles.

Among its multiple other research and care departments, Mayo Clinic is also known for its clinical trials. It is one of the few clinics that run Covid-19 studies. For example, it’s been the clinic behind a few clinical studies that look into the anti-viral capacity of Remdesivir, a medication used in Coronavirus patients.

Mayo Clinic also ran studies in the areas of pregnancy risks in the case of Covid-19 patients. The role of this research is to establish maternal-fetal transmission rates in Covid mothers. Simply put, the clinic is researching the rate to which a mom can transmit the virus to its child.

But as with other viruses, Covid-19 has still plenty of research gaps. Mayo Clinic is bridging some of these gaps with early research on saliva diagnosis, an essential part of treating the virus. Further research conducted by this world-famous clinic includes Covid-19 testing.

It’s also one of the research centers looking to possible benefits of supplements to strengthen the immune system in its fight with Coronavirus. Almost all medical professionals from around the world can volunteer in these projects.