The 10 Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

The best LA restaurants are also some of the best in the world. You can even eat some of the best food from around the world right in Los Angeles.

There are thousands of restaurants you can visit and the city has something to offer for all budgets. But the following list is largely based on the most popular restaurants according to user reviews.

Table of Contents

10. Running Goose

1620 N Cahuenga Blvd

This incredible Latin restaurant is almost always fully booked. It serves all types of dishes such as salt cod churros, short ribs, and gambas.

Food presentation is simple and modern and the table here favor date nights or groups of up to 4 people

9. Langer’s Delicatessen

704 S Alvarado St

New York has its sandwich shops and LA has Langer’s Delicatessen. The place is considered an institution as it serves some of the best food you can dream of.

The famous pastrami sandwich here has been photographed thousands of times. You can serve it with beer and you can enjoy it seated once the pandemic is over.

8. Spago of Beverly Hills

176 N Canon Dr

This fine-dining restaurant continues to be open on its deck even during these troubled times. The chefs here are of top class and they prepare the food from scratch.

Most customers recommend the agnolotti with kabocha that is made from scratch in the kitchen. Truffles are extra here and you might even consider them on other types of pasta.

7. The Rooftop at The Wayfarer

813 Flower St

The Covid lockdown doesn’t affect open-air restaurants and it can be a good time to explore them on your own here in LA. The Rooftop offers impressive downtown views and food that simply tastes amazing.

Spicy tuna bowls can be a good lunch idea. But the tuna tartare and the lemongrass shrimp dishes can be good alternatives for those seeking a place to have dinner at. Cocktails here are also very good. However, you should bring a hat during the day as you will be eating out in direct strong sunlight.

6. Sonoratown

208 e 8th St

This little Mexican restaurant is the place to go for good food and a good mood. The waiters here are some of the liveliest in the city and it can be a great experience to simply place an order at the restaurants. Good tacos and quesadillas are the norms here.

When you’re after a bit of spice and you don’t want to travel to Central or Southern America, you can enjoy a hot meal right here in Los Angeles.

5. Orsa & Winston

122 W 4th St

This incredible Japanese restaurant is one of the best in town. It has a low key interior design which doesn’t make it too pretentious for the average customer to walk in and try its foods. However, you should call for a reservation before you decide to eat here as it only features around 30 seats.

You can try out delicious creamy soups here if you’re after something lightweight and you may pair it with a delicious fresh salmon meal afterward.

6. Bavel

500 Mateo St

Middle Eastern cuisine is always impressive, tasty, and packed with lamb dishes. This is certainly the case at Bavel. This place looks impressive and it takes Lebanese food to the next level easily.

For most people, it offers a glimpse into how charcoal can be used to create delicious lamb meals, and the sourdough bread should be made from scratch. You can visit this place at any time and ask for a selection of dips with most meals.

5. Providence

5955 Melrose Ave

If you’re a fan of Melrose Place, you can stop by at Providence on Melrose Avenue. If you’re after a true fine dining seafood experience, this is the place to get amazed. Crab, lobster, and other types of fish are served fresh here.

Portions are small, like in a true 5-star restaurant. Prices are a bit high but for special occasions such as dates, it might be an unforgettable place to visit.

4. Mélisse

1104 Wilshire Blvd

Chef Citrin created this incredible modern Californian food restaurant. The place underwent renovation and it now offers private patio seating, making it an excellent choice for couples nights out.

A la carte menus here cost at least one hundred dollars. But you can sample egg cavalr and rare meals such as charred octopus within this offer. The truffle risotto is also a big hit here if you’re not a big fan of expensive seafood.

3. Din Tai Fung

10250 Santa Monica Blvd

Taiwanese and Chinese food is offered here at this hip restaurant. Hot sour soups, pork chop fried rice, and jidori chicken dumplings are very popular here. The restaurant has been closed to make room for new outdoor seating.

But given the current Covid-19 rules, it now serves food outside. We strongly recommend calling ahead to make a reservation as the place has is blowing up on social media.

2. Bestia

2121 E 7th Pl

Deconstructed pork sausages, delicious Brussel sprouts pizza, and even tartare dishes are served here regularly. This restaurant has a hip vibe about it and it’s mainly recommended for young visitors looking for an urban restaurant that doesn’t feel too intimidating.

1. République

624 S La Brea Ave

If you love French food, French wine, pastries, and oysters, Republique is the place to be. It offers an interior design unlike anywhere else. This restaurant combines communal seating areas with private dining tables in an atmosphere that almost feels royal. It can be a bit busy at dinner time but you should find free seating at the communal tables.

Unlike at Bestia where wines are the true hidden gem, we recommend the cocktails here as a delicious drink to serve after warming pumpkin-made Angelotti. But the restaurant can also host you for breakfast and lunch if you’re visiting the area.